Video: World Record: Longest horns on Texas Longhorn bull “JR” in Australia

By | February 16, 2012

World record holder: Texas Longhorn bull JR, who lives in Queensland, Australia, has horns that measure an incredible 9ft 1inA Texas Longhorn bull that more than lives up to its name has smashed the record for the world’s longest horns.

Seven-year-old JR has horns that measure an incredible 9ft 1ins – and they are likely to grow even bigger.

But even though he has a name derived from a character in Dallas, the ultimate Texas television show, JR does not reside in the U.S.

Instead, he is part of the largest herd of Texas Longhorns in Australia, roaming around the 1,100acre Leahton Park estate in Queensland.

He has claimed the Guinness World Record from a bull in Ohio called Shadow Jubilee.

But whereas that animal had horns that are 88ins long, JR’s measure a staggering 109ins from tip-to-tip.

JR is descended from pure Texas Longhorn stock.

His owner Michael Bethel, 50, who runs Leahton Park with his wife Lynda, 39, began breeding Longhorns 14 years ago.

He said: ‘I don’t think JR realises how much attention he’s getting now he’s a record breaker.

‘He’s just happy and healthy, we don’t give him any special treatment, we just let him graze around with the kangaroos like the rest of the heard.

‘He’s only seven so he still has a bit of growing to do yet – they can live until their early 20s – his horns could still get bigger.’

The park opened as a tourist attraction three years ago to allow visitors to take horse-drawn wagon tours to see the Longhorns. …

By the time of its first birthday, the horns have grown to about 50 per cent of their total tip-to-tip size. This growth reaches 95 per cent between five and six years of age.

The horns continue to grow but this rapidly slows down as the bull gets older.

Horns grow from the base, resulting in ‘growth rings’ that can be seen near the head of older cattle….

via Longest horns in the world are found on Texas Longhorn bull JR in Australia | Mail Online.

Here’s a quick video:

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