What do you do, to avoid the flu?

By | March 6, 2009

What do you do, to avoid the flu?Not again! I can’t believe I have another sinus infection along with a flu. I had one for the entire friggin’ month of January. I’m on my 3rd day of antibiotics. They knocked out most of the symptoms, but I still have a stuffy nose, a dry cough,€  and the red spots in the middle on the bottom of my inner lower eyelids.

I did everything right in February: ate right, exercised almost daily, got enough sleep, took vitamins. I gained about 10 pounds in muscle mass in Feb, and now at the beginning of March, I find myself back in bed. For two days I had a fever, sore throat, was coughing up dark phelm, and had pain behind my eyes. The Azithromycin Z-pack fixed that.€  I hope this is not the same bug I had before, because I can’t take another entire month off of work.€  Right now I’m using a vacation day to stay home sick. So, obviously, I’m reading everything I can about how to fight and avoid the flu:

– Wash hands frequently
– Wash all bed linens used while fighting the flu bug or cold
– Keep a cold- and flu-free kitchen
– Air the room with fresh air
– Eat a well-balanced healthy diet
– Get plenty of fluids, particularly soup
– Chicken soup seems to contain antibiotic properties.
– Dark grape juice, which contains tannins, is supposed to help kill off viruses.

As far as vitamins, there are guidelines, but they depend on the rest of your diet, your genetics, and other factors.
– Vitamin D (250 to 10000 IU/day)€  (one report said people getting 2,000 units per day did not get the flu)

– Antiviral drugs can be offered to anyone who wants to avoid and/or treat the flu.

– Get a flu shot ( FluMist, a nasal flu vaccine, is now available for healthy people between the ages of 2 and 49.)

… more later.

What do you do, to avoid the flu?

5 thoughts on “What do you do, to avoid the flu?

  1. Xeno Post author

    Flu shot: Miles, do you get one? Honestly, I’ve heard mixed reviews. People I know got it and still got sick and one person I know who has stayed healthy while everyone around him got sick, that one person did not get the flu shot… so, I’m a bit skeptical about it.

    Stress: Patrick, I wasn’t even considering that. I’ve been using the denial method of stress reduction: If you don’t think about stress, then you don’t feel it, right? … But the looming foreclosure could be having more of an effect than I am admitting. I found this:

    The months leading up to the actual foreclosure date is traumatic in every sense of the word, and it can set off a series of actions that can drive you crazy if you let it, keep you awake for many sleepless nights, and cause physical pains like headaches, backaches, shoulder aches, nausea, vomiting, and mental and physical stress.

    Each new day causes a new sensation of desperation, a new bout of anxiety, and a new feeling of dread. … You try not to worry, but you worry anyway. … If you’ve done everything that you can do to keep your home, and everything seems hopeless, all you can do is try to make the best of a bad situation. If you can’t bring your mortgage current, if you’ve talked to your lender, if you’ve tried to work out a loan modification plan, … and nothing worked, outside of winning the lottery, there may be nothing else that you can do. … Don’t get so worked up over it that it makes you sick. – moneymatters

    The latest bailout won’t help me based on what I’ve read since I am so far under water. So, I think this ship I bought will sink taking my beautiful 767 FICO score and years of my interest only payments down with it. I really don’t want to move back to a small noisy apartment, but I’ll make it work.

  2. miles

    Xeno, yea, im a Nurse at a hospital and they force me to have one. I watched alot of people get sick but still have not myself. Knock on wood… Forclosure? why do I always think of Xeno being rich and powerful. I think that is coming your way. Why not ask Mraz for a loan?

  3. Xeno Post author

    Hi Miles.

    I’m doing fine overall, but I’m taking a hit in the stock market along with everyone else.

    The foreclosure is due to the housing bubble and extreme devaluation over a short period of time. I wouldn’t ask a friend, family member or anyone else for a loan to buy something for twice what it is actually worth. I could make the high payments if I stopped putting money into savings and other investments each month, but the place just isn’t all that great. Not worth it.

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