What are you doing to celebrate the end of the world today? (The Mayan Calendar ends today Oct. 28, 2011, or not)

By | October 28, 2011

What are you doing to celebrate the end of the world today The Mayan Calendar ends today Oct 28 2011 or not

Someone named Calleman fudged the Mayan calendar and came up with today as the date. The idea spread and many people who are more interested in spiritual growth than archaeology now believe it.

“… Calleman’s own made up period which he calls uaxlahunkin (13 x 18 days). This period does not exist in the real Maya calendar and it has been created by Calleman in order to replace two other periods in the Maya Long Count. Otherwise he would have ended up with ten levels and ten Underworlds (and that would not have worked with the prevalence of number nine in the Maya numerology).” – Johan Normark

Any excuse for a good end of the world party! Actually I’m home sick with a horrible sore throat… so my party will consist of mostly sleep. Here is a critique of the source from emergent-culture.com.

Mayan Calendar (2012-MC) studies is dominated by two major scholastic camps—mainstream university professor types (MUPTs) and independent researchers (INREs). This article is a critique and maybe considered an informal kind of peer review. …

Unlike the formal peer reviewed world of the MUPT’s, the INRE’s have no formal review process and therefore anything goes. Not that INRE’s can’t make significant contributions to Maya-Meso-American Calendrics (MMAC), but the lack of a formal peer review system has created a vast ideological quagmire for those following the 2012-MC phenomena. …

For starters there is no Mayan Calendar per se, but rather a Maya calendrical system and calendars map cyclical phenomena and therefore do not “endâ€. Calendars mark starting and restart points in a cycle. To say that a calendar ends is an oxymoron. The Maya kept track of at least 17 to 20 different calendrical cycles. Calleman is the only researcher to propose a different “end to the Mayan Calendar†and he has no backing for his October 28th, 2011 end date from either the MUPTs or other INRE’s. Not that that fact automatically disqualifies his assessment, but it should be noted. …

Johan Normark Exposes Calleman

The following critiques of Calleman’s work are presented by Johan Normark an archaeologist, traditional Maya scholar and postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Historical Studies at University of Gothenburg. I have included excerpts from his blog with links to the complete articles. My comments are interspersed in brackets.

Calleman: Get the simplest facts correct please

“Just a quick look through it (Callemans latest book) reveals  that it is littered with small mistakes (apart from his major distortions of the whole calendar which I shall focus on in other blog posts). One of them can be found on page 43. In the text below the photo of Temple I at Tikal you can read that it is the highest pyramid in the Americas. This is a statement from a person claiming to be an expert on the Maya.

Well, the simple fact is that Temple I is not even the highest pyramid at Tikal. Temple III, IV and V are all higher than this structure. Then we have other Maya sites with pyramids higher than Temple I, such as Calakmul and El Mirador. The Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan is also higher. These facts are basic knowledge to a Mayanist/Mesoamericanist. If he cannot even get these facts straight in topics that he himself is a self-proclaimed expert I wonder how accurate the rest is.[read more]

via Emergent Culture – The Mayan Calendar Does NOT end on Oct. 28, 2011: An Exposé of Carl Calleman, A Modern Day Charlatan.

Carl Johan Calleman… is a toxicologist as well as an author and speaker on the millenarianNew Age interpretation of the Mayan calendar known as Mayanism. He differs from professional Mayanists in seeing 28 October 2011 and not 21 December 2012 as a significant date. Calleman does not interpret the date as an apocalypse, Armageddon, or other cataclysmic event but a slow transformation of consciousness in which people experience a higher “unity consciousness.”[1]

… Calleman’s beliefs differ from other interpreters of the Mayan calendar and the 2012 phenomenon in that he sees the crucial date for change as 28 October 2011–not 21 December 2012–which he posulates will see the culmination of a series of nine waves of increasing frequency which have influenced, and continue to influence, the development and evolution of both the physical universe and human consciousness.

via Wikipedia

Here are the first things that came to mind for my end of the world party: Burn some money, make love on a beach to the love of my life, eat fresh crab with garlic bread and butter, do a head stand, forgive everyone, forget everything, post a final blog entry, meditate with such intensity that I attain unlimited telepathic powers, read the mind of Dick Cheney to see if I was right about 9/11, then sit and play the guitar.

What are you or would you do to celebrate the end of the world?


5 thoughts on “What are you doing to celebrate the end of the world today? (The Mayan Calendar ends today Oct. 28, 2011, or not)

  1. licky

    interesting… i have read calleman, and know arguelles and jenkins, but never heard of the author of emergent culture, solare. whether or not the date of today or dec 21, 2012 is the ‘real’ end date, is not so much a concern to me. i see today as the day of amping up the energies even further- through the period to the end of 2012. and of course there is no end, but rather a turning over into a new beginning, a conscious birthing, which we need here on earth so much. its time to wake up.

    its about survival as a species and getting to the next vibrational consciousness. we are going from the 3rd chakra of competition and power over, into the 4th or compassion and power with. if you or others arent feeling it, i suggest you tune in and slow down. or just look around. its happening fast and its a deep and exciting time.

    i have read callemans ‘2012 and the transformation of consciousness’- half the book was so dry and scientific regarding the calendar that it was not a good read. but the positive change he suggests cant hurt anyone, and its important to hold the vision for humanity gaining greater consciousness and empowerment rather than ignorance and power over.

    a book i do suggest that is a fantastic read is ‘transforming through 2012.’ each 6-7 page chapter is written by scholars, teachers, visionary activists, indigenous elders of hopi, mayan, and hawaiian traditions… so there is a wide variety of interpretations of the spiritual aspect of the shift that is occurring.

    where your attention goes the energy flows. i find the most rich experience of life when in communion with nature, with those i love, in appreciation of art, dance, food, and the beauty of humanity. nit picking over scientific theory and evidence and truth (which i believe is subjective) mostly bores me and keeps me in my head. its only through the heart that we can rightly see. i would gladly be a disciple of the Dalai Lama studying the nature of consciousness and compassion than under a scientist testing and aiming to prove theory.

    of course, HH the Dalai Lama, has studied science with a passion since boyhood, and is highly interested in science and what it can help us achieve to understand the nature of reality….. but he also meditates many hours a day to maintain awareness, connection and compassion to the highest truth- his own, as a powerful spirit in body.

  2. Sakura Maichiru

    Come December 21, 2012…

    I’m going to play various songs from the Legend of Zelda series on the ocarina. I’m thinking the Oath to Order (used in one of the games to basically stop the world from ending), as well as the Song of Healing (self-explanatory). I also might play the Song of Time, which lets a person go back in time. They won’t work (although the Song of Healing is soothing), but they’ll be basically a tribute. And to be honest, I don’t think the world’s going to end soon anyway. I just love a party.

    I love the Legend of Zelda.

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