What are the odds of this…

By | June 19, 2012


Many months ago, before we got engaged, my fianc√© and I drew a card each from a Tarot deck of 78 cards to gain insight into our relationship. I drew “Trust” and she drew “Integrity”.

This last weekend, I shuffled the same deck very well, and spread out all the cards, which are identical on the back, face down. In a relaxed state, not caring about the outcome, I ran my hand over the cards and with each one I touched, I visualized a color. I decided the one I picked would light up red. I stopped on that card and pulled it. It was her card from months ago, “Integrity”.

We laughed about it and I said I’d really flip out if she drew my card this time. I put “Integrity” back in the deck and shuffled it, then she shuffled it, spread them on the floor as I had done and picked… Yes, she picked my card from the last time, “Trust”!

She made some comments about reversed nodes in our astrological charts while I looked through the deck to make sure all the cards were different, that ours were the same as the others on the back and so on.

What are the odds of this happening?

Here is what I think the odds are. If you see any reason I am wrong, let me know. With 78 cards, the odds I’d get her card were 1 in 78. Next, the odds that she would get my card were also 1 in 78. Finally, the odds that we would get eachothers cards was the first probability times the second, or 1 in 6,084.

It is wild to have an example of an unlikely event happening just as we were debating the nature of reality, and just after I’d recently posted about how to find the odds of guessing 20 coin tosses correctly in a row.

Perhaps consciousness creates our universe more than my scientific mind will accept. Freaky deeky.

If we drew again and again got the same two cards, I think the odds of that would be one in 37 million 15 thousand and 56. (1 in 37,015,056).

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  1. Fred Killer

    Tarot cards are definitely ‘spooked’, no doubt about it.

    Years ago, I visited a few readers and selected exactly the same cards each time, maybe a couple here and there that were different but the same three or four out of five or whatever number would appear. There was a consistent theme.

    That is their purpose apparently, to tell us something. Not particularly useful though, in my experience and probably best left alone, otherwise you’ll just create a self-fulfilling prophesy if you take any notice of them.

    Same goes for astrology.

    We do create our own reality to an extent, yes. That is to say, we can control how we react to situations, (stimuli of all kinds), on the local level of our experience. We are however, individuals within a collective, so our version of events is in constant flux or competition with everyone else’s, not least of which is the ‘source of all that is’.

    This is why our rulers establish ‘laws’ and punishments, to dominate and control the collective reality and experience of humanity. Whoever has the clearest vision of what they want, achieves it more easily, for that is how our minds work, by setting goals, visualising the desired outcome and then the subconscious guiding our actions toward the physical achievement of that goal. If you do not think for yourself, there are countless people queuing up around the block to do it for you.

    This is why some people are ripe for possession.

    Slight tangent but this explains some people with ‘learning difficulties’, I think. You know, the ‘dim’ ones at school who say that everything bores them as if it’s your job to excite them. There is a common unwillingness to think for themselves or a lack of mental energy, in other words. Healers can help with this.

    The human touch, (quite literally in the case of picking cards from a deck), can influence or skew mathematically predicted results, since we are Co-Creators with God, if you will, (no pun intended).

    To quote Yogi Berra, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.”

  2. jim carlin

    He works in mysterious ways
    took me a long time to realize that
    i’m kinda a slow learner but at peace
    -cause i don’t have to understand everything
    simply trust

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