War Continues, AP Fires Photo Faker

By | August 7, 2006

War Continues AP Fires Photo Faker

“The Reuters news agency said Monday it has cut its ties with a Beirut-based freelance photographer who it found had manipulated two photographs from the ongoing fighting in Lebanon. It also removed all 920 pictures by the photographer from its database.

The agency said that as a result of the discovery it has put in place tighter editing procedures for images from the Middle East, requiring that all such photos be reviewed by the top photo editors at Reuters’ global photo desk.

One of the photographs by Adnan Hajj showed the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on an area of suburban Beirut. It had been manipulated using Photoshop software to show more and darker smoke rising from the buildings.” – ctv

War is such a waste. I think this photo is real and is not by Hajj. This article about the leaders is interesting.

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