Video: Telepathic Dog Experiment

By | April 25, 2008

video of telepathic dog experiment Dogs That KnowThere may be something going on, but this particular experiment as explained in the video doesn’t show any dog mind reading.. “Interpretation after the fact” is a major flaw which leads over and over to our own self deception. In other words, we add meaning where there is none without realizing that we are doing so. In even other words, how do we know the observers of this experiment, who watched the dog after they knew when the owner was coming home, didn’t just pick the one of many behaviors the dog did on camera that matched the time the woman was heading home?

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  1. AuburNewt

    I recommend downloading Episode 125 of a Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast to hear an interview with the dogs-that-know-guy by a strong skeptic of these type of paranormal “experiments”.

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