‘UFO Phil’ Wants to Put a Pyramid on Pikes Peak

By | February 9, 2011

Pyramid on Pikes PeakPhil Hill is a man with a dream — a big dream. Maybe even an impossible dream. But this Don Quixote of the ET set is asking the U.S. government to allow him to build a giant pyramid on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado — to be used by both humans and aliens.

Lots of questions spring to mind: Who exactly is this guy? Why does he want to do this? How does he plan to achieve this monumental vision? And is this a particularly slow day for UFO and extraterrestrial news?

Hill, a 39-year-old comedy songwriter and filmmaker from Colorado Springs, Colo., who also goes by the moniker “UFO Phil,” claims to have been in touch with extraterrestrials since childhood, one in particular named Zaxon. Fine, I can already hear the jibes about how it sounds like a new laundry detergent.Whether UFO Phil is a real or imagined personality, he’s surprisingly entertaining, and through numerous radio appearances, videos, films and television news reports he’s been getting his name out there to promote his offbeat ideas.

He composed the song “Listening to ‘Coast to Coast,’ ” which is heard at the end of each Friday-night edition of the biggest overnight radio program in North America, “Coast to Coast AM With George Noory.”

Hill is also the subject of a 2008 made-for-DVD movie called “UFO Phil: The Movie,” which, according to his website, “follows the life of this reclusive songwriter.”

Communication between Hill and the ETs is accomplished, he says, through one of several telepathy chips they implanted in his brain. I suppose that’s easier than using Skype.

… Hill alleges that the ancient Egyptian pyramids — designed by extraterrestrials, of course — were massive stone power stations. Through his ongoing otherworldly contacts, he’s been singled out and gifted with secret blueprints and schematics. These plans, of alien design, of course, reveal how the pyramids can generate enough hydrogen gas to power everything on Earth. …

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