UFO hacker escapes US extradition

By | October 16, 2012

Gary McKinnon

After a decade of legal back and forth, the British Home Secretary has announced that Gary McKinnon – the hacker arrested for damaging U.S. military computer systems, during what he says were searches for secret UFO documents – will not be extradited to the U.S. to face charges.

The British computer hacker Gary McKinnon is not to be sent to stand trial in the United States, on human rights grounds, the home secretary, Theresa May, has announced.

She said that there was such a high risk of McKinnon, 46, who has Asperger’s syndrome and suffers from depressive illness, ending his life that it was incompatible with his human rights.

…The home secretary’s dramatic decision, which is the first time an extradition has been halted under the 2003 treaty, prompted immediate delight from those who campaigned to prevent McKinnon’s removal. “Thank you, Theresa May, from the bottom of my heart — I always knew you had the strength and courage to do the right thing,” said his mother, Janis Sharp. His MP, David Burrowes, tweeted: “Compassion and pre-election promises delivered today.”

McKinnon may still yet be prosecuted in Britain for his crimes, with the final decision lying in the hands of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Some will no doubt say that the last 10 years has been punishment enough, while others will feel justice is yet to be done.

Video of the Home Secretary’s statement in British parliament is available at the BBC.

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He wasn’t trying to do any damage, just trying to learn the truth about UFOs and 9/11. Well, that might do some damage, especially if we have a UFO power source that could be weaponized to make anti-gravity bombs. The way I heard it he got in because they used default passwords or no passwords, so there wasn’t really much ‘hacking’, per say. Not sure how much of any of this I believe, however. Secure stuff is on a totally different military network that you can’t get to from the Internet.

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  1. Fred Killer

    What’s a Non-Terrestrial Ship?

    What’s a Non-Terrestrial Ship’s Officer?

    What are they doing in a Government computer? Allegedly.

    What else did he find? Allegedly.

    What’s the big deal if he didn’t find anything sensitive?

    What are the chances that he might have found something that they don’t want us to know?

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