Tourists escape death by bear

By | May 10, 2015

Tourists escape death by bearFrom the way most of the tourists in this video barely can be bothered to even walk fast, they must have no idea how lucky they are to be alive. Is this how you’d move to save your life?

The one mother bear in this video could end 6 or 7 tourists without breaking a sweat. Whoosh, leg gone. Whoosh, torso opened. Etc. Bears don’t care about your little monkey screams as you die. Stay the hell away from bears. They can outrun you, out swim you and out climb you.

Luckily they typically don’t want to be around humans. Loud bells work to discourage them, so do air horns. But if cubs are involved, you risk an attack if you make noise.

Unlike most guns, bear spray will stop an attacking bear in it’s tracks. Aside from the immediate pain (think pepperspray x100), it will be blinded and immediately run away… If you get lucky and manage to spay it before it dispatches you.

There is a horrific video floating around of a tourist who stupidly decides to feed bears and gets killed and partially eaten in the process.

Most wilderness attacks occur when only one to two persons are in the immediate vicinity. No attacks have been recorded against groups of six or more. This is probably because in their instinctual memory they know that six monkeys can gang up and present a serious force. Luckily they don’t understand that we are mostly all slow weak couch potatoes.

Don’t mess with bears.

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