Topless Women Protest Inside Mosque, Called ‘Whores’

By | July 2, 2013

20130702-084416.jpgShouting slogans like “Free women” and “No Sharia,” a trio of topless female protesters from the infamous Ukrainian-based group FEMEN converged on a Swedish mosque Saturday and were promptly arrested.

According to the Agence France-Presse, the women took off their long, black robes in the central Stockholm mosque, revealing their bodies painted with phrases including, “No sharia in Egypt and the world” and “My body is mine, not somebody's honor.”

The press had been notified of the protest in advance, and most of the mosque was empty, according to the AFP. Mosque employees called police, who arrested the women on suspicion of disorderly conduct, according to The Local.

However, the women told local media outlets they were lucky to live in a country where they would merely be arrested for such a protest.

“If we did that demonstration in my country, we [would get] raped, we're going to be cut with knives, we were going to be killed,” Egyptian protester Aliaa Magda Elmahdy told the Swedish station AftonBladet.

Another protester told the outlet that she and her fellow protesters had been hoping to send the message of “freedom to women” and the “freedom to have your own individual choice to decide over your body.”

“We should not be called whores,” the protester told AftonBladet, “or that we are doing something shameful — like they were calling us today in the mosque. They were calling us whores, whores from hell.”

According to the FEMEN website, the “sextremists” who participated in the mosque protest were of Egyptian, Tunisian and Swedish origin. They were protesting Islamic extremism and oppression against women, particularly in Egypt …

Men supporting Sharia: How about just smiling briefly to yourself and then moving on about your business when/if a woman arouses your lust? Are you really so personally out of control?

These types of hate crimes against women seem to the rest of the civilized world to be a serious contagious mental disease: violent self-loathing of normal sexuality created and enforced by twisted religious leaders.

Self-awareness is the cure. It is the denying of an emotion, the refusal to feel it authentically, which gives that emotion undue power over you. Your inner struggle to not acknowledge true feelings traps you with rage when others just admit it, laugh and let it go.

Right now, imagine that you have a burning lust to eat a big piece of chocolate cake. Sit still and notice this craving in your mind and body. Don’t act on it, just notice it and let it go. Watch your desire dissolve. Don’t go stab the cake. Don’t put it in jail. Just friggin relax. Congratulations.

FEMEN: Where in the world has Sharia been discarded and how was that accomplished?

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