Tineye, the reverse image search engine

By | March 16, 2012

https://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/p_1501912816.2654.jpghttps://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/p_1502088942.41.jpgIf you find a scam web site like “News Daily 7 – Work at home mum makes … blah blah blah” try www.tineye.com to do some detective work.

1. Start on the page with the image in question, right-click on the image and copy the link.

2. Go to www.tineye.com and paste the link to the image into the box that says “or enter new URL ”

3. hit the Search button.

You can find other pages using the same image and you may find, as a consumerwatchdog did that “Kelly Richards from Brooklyn, NY”, according to “also appears on the ‘South-East Work From Home Report’ page where she appears to have assumed a new identity. There she appears as ‘Tanya Davis’.”

Great anti-scam tool. Might work with scam dating sites too.

It can be a great tool for researching strange things like the Mothman to find the best or the original image when a web site does not link the photo back to the original source.
Another thing TinEye can help you with is finding the high resolution version of a thumbnail image. Try it, for example, with this image. Do as above, then click “Biggest Image”.

Tip: Browse safe! Use an ad-blocker and if you have Firefox, I highly recommend the NoScript add-in. For this test search, avoid the Russian site (ends in .ru) that comes up. Some links don’t work, but TinEye did give the link to gutsofme.canalblog.com which has the high-res version.


Finally, since TinEye lets you flip quickly between different found versions of an image, you could detect touch-ups, inserted UFOs, and so on. Have fun!

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