Video: Thousands of Dolphins Swarm into “Super mega-pod” off San Diego Coast

By | February 19, 2013

Thousands of dolphins swarm into 'super mega-pod' off San Diego coastIt’s an incredibly rare sight, and one that took a tour boat’s passengers completely by surprise last week: thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dolphins, swarming together in a 7-mile stretch of water near San Diego, in video published Sunday of what the ship’s captain called a “super mega-pod.”

Tourists watched in awe as dolphins swarmed en masse on Thursday, jumping up and down in a feeding frenzy. Capt. Joe Dutra, who works for Hornblower Cruises, told NBC Bay Area on Saturday that it looked like a super-pod of dolphins taken to the next level: a “super mega-pod.”

They were coming from all directions,” he said. “You could see them as far as they eye can see. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here–But this is the biggest [pod] I’ve ever seen, ever.”

Though dolphins are known to travel in groups, they’re usually smaller than 200 at a time. Pods with more than 1,000 dolphins, while rare, are occasionally caught on tape, leading to spectacular footage.

This video was published to YouTube on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013.

via | The Raw Story.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Thousands of Dolphins Swarm into “Super mega-pod” off San Diego Coast

  1. Robert Myrland

    They are saying; Hey its not only humans that owns this planet…!!!

    1. Xeno Post author

      This seven mile long super mega pod, filmed Saturday 2/16/2013 posted on YouTube 2/17/2013 was a send off for Pat Derby, one “trainer” for the TV show Flipper, who passed away Friday 2/15/2013, at her home in San Andreas, California, outside Sacramento.

      She went on to become an animal rights activist, forming the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

      Derby founded PAWS in 1984 after her long career working with show business animals exposed the mistreatment and abuse many of them suffered.

      The organization, which she founded with her longtime partner Ed Stewart, rescues animals from the exotic and performing animal trades and offers them sanctuary…
      PAWS now runs three sanctuaries, which house housed wolves, bears, lions, tigers and elephants…

      The couple also pushed for a California law that set standards of living for animals in captivity, which was passed in the mid-1980s.

      Dolphins thought of Flipper, not as a funny TV show about a trained pet dolphin, but as the first significant connection (~1963) between our two species. They believe that we understood what Flipper (played by five females and one male dolphin) tried to tell us.

      Hopefully, for when we decode their language, we will have saved the audio of what was really said to us on camera… and I don’t mean that doctored bird audio (also the gopher voice in Caddyshack) used as the voice of Flipper.

      Also see


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