the ummo-case, history and life on “planet ummo”.

By | June 24, 2010

Are there extra-terrestrial beings living among us on Earth? Events surrounding two spectacular Spanish UFO sightings suggest that this case is a fact.
The UMMO-case is a mystery with plenty of clues along the trail. Whatever the truth, this is in every way a refreshing change from the more usual alleged encounters with people from other worlds; as the Ummites themselves explained:
“We have not come to bring you a new doctrine, as prophets descending from the skies to teach a new physics or mathematics or preach a new religion, or offering you panaceas for your social or patho-psychological ills.”, in 1950, inhabitants of the planet Ummo (14 light years away) landed on Earth. They lived among us for 15 years undetected, establishing their bases and acclimating themselves to our way of life. Then, in 1965, they started to make contact. Initially they compiled a list of 20 carefully selected individuals, most of ‘them were Spanish. They included a playwright, a police officer, an employee in the American embassy in Madrid, an engineer, an official of the Telegraph Office, a lawyer and two of Spain’s best-known UFOLOGISTS, Antonio Ribera and Rafael Farriols. … – galactic

Sesma (picture) received, in 1967, masses of reports and read them loudly in his club. They were describing the everyday’s life on this strange planet, the habits of its inhabitants, their social behaviour, their political organisation and their history. All that was mixed with information about the propulsion of their machines, the way of travelling over many light years, biology, their theory of evolution, and even their metaphysics.

The Ummits indicated to Sesma that they were not typing the texts themselves, but were helped by a stenotypist, paid by them, and living in the Spanish capital. He was mailing the letters to different persons, to addresses given by his unconventional “employers”.

In the fifties, the Ummits took contact with the Earth, in circumstances we will describe later because they are very funny. They would have then traveled all over the Earth, in different countries ( including the United States, of course). After becoming familiar to our languages, they wished to communicate with us, first by phone, then through writings, which was less dangerous for them. To do so, a group located in Australia, near the town of Adelaide, would have modify a terrestrial type-writer machine to be able to command it by voice. Ummits are very clumsy, as they admitted shameless. As one of them wanted to drive a car, in Australia, he had an accident and died, they said. You may ask how these lubberly people could have develop such a technology on their planet. That has not been reached in one day.

We already mentioned that they are hemeralopic, living essentially during the night. The day, they simply sleep, like owls.

At the beginning of their history, they would have live in burrows, like rabbits. After, they would have build a complex underground architecture. On UMMO, the visible buildings, constructed on the floor, have essentially industrial or scientific functions.

As they arrive on Earth, what we will describe precisely later, they choose quite rapidly a semi-wild region, to avoid being discovered too fast. They found a little hill near the small town of Digne, situated in south of France. Naively, seeing all this constructions they thought to have landed near a scientific complex. They said to have been very amazed as they discovered that people were just living in these constructions.

One must read, in this report called “the first days on Earth”, the anxiousness of these people, getting in touch with our floor, expecting immediate attack from Earth’s inhabitants, rushing out from underground habitations.

The Ummits say to have built contacts with lots of other extraterrestrial groups. We may deduce that this way of living, like moles, is usual and that we may represent an exception on this point. We will see later why.

via the ummo-case, history and life on “planet ummo”.

This hieroglyphics do remind me of Roswell. Some specifics given by the Ummits that we may one day be able to verify are below. Fishy, however, that they would not know exactly which star in our sky is their own sun.€  😉

Duration of the year 365 days 212 days

Diameter of the planet 12,756,776 km 14,503,215 km

Eccentricity of orbit 0.0167 0.007833

Mass 1.991x1033g 1.48 1033g
Temperature 5,7850Ke1vin 4 ,580.30Kelvir
Magnitude 4.73 7.4
Spectrum G.2 K

According to the visitors from UMMO, their star IUMMA might be the one now registered by terrestrial scientists as WOLF 424 in the Con stellation of VIRGO. Its characteristics are:

Right ascension 12 hours, 31 minutes, 14 seconds

Declination +9degr. 18′ 7”
Absolute visual magnitude 14.3
Apparent visual magnitude: Between 12 and 13
Spectrum type M

UMMO is a water planet with a molten core, a relatively thin crust and a secondary atmosphere very much like that of Earth. It has most of the kinds of life on its surface though considerably less variety in species. Its humanity is similar to that of Earth.

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