The Skypephone- Call for free with this new hand phone.

By | April 9, 2008

This is a new revolutionary in the world. Whatever this handphone looks like, I don't care because the most important is.. I can use it for FREE. This handset will operate both as a conventional 3G mobile phone and a VOIP – Voice Over the Internet Protocol – handset.

Now do you think all the telco vendor will going bankcrupt?
Yes, definitely because this 3G handset will have the usual voice calls, internet roaming, email and video downloads, which will use the conventional mast system. Even your kids also know how to use it. According to what they said, it will have a Skype button that will direct calls via a mast into the internet telephony system of cables and satellite dishes, which is much cheaper to use.

Calls and instant messages to other Skype members anywhere in the world will be absolutely free. Man… I wonder when they want to launch this hand phone because I really wan to have it! Рomw

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