The Science Behind Owning a Universe

By | July 29, 2008

“At the level of subatomic particles the world is governed by quantum physics. Quantum theory is the most successful scientific theory ever: more successful than Newton’s laws or Einstein’s relativity! The evidence that it correctly describes reality is simply overwhelming.

Yet quantum theory is very strange and goes against most of our fundamental beliefs about reality. We tend to think that at any moment things are located in one definite position. Quantum theory has proven that for sub atomic particles this is not in fact the case. They only take on a definite location when observed. Unobserved their position is described by a wave function of probabilities. In everyday English this means that when nobody is looking they simultaneously exist in all the positions they can possibly be in!

This strange quality of our fundamental reality is perfectly brought out by the example of Schroedinger’s cat. A cat is placed in a box that contains a vial of poison, which is released by the decay of a radioactive element. There is a 50/50 chance that the radioactive element will decay and release the poison, thus killing the cat. Since the decay of the radioactive element is determined by quantum theory it must simultaneously have decayed and not decayed. Only observation would fix one of the two possibilities. But this means the poison has been both released and not released! So until someone looks the cat in the box is both dead and alive!

Obviously a cat cannot be both dead and alive simultaneously. The best explanation is that two separate universes are created, one with a dead cat, one with a live cat. In fact, for every position of every sub atomic particle an alternate universe is created. While the number of universes created may not be infinite it is certainly very, very, large, unimaginably so.

We of course only inhabit one of the universes and with present technology cannot travel to others. But a breakthrough in quantum physics that allows us to travel to another universe could happen at any time. It may even be more likely than interstellar travel, which looks increasingly unlikely at any time in the near future.

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