The Mylow Magnetic Motor story

By | May 22, 2009

For those of you following this story, Mylow admitted fakery with fishing line after someone spotted it in a high resolution video. There are still those who believe he at first did have a working model, but was scared into discrediting himself by the government. One person who was his strong and kind advocate, was Sterling. A poll now shows that 51% of people polled believe Mylow was faking it from the very start. This is Sterling’s latest letter to Mylow:


As I’ve gone through my email from the last 24 hours, here is what I am sensing.
Though there may be yet a small trickle of€ replicators still working on this, for the vast majority, this story is just too much. No confirmed replications of HJ’s design based on your input in two months, despite thousands of man-hours and many thousands of dollars spend by a lot of replicators giving it a good try.
2) No independent witnesses of your replication.
3) Your exposed trickery, which puts everything in question.
If you’re going to lie, then when did it really start, and did you ever tell the truth?
I stood at your defense in my story published last night:
A lot of people saying they’ve lost respect for my judgment.
I hear I’m getting a good hammering over at
My read on this is that at this point the entire thing has fizzled out to a few smoking embers that are likely to smolder out within a few days.
The story of the hidden fish line doused the fire of hope that stirred so many people up to give this a try.
As far as I can see, it’s over.€  Everything you worked for has been discredited by your fakery.€  The MIB win again.€  The bullies stay in power.
The only way to salvage this is to either have someone (e.g. me or [PMMTester]) come and see one of your working devices, or to send one of us one of your working devices.
Otherwise, your legacy in history goes down as a psychotic liar, and mental illnesses will be named after you.
Meanwhile, my credibility has likewise taken a major hit.€ € […]€  The reputation has become: “believes in wild stories with no solid evidence.”€ € […]€  Several people are calling for my resignation.

The name “Howard Johnson” will be associated with “Mylow”, and no one will dare mention it.
Is that what you want?
I’ve stood by you, now how about standing by me and all the other replicators who have believed in what you have presented.
Don’t let us all down, just because the MIB have you scared.€  Grow some balls.
Do the right thing.€  Let me and/or John come see your stuff, or send me/him a working device.€  Or it could be all over.

19 thoughts on “The Mylow Magnetic Motor story

  1. vincine

    Well, duh. We know about conservation of energy and how it’s not possible to build a machine which produces more energy than it consumes (quantum scale effects possibly excluded). Anybody who thought for a moment that Mylow was legitimate is, unfortunately, gullible.

  2. Xeno

    Energy can be transformed, however. In one of his stories the magnets got cold and became demagnetized.

    If we weren’t a bit gullible/hopeful we’d never have learned what we know today. We do have to dream, and to play around to discover new things.

    What is the formula for how much energy is required to magnetize a substance? How much energy is stored in a magnet?

  3. vincine

    Magnets don’t store energy. Magnetic attraction and repulsion is a force between particles and when they move together the potential energy represented by their separation is reduced and kinetic energy is increased by the same amount.

    See the Wikipedia page on Perpetual Motion:

    “More generally, magnets can do no net work, although this was not understood until much later. A magnet can accelerate an object, like the metal ball of Wilkins’ device, but this motion will always come to stop when the object reaches the magnet, releasing that work in some other form – typically its mechanical energy being turned into heat. In order for this motion to continue, the magnet would have to be moved, which would require energy.”

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks for the informative and thought provoking comments.

      I understand this much better now. A stationary magnet can do no net work because it decelerates the target exactly as much as it accelerates the target.

      To have a magnetic motor, you’d need a magnet with one poll much stronger than the other. But there is no such thing…

      or is there?

      In physics, a magnetic monopole is a hypothetical particle that is a magnet with only one pole (see Maxwell’s equations for more on magnetic poles). In more technical terms, it would have a net “magnetic charge”. Modern interest in the concept stems from particle theories, notably Grand Unified Theories and superstring theories, which predict their existence.[1][2]

      The classical theory of magnetic charge is as old as Maxwell’s equations, but is considered much less important or interesting than the quantum theory of magnetic charge, which started with a 1931 paper by Paul Dirac.[3] In this paper, Dirac showed that if magnetic monopoles exist, then that would explain the quantization of electric charge in the universe. Since then, several systematic monopole searches have been performed. Experiments in 1975[4] and 1982[5] produced candidate events that were initially interpreted as monopoles, but these are now regarded to be inconclusive.[6] It therefore remains possible that monopoles do not exist at all.

      Monopole detection is an open problem in experimental physics. Within theoretical physics, modern approaches agree that monopoles exist. In particular, Grand Unified Theories and string theory both require them. Joseph Polchinski, a prominent string-theorist, described the existence of monopoles as “one of the safest bets that one can make about physics not yet seen”.[7] These theories are not necessarily inconsistent with the experimental evidence: in some models magnetic monopoles are unlikely to be observed, because they are too massive to be created in particle accelerators, and too rare in the universe to wander into a particle detector.[7] – wiki

  4. maryyugo

    “Do the right thing. Let me and/or John come see your stuff, or send me/him a working device. Or it could be all over.”

    Good but way late. This is what you should ask, Sterling, with EVERY claim that you publish, BEFORE you publish it. And you should recognize that you can even be fooled in person. You need to have the device tested by experts, taken apart to its smallest component to look for cheating, and then reassembled and retested. Crooks and nut cases like Mylow and Tilley won’t allow you to do that. EVER. Those like Goldes and Steorn won’t even show you a video! Those facts should tell you something. Next time. OK?

  5. EvilScotsman

    Ok, we all got taken in. If we don’t try things then nothing gets done, so people like Sterling at least bring stuff to our attention and I thank them for that.

    Also, why the hell do people who don’t believe in OU or FE or PMM’s join sites that promote those subjects like and the likes, then post continually that it can’t be done, will never work, spout the CoE laws incessantly etc etc? Its like folk that post on a YT music video that they “hate this band, they suck” – why did they waste their time going to the page then? Isn’t that behaviour as nuts as the whole mylow thing? A magnetic field has never been truly explained because we can’t see it properly or determine many of its characteristics. One day soon we may, using electron tunnelling microscope advances but till then, my mind is open to the possibility that a PMM can be constructed.

    The mylow affair stinks, but I can’t see why he did it the way he did. If the MIB were after you, why would you immediately post on YT with a new username and new design of basically the same thing? Makes no sense, so its probably a big fat lie from the beginning. If “they” found you from a username on YT, then they will recognise you again when you show your face this time, DUH!

    Sterling has always researched this stuff, and has only done here what he usually does, report on FE projects and discoveries, whether they turn out to be real or not, the 10 oclock tv news is no different. He is innocent I think and thought he had a “live one” here – like a lot of us did. I actually didn’t rate the first stonehenge motor mylow did cos it acted funny, not like it should have, and the magnetic forces seemed very weak, but I was taken in by the later ones especially the 6 magnet vid which shows the pendulum motion, that sealed it for me and I was pretty gutted to find out it was faked. The MIB story sounds like complete bullsh*t to me.

    Sterling won’t be so easily taken in again I think, but he should really not have started selling things so quickly, if all the info and plans had been free, no one would be pissed at him now would they?

  6. TinselKoala

    Actually, as far as I know I was the first to hypothesize in public that Mylow might be using a fishing line drive, in a comment on a YouTube video (in which I showed yet another possible fakery method), to AdminOnDuty. No doubt the video analysts may have already been working on it, but not in public as far as I know. And I published YouTube videos showing my Exact (in all ways that count) replication of Mylow’s wheel, including the drive system, well before the photo analyses of Mylow’s videos were published.
    Please see my video posted May 17th, and many others.

    1. dxfinatic

      Well tinselkoala (hoaxer of alsetalokin device) you sir deserve a medal! Let us all bow down to your great negative debunking skills! I guess the old saying it true. Takes one to spot one.

  7. maryyugo

    “why the hell do people who don‚Äôt believe in OU or FE or PMM‚Äôs join sites that promote those subjects like and the likes, then post continually that it can‚Äôt be done, will never work, spout the CoE laws incessantly etc etc? Its like folk that post on a YT music video that they ‚Äúhate this band, they suck‚Äù

    First, it has nothing to do with not “believing” in OU, FE, PMM’s or whatever– “believing” in the context of science is an idiotic and useless concept. It isn’t about “believing”. Either there’s evidence for something or there isn’t. There’s no evidence that anyone ever anywhere anytime has managed to make anything OU, FE or PMM. Might someone find a new energy source in the future? Of course. Nobody knew about radioactivity until it was discovered and it’s one heck of an energy source, isn’t it? Is it likely that it will be possible to make energy from permanent magnets? Extremely UNLIKELY– vanishingly so. Why? Because magnets have been studied up the ying yang for centuries and are exquisitely well understood. Not by “free energy” people, of course. Most can’t understand a paper barf bag when it comes to science, engineering and technology. But magnetism is central to everything from hard drives to maglev trains (to name two extremes of size) and it is extremely well understood. NOTHING has ever been found or shown to even suggest that any type of motor can be made from magnets alone. NOTHING. Bedini, Bearden, Goldes, Steorn and all the others who preceded Mylow are nothing but blow hards. They have never demonstrated anything that works and can be studied and taken apart by independent testers.

    Now why do skeptics bother? If it was only about silly magnetic toys, they wouldn’t. What it’s about is why people believe and spend time, money and personal energy in schemes that can’t possibly work and beliefs that can’t possibly be true– or are extremely improbable. It’s a distressing part of human nature that holds back progress and dumbs down everything. That’s why it’s of interest to skeptics.

  8. EvilScotsman

    Interesting HJ video page I found on YT, not for its video content – but a comment from mylow, that asks “is that howard johnson himself in the video?” – sheesh – anyone that had studied HJ’s work for 30 years would know what he looks like! since there are numerous videos and pictures of him, as well as his picture being on his rear book covers in some cases, spanning nearly 40 years of media.

    And yeah TK, you said it first. I guess I knew you would come up with a way to show it could be faked if anyone could.

    @mary – so it seems that these skeptics have taken up the self-appointed job of “silly idea” police. We don’t need that really do we? I for one am a professional electrical engineer and have more than a passing grasp of physics, and my particular reason for thinking that a PMM is possible, is by perhaps harnessing the spin or field of a particular particle (lol). I find magnetic induction fascinating, as did Lenz, Tesla and the like, and think there may be still more to learn about the magnet than we already know.

    Maybe I will be the one to develop a working PMM, or maybe not. But if I did, I would make sure that the whole thing was bulletproof before I mentioned a word…..and it won’t be on YT – well perhaps as a teaser, but I would go to a main tv news channel or get a newspaper behind it first, along with a trusted lawyer 😉

    TK – I admit to being slightly disheartened that you cannot achieve a working PMM, since I reckon you would have found the necessary effects if they were possible, but it doesn’t stop me pondering the possibilities anyway!

    Anyone trying to do the same would be advised to stop trying to re-invent the gravity wheel concept, which cannot possibly work, with magnets or weights or water or anything. If the start position is the same as the end position, it won’t move. Equilibrium. But, think outside the box, maybe some useful advance will come from magnetic experimentation. Learn some of the basic physics behind what you are trying to do, that will show you why it doesnt work, then look for a way to make it work!

  9. EvilScotsman

    Oh, and BTW, the anti-gearwise motion of the OC/AL motor stator was real and replicated, though not acceleration of course, but the AGW phenomenon was unexpected, and previously unknown. If the rotor of that device is spun by an electric motor, the AGW stator spin is maintained, which is interesting and counter intuitive, as one would expect it to slow down, cog, and run GW.

    There may be more we don’t know. If other magnetic researchers through the centuries didnt know what they were looking for, they wouldn’t find it except by accident would they?

  10. maryyugo

    “@mary ‚Äì so it seems that these skeptics have taken up the self-appointed job of ‚Äúsilly idea‚Äù police. We don‚Äôt need that really do we?”

    Apparently we do. The believers get sucked in by fakes like Mylow, Tilley, Bearden, Lee, Bedini and inumerable others. Just look at Sterling’s pitiful web site! It wasn’t believers who outed Mylow and his monofilament drive. It was clever skeptics with good observation and documentation skills.

    “I for one am a professional electrical engineer and have more than a passing grasp of physics, and my particular reason for thinking that a PMM is possible, is by perhaps harnessing the spin or field of a particular particle (lol). I find magnetic induction fascinating, as did Lenz, Tesla and the like, and think there may be still more to learn about the magnet than we already know.”

    That’s fine and more power to you. Who says you shouldn’t? The problem isn’t with people trying to learn things. It’s with people who do like Sterling just did– they accept all sorts of bizarre claims and Youtube videos without critical questioning and without requiring proof. That insures that they will get fleeced. Before you spend time researching new supposed properties of magnets, you may want to be sure you know everything that is understood about them. What you wrote suggests you don’t. For PMM’s, this is a good starting point:

    And there are many more good links on that site.

  11. EvilScotsman

    Mary, you really are the most patronising person I have ever encountered on these forums. And you do it while pretending to be genuine yet knowing full well you are pushing the rage buttons. That page was the sort of basic magnet crap I would expect in junior school, and nothing that hasn’t been spouted by all skeptics at one time or another. Obviously I know how the “classical” model of a magnet is believed to work. Your views or perspective don’t make my views untrue or less valid. You just insulted my intelligence on purpose because I pertain to the possibility of a permanent magnet motor. Do you think Higgs is likewise a moron for believing in the possibility of the Boson even though it has never been found and lives only in particle theory?

  12. maryyugo

    Sorry if plain logic presses your rage button. Now why would that be?

    That page I cited and its links show clearly that you can calculate the net propulsive force from any magnetic interaction of the sort present between rotor and stator on a disc or on any similar configuration. And the net force pushing the disc always sums to zero around the disc. That means that you’re not going to get a working PMM by re-arranging the magnets! I thought that if decades of futile trying didn’t convince you, maybe some straightforward logic and calculations would. I should’ve known better! Perhaps you prefer Mylow’s reasoning or Sterling’s. Or maybe Bearden, Bedini and Dennis Lee? Mark Goldes perhaps?

    If you want to ignore existing science and mathematics, you are simply going to repeat the errors of the past. And there is no end of those. There’s nothing wrong with basic physics. The discovery of the boson doesn’t change Newton’s laws of motion for macro objects. Nor does it alter basic quantum physics. It’s additional knowledge developed by people who understood and accepted “conventional” physics. The boson isn’t a “belief”. It’s existence is based on both excellent theory and mathematics. That same methodology that proposes the boson says PMM’s won’t work. Ignore it at your peril.

  13. EvilScotsman

    No, actually all of those people have failed to produce a proven working machine and Bearden in particular is as mad as a frog. I am a searcher in the weeds, looking for any glint of something interesting beyond the boundary of present confirmed knowledge. I use the findings of others to modify my own pursuits so that I do not follow a dead end if I can avoid it (if they did, and all seemed to so far), and move on to look at the next one.

    I suppose a childish fascination with magnetic forces has stuck in the back of my mind even though I know all of the classical arguments against PMM’s, and can instantly see why the most of the ones shown so far cannot possibly work, due mainly to equal and opposite forces, except for mylow’s fake (god I am so sick of seeing that name even when I typed it) which seemed to work and I was puzzled, but accepted provisionally that he could have fallen across something….then I saw him post on another persons YT page which showed a howard johnson linear track vid, and mylow asked “Thats really nice, Is that howard johnson himself?” – to which the page owner replied “yes you should study his work, its really interesting” – he didnt post there again – that was only a few months ago. If he studied HJ for 30 years then he would know him on sight. His pic is in all of his books and vids. Nuff said. HJ’s linear track motor, as with all other linear track designs I have seen and built, works, but not in a rotary fashion, thats what interests me in this particular endeavor, as an engineer, closing the track is the elusive puzzle. I know why the repulsion “gate” is there, but its an interesting brain teaser to engineer a way round something seemingly impossible.

    So…..nothing yet has really worked and maybe it is all crap but I am not going to stop looking for a clean energy source or fiddling with magnetic field puzzles just because some other person says something “can’t work”. I will decide what works and what doesn’t for myself. I do not need reminding of classical science or guidance from you or anyone else on what roads to take, or what to try, or what to think, so just mind your own life and leave alone those who see things differently, since you do not matter in the slightest to anyone who doesn’t know you and your opinion on what people choose to do, try to make, or spend their money on is none of your concern 😉

    You should hook up with Desert Phool (as my learned colleague puts it) cos you would make a smashing pair.

    Thank you, and good night! 🙂

    (bows to roaring applause and standing ovation)

  14. EvilScotsman

    Bear in mind, its not you personally I am getting at, or being nasty. Just your views and the way you present them 🙂

  15. Songstir

    Jan 13 2010

    I’m a little late on to the Mylow story but I see some questions….Did anyone research Howard Johnson’s experiment? He was quite clear stateing that the south pole has different qualities than the north pole. He also stated the driving magnet was sharpened to a point. I might have missed something of the dialog but see none of these points mentioned. There was someone selling a book that said Johnson’s “tiky tack” model that got him the patent worked because Johnson was physicaly in the circut.
    If Mylo won’t let anyone check his machine and no one can replicate it, then it’s anther dead end but people have seen Johnson’s model working including the patent office so the possibility of pmm for those of us that don’t care about “physics” laws and ou police will continue to mess with stuff!

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