The Ken Lay conspiracy

By | July 6, 2006

The Ken Lay conspiracyCNN is finally catching up with the bloggers and presenting some possible conspiracy angles, if even in jest. CNN fails, however, to mention the mysterious death of Enron Executive, Cliff Baxter.

… “It’s the CIA,” said one mysterious caller to “There [must] be proof beyond any doubt that Ken Lay is dead and there is not a double being used so that Ken Lay can hide somewhere with the money he stole,” wrote a reader. “Make sure somebody in the press sees a body,” added another reader.

There are several theories. The general idea is that Lay faked his death and is now living somewhere south of the border How could he pull off such a feat? Well, he was a one-time friend of President Bush. Even raised campaign funds for him. So either through friendship or even blackmail, then, the government helped.

Or perhaps Lay is dead … but not from a heart attack, as the local coroner said. Maybe the CIA used one of its fancy poisons — you know, the untraceable kind — to keep Lay from embarrassing the President.

Or Lay used a poison himself to keep from suffering the indignity of prison. A sort of Samurai send off. After all, his whole family was with him at the end. (That Fourth of July holiday thing was just a cover).

People cheered when Lay was found guilty of conspiracy and fraud. After all his actions, or inactions, wrecked lives. And after four long years the high and mighty chief executive was finally going to get what was coming to him.

Now that’s not going to happen. Justice is cheated. There must be something to blame besides … fate? … The Bush connection is particularly attractive (Funny. If you mention Bush in a Lay story, you are tagged with Liberal Bias, but if you leave him out you are accused of Right Wing Bias). And, of course, Lay’s final rep was as a cheat … so why wouldn’t he keep on cheating? … But did you notice how fast that autopsy took place? – cnn

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