The end game is on.

By | June 11, 2008

I believe most people follow the strongest leaders, not the best ideas. As a group, we cling to old ways. This is why, even though it does not have to be so, that I don’t expect the economy to recover for 8 to 10 years. With major changes we could have a great world with clean energy, but we aren’t willing to change. We aren’t flexible enough in spirit.

We will switch to coal, and people will get sick. China, Russia and the EU will want the oil in Canada and Venezuela, so will we. I expect war over the remaining oil. Because oil means food and water.

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  • There’s a very good chance claimed OPEC reserves are exaggerated.
  • World production stopped increasing in late 2004.
  • Decline rates of existing production are very high
  • Hubbert Linearization points to peak oil
  • At least one major oil company is warning us
  • The price of oil keeps going up.
  • There is no evidence of Saudi spare capacity
  • There are geopolitical and climatic risks to the existing production level

the oil drum

I might move. I saw Blue State last night about a blogger who moves to Canada.

2 thoughts on “The end game is on.

  1. Sepp

    Sorry, but in my view this is just so much propaganda.

    There is no PHYSICAL shortage of oil. What drives up prices is speculation and voluntary limitation of production. There are huge discoveries of new oil fields which are closed (and this has been going on for three to four decades) and never put in production.

    Bakken oil field in northern US, North slope of Alaska, Brazil’s new discoveries, huge reserves in Veneauela, huge oil deposits around the Falklands (remember the UK/Argentina war – that wasn’t over a few sheep) Ultra deep drilling by the Russians which brings up oil where previously none could be found etc.

    Of course the limitation of production is quite profitable for the oil companies.

    A discussion of this is in one of my blog posts.

    The Peak Oil Deception: Squeezing Energy for Profit

  2. Xeno Post author

    Thanks Sepp, I still haven’t had the chance to research your information. I’d like it if you were correct!

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