Video: The Bigfoot on Mars, With Eyes and Mouth and the Skull on Mars

By | November 28, 2008

Check out this enhancement which seems to show facial detail in the bigfoot on mars.

The original from NASA is the highest resolution available, as far as I know. pia10214zoomnasa

You can’t add detail where there is none. If you do, the enhancement can be inventing things that aren’t really there. There is a rock on mars with real facial detail, however. The “Skull on Mars” is a very interesting rock:

The above 4-way split screen image says a lot about this evidence. Of what portion we can see of it, this object looks incredibly very much like an anatomically correct humanoid skull or perhaps a humanoid statue head sticking out of the ground staring sightlessly upward from its dark empty eye sockets and its general position suggests an unseen body laying on its back under the ground. Note the anatomically general size and shape, the forehead, the empty socket dark eye holes, the bone bridge between the eye holes, the nose projection, and the beginnings of one side of the mouth. Information just not to be ignored. … – marsanomolyresearch

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