The African Chupacabra? ‘Dog-Headed Pig…

By | March 5, 2012

There’s a new cryptid in town. Villagers in Namibia, Africa have been terrorized by an animal being compared to the legendary Chupacabra which haunts the Southwest US and Mexico.

The animal, being called a “dog-headed pig monster” for lack of a better name is described as a hybrid between a dog and wild boar. It seems to be attacking domestic animals like goats so it’s probably a meat-eater. So far no pictures or videos have been posted online, but the legend is growing so perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

Witnesses have said the animal resembles a pig from the neck down but has the muzzle and sharp fangs of a canine.

Of course, scientists say no such animal exists. But such pronouncements never seem to stop stories like this from taking off and it’s likely there are some dog-headed pig monster hunters heading for Namibia for a chance at cryptozoology fame.

But that name? Dog-headed pig monster? One of the reasons why the Chupacabra is so alluring is it has such a cool name. Like the Yeti. Or even Bigfoot.

So what to call this one? Forget Schweinehund… it’s taken. Vark hond?

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