Team discovers new giant Rock Lobster species

By | December 11, 2006

Team discovers new giant Rock Lobster species

“…The rock lobster, weighing 4 kilograms with the main part of the body spanning half a metre, has been found off Madagascar by South African researchers, the group said as it released its 2006 Ocean Census report.The lobster has been determined as a new species by the size and gene analyses, named Palinurus barbarae.

Separately, about 60 species thought to be new discoveries have been found in the deep Atlantic between Iceland and Portugal, including a squid with a hard beak looking “quite capable of chewing its food,” it said.

Discoveries elsewhere include a shrimp, off Australia, similar to one believed to have become extinct 50 million years ago, and 12 likely new crustacean species in the Sargasso Sea, it said.” – theage

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