Talk to Aliens for $3.99 per Minute

By | March 11, 2005

Talk to Aliens for 399 per minuteLet me know if they talk back…

“A group of engineers has offered a solution for people who want a direct line to aliens – by broadcasting their phone calls directly into space.

People wanting to contact extraterrestrial beings through can dial a premium rate US number and have their call routed through a transmitter and sent into space through a 3.2-metre-wide dish in central Connecticut, US.

The service, launched on 27 February, will cost users $3.99 per minute, says Eric Knight, president of the company. He says that a large radio receiver – like the Arecibo dish in Puerto Rico – situated on a distant planet might be large enough for an alien civilisation to receive the calls.

talktoaliens  (from ostatni & dish used by

The company is not aiming its antenna at specific stars with the potential to harbour life. Rather, they have opted to track across the Milky Way galaxy to cover a host of nearby stars.

… Since the alien hotline was turned on, (defunct as of 2018) fielded hundreds of calls, averaging about three minutes each.

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    I don’t put “Server not found” web sites anywhere… you might want to look into that…


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