Strange 8 ft Tall Black Bird Sightings.

By | May 10, 2006

Strange 8 ft Tall Black Bird Sightings

San Benito in particular seemed a hotbed for Big Bird reports. Many residents of the La Paloma Colonia have heard of the creature they call the demon bird. “As a child I heard it one Christmas eve, really Christmas day at 1 o’clock in the morning,” said Cantu, now 50. “It made more and more noise so my grandfather went out and cussed it. … It was a strange noise, like a couple of cats, like one voice mixed with another voice.”

As a child in San Benito, Cantu had heard of the bird, but he was surprised by its size and that it showed no fear of guns or dogs. The bird Cantu saw seemed to stand about 8 feet tall and was solid black, although parts of its body seemed to reflect more light. It was stood vertically with stooped shoulders.

“With the face I thought I was looking at a skeleton, but it was the eyes and nose (of a skull),” he said. “It did not flap its wings, it just glided.”

Alex Resendez, 66, saw the creature three times in the 1970s. Twice he caught fleeting glimpses of the beast over Brownsville, and the third time, he saw it in broad daylight near his rural McCook area home.

?I never seen a bird that big,? he said. ?He was brownish, like dirt. … He does not have long legs and does not stand like other birds.?

What struck him most were the bird?s large eyes that shone like black glass, with red markings underneath. The beak was also peculiar.

“You have to look close because his beak is very transparent,” Resendez said. “If you see it real fast, you’re going to think he ain’t got no beak.”

In all, the brown bird seemed to stand over 4 feet tall. After being spooked by a charging bull, the bird spread its large wings and pushed off the ground with its feet.

“He was very swift, very nice, like a glider,” Resendez said. “This bird, he never flaps his wings.” The wing underside was surprisingly colorful to Resendez, appearing with blue and white stripes. “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” – bherald

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2 thoughts on “Strange 8 ft Tall Black Bird Sightings.

  1. Tsimi James

    Spring of 1980
    The Tall Birds
    On a early spring day while driving a little Opal Cadet 5 speed for a test drive,
    my wife & I drove up the Walla Walla river road to a turn called cash hollow,
    which led up the hill south toward basket mountain.
    It has been raining & the road was muddy, so I kept the little car running in 3rd
    gear & pushed it a little as we neared the bottom of a uphill grade that led to the
    basket mountain turn off.
    It’s a pretty steep uphill grade so I pushed the car faster to keep from sliding off the road.
    As we neared the top of the grade, I was going pretty fast, & decided to slow down a bit as we neared the split in the road looking like a large Y
    Just as we got to the top of the grade, I looked toward my left to see if any traffic was coming down the basket mountain side, and what I saw shocked me!
    I stopped the car & as I did told my wife to look up toward the left.
    What we seen, were two very large black birds, standing about 300 yards up the road from us, in the middle of the basket Mt. Road.
    They both were solid black, with leather looking faces with beaks, like any other bird.
    But these birds were over 7 feet tall, standing side by side in the middle of the road, looking toward us as we topped the grade where they could see us.
    We surprised them as much as they surprised us.
    They both looked like they jumped up into the air spreading their wings as they jumped, and started making a circle together, going higher and higher as they circled.
    I grabbed a pair of 10×50 field glasses and filled the lens with both of them as they went higher into the sky until they were so high that I had to have the glasses to make them out.
    I have never seen such large birds of that kind at all in that area, and I go up there often just to drive around the mountain roads.
    I never did find out what kind of birds they were, but many of the people I talked to about them, thought they may have been calf. Condors.
    I looked up condors in the library and didn’t see any thing that looked like what we saw that day on top of basket Mt. grade.
    I went back up there many times just to see if I could get another look at them, only took a camera with me each time after that first sighting.
    I never did see either of them again, but it did give me another true story to write about, and a very interesting memory of the time I seen two of the largest birds Iv ever seen in my life.

    1. Kgod

      I was fishing near Vader, Wa back around 87 on the bank of the Olequa. I look up and there was a huge bird gliding down the creek towards me. It landed maybe 20yds from where I stood. Brown in color, Probably 7′, long narrow beak, big eyes. Stood there and stared at me. Hard to describe the feeling, not terrified but did not feel welcome to stay. Immediately reeled in and left.
      I didn’t tell anyone for years, not sure why. I’ve never seen anything like it and only recently have heard of similar reports. Whatever it was I had the feeling that it was unnatural.

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