Stark Love: Iron Man Three Grabs the Global Gold

By | May 5, 2013

Stark Love: Iron Man Three Grabs the Global Gold

The kids keep pestering Tony Stark about his last adventure, in The Avengers, but he doesn’t want to talk about it: he’s preoccupied with his brand-new world-saving mission. Tony needn’t have worried about the comparisons. Iron Man Three, starring Robert Downey Jr. as the brilliant, arrogant industrialist, earned $175.3 million at North American theaters, according to preliminary estimates by Marvel Studios and its parent company, Disney. That’s the second best-ever weekend debut, behind the $207.5 million for Marvel’s The Avengers exactly a year ago, but ahead of the $169.2 million scored by the previous runner-up, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, in July 2011.

Internationally, the Stark Express was untoppable: $500.4 million in 11 days, beating the $450 million or so that The Avengers opened to last year. IM3 broke records in Russia, and throughout Latin America and East Asia. China alone accounted for $63.5 million since premiering Wednesday — its success spurred by three minutes of additional scenes in Mandarin with Mainland actress Fan Bingbing. When all the dollars, Euros, rubles and Renminbi are counted, and final figures are issued Monday, IM3 may have achieved the strongest worldwide opening of all time….

Iron Man Three was great, I recommend it for high tech, the performances, stunts, and a story with good plot twists. I don’t understand one thing he did at the end of the movie, however. Sure, I understand the romantic reason for the fireworks, but they could have been created in a less destructive way… Never know what you might need in the future. I’ll just say that it seemed out of character.

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