Sound Search for the Cloud

By | November 10, 2011

Sound Search for the Cloud

While new applications continue to emerge, the developers believe MediaMinedTM may aid not only with new audio creation in the music and film industries, but also help with other, more complex tasks. For example, the technology could be used to enable mobile devices to detect their acoustic surrounding and enable new means of interaction. Or, physicians could use the system to collect data on such sounds as coughing, sneezing or snoring and not only characterize the qualities of such sounds, but also measure duration, frequency and intensity. Such information could potentially aid disease diagnosis and guide treatment.

“Teaching computers how to listen is an incredibly complex problem, and we’ve only scratched the surface,” says LeBoeuf. “We will be working with our launch partners to enable intelligent audio-aware software, apps and searchable media collections.”

via NSF

Imagine Research adds a set of ears to cloud computing. We create software to automatically identify, understand, and index sounds, making the content in media files searchable. Our MediaMined platform is the world’s first sound object recognition and search platform.

Computers and are deaf. They have no idea what audio content they listening to, playing back, recording, or storing. Billions of tracks of audio/video can now be indexed, monetized, and discovered. MediaMined generates intelligent metadata. MediaMined Explore uses our proprietary sound signature and rhythmic signatures to index and search massive media archives.

Leading media companies rely on MediaMined to automatically index the acoustic content of video, audio, and live streams. This solution enables better content discovery, intelligent navigation within media files, and audio content-aware targeted ads.

MediaMined has already listened to millions of tracks for Lucasfilm, The Internet Archive, and major music providers.

"‚Ķvery impressive — there is no other commercial technology which accomplishes this level of audio search‚Ķ"
-Skywalker Sound, A Lucasfilm Company

via Imagine Research.

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