Video: “Something” by the Beatles, just bass & drums

By | September 18, 2013

This was cool but it is now blocked on copywrite grounds. It’s not like you could buy it in a store. This, if anything, would increase sales of the song “Something,” it seems to me.

“Something” – bass & drums – YouTube.

Only Ringo’s and Paul’s tracks. Recorded at the EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London in the summer of 1969.

comment: Note how Ringo jumps a beat on the ride cymbal when the solo starts and the effect it delivers on launching the part… It takes your breath away…

Now in a world where I can place every single drum hit EXACTLY on the beat with a DAW, I find myself going back and listening to how the very slight speeding up and slowing down of real musicians creates tension and soul in a song.

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