Small alien mummy in Peru?

By | February 2, 2012

Riquelme and the mummiesPERU. November, 2011. In South America, newspapers published in their headlines: Descubren momia con caracteristicas no humanas en la ciudad peruana de Cusco (Discovery mummy with not-human characteristics in the Peruvian city of Cusco IN Tribuna Latina); and – Cusco: estudian osamenta de momia con caracteristicas “no humanas” (IN La Republica).

The news were about the of two small mummies discovered in the district of Andahuaylillas, Quispicanchi province, Cuzco region [or Cuzco], Peru. It happened two years ago. The mummies were in a “Apu”, that is a mountain sacred belonging to a deity, at a place located more than two thousand meters above sea level. In this case, the mountain, a domain of the god Viracocha, is scenery of frequent UFO sightings.

Recently, the finding was publicized to the press by the director of the museu Ritos Andinos (Andean Rites Museum), Renato Davila Riquelme which, on occasion – described one of the mummies as having characteristics of non-human. He said that: The bones of the ribs and lower limbs are very thin, delicate. It (one of the mummies) has an opening at the top of the forehead and the molars are of an adult

A spanish doctor and two russian scientists* examined the mummy and they observed that ‘it is not a human being.’ A definitive proof or at least, significant, would be a DNA analysis of mummified remains. * (Mrs. Andrianova and Mrs. Popova)

via Brazil Weird News: The small mummy alien of Peru.

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