Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship ignites engine in flight

By | April 29, 2013

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship ignites engine in flight

The spaceplane being developed by UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson has made its first powered flight.
The vehicle was dropped from a carrier aircraft high above California’s Mojave Desert and ignited its rocket engine to produce a short period of thrust.

Sir Richard’s intention is to use the spaceship to carry fare-paying passengers on short pleasure rides above the Earth’s atmosphere.

His company Virgin Galactic has already taken hundreds of deposits.

The rocket vehicle is known as SpaceShipTwo.

Although it has conducted nearly 20 glide flights, this was the first time its hybrid motor had been ignited…

There are always setbacks, but I like that someone is working on a backup plan in case our planet gets  itself in the path of a bad space rock.

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