Sightings of Strange Lights in Saltcoats

By | May 10, 2008

AFTER last week's reports of strange lights over the skies of Saltcoats, the Herald office has been inundated by readers who also spotted the bizarre lights on Sunday, April 27.

So far there has been no logical explanation for the strange sighting but there have been suggestions of a meteor shower and Chinese lanterns.

Anne Duff, 45 of Auchanshangan Drive, Saltcoats believes it could have been a meteor shower and said: "I only caught the tail end of the lights. When I saw them, four of them were fading away and then one light appeared brighter than all the others. I think it could have been a meteor shower as they sort of disintegrated into the sky.

"My daughter and her friend had been driving home and spotted the four lights before I did. She said they looked like a meteor shower as they broke up rapidly and sort of burned out but she isn't sure as they came from the earth rather than going from the sky to the ground.

"I really don't know how to explain them myself. They were very different and definitely not an aircraft but it was really nice to see."

However, another local resident, Allison Thompson, who took pictures on her camera phone, is convinced that they are not a meteor shower but could well be aliens.

She said: "I saw five lights in the sky near my house on Dykesmains Road. They were very high up and were like orange balls of fire. They didn't fade away at first but three of them turned into squares and flew off into the clouds.

"It is very strange and I am sure they weren't a plane or a meteor shower. The fact that they turned into squares is just too weird."

However, there could be another reasonable explanation. One woman from Saltcoats who wishes to remain anonymous said: "These lights are not alien space crafts. We had a garden party on Sunday night around 9.30pm and set of Chinese lanterns which were bought on Amazon." – ard

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