Sen. John McCain Requested USAF Investigate Phoenix Lights

By | August 7, 2008

The Phoenix Lights is one of the most interesting UFO sightings in recent history. If you look into what details are available, you’ll see why; thousands of eye-witnesses saw something not explainable as flares, distant aircraft, or any known type of vehicle. Witnesses included pilots, military people, air traffic controllers, police, doctors and even the then governor of Arizona. Although he at first made a joke about it, dressing one of his aides up in an alien costume, Symington later admitted he saw a huge otherworldly wedge and that you would have been amazed if you’d been standing there looking at it yourself. We may never know what these people saw, but it remains highly interesting to this day… except to those who believe it was flares. To these indvidiuals, people were just mistaken and the Phoenix Lights are not worth even thinking about.

In 1997, Sen. John McCain of Arizona made a formal request to the USAF to officially investigate the ‘Phoenix Lights’ incident. A report has not been publically disclosed.

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