The Secret Finger Trick

This is the page that got this crazy thing started. Surprisingly, there are only pictures of fingers on this page, no nudity. After viewing this and having a good laugh, people submitted their own finger photos from around the world.

Odd: Is this page proof that there are network censor filters running in the USA? The code is clean, the images are small, and the traffic can’t be the issue all day and all night. Much larger pages load in under 3 seconds, but this page, which is tiny in size takes 12 to 50 seconds?

After tweaking further by adding a fast cache plug-in, etc. The supposed page load time is under 1 second now, but the actual delivery time from a click to my browser is still more like 40 seconds, but only for the finger pages …

It’s a real mystery. Anyway, enjoy the fingers … before they are outlawed.

Amateur Photo Gallery

Anita, 22, is an actorAnita, 22, is an actor
Beth, 20, is a reporter.Beth, 20, is a reporter
fingerSarah, 23, runs an ostrich farm
fingerBill, 30, is an Egyptologist
fingerKelly, 18, is a part-time Mortician
fingerMatilda, 18, is a Taxidermist
fingerMildred, 28, wrestles squids
fingerCandice, 21, is banana labeler
fingerOsirus, 34, is unemployed
fingerMaxine, 32, is a Rastafarian dentist
fingerRaylene, 20, feeds zeebras
fingerBrutus, 41, runs a nunnery
fingerAlice, 18, knits exciting underwear
fingerPhoebe, 68, is a retired pomologist
fingerKim, 19, is a boxer at Safeway
fingerPat, 43, works for NASA
fingerSnideria, 78 is a retired blacksmith
All names and occupations on this page are fake. Page contains no nudity…other than hot nude fingers.