The Secret Finger Trick

This is the page that got this crazy thing started. Surprisingly, there are only pictures of fingers on this page, no nudity. After viewing this and having a good laugh, people submitted their own finger photos from around the world.

Amateur Photo Gallery

Anita, 22, is an actorAnita, 22, is an actor


Beth, 20, is a reporter.Beth, 20, is a reporter


Sarah, 23, runs an ostrich farm Bill, 30, is an Egyptologist


Kelly, 18, is a part-time Mortician


Matilda, 18, is a Taxidermist


Mildred, 28, wrestles squids


Candice, 21, is banana labeler
Osirus, 34, is unemployed


Maxine, 32, is a Rastafarian dentist


Raylene, 20, feeds zeebras


Brutus, 41, runs a nunnery


Alice, 18, knits exciting underwear


Phoebe, 68, is a retired pomologist


Kim, 19, is a boxer at Safeway


Pat, 43, works for NASA


Snideria, 78 is a retired blacksmith


All names and occupations on this page are fake. Page contains no nudity…other than hot nude fingers.