Scientists Solve 14 Year Mystery of Saturn’s Water Source

By | July 27, 2011

The latest discovery around Saturn reveals that a moon covered with ice is providing water to the planet, creating a rain showering halo. The water vapors are visible as tiger like stripes of gas and ice which escapes at the southern pole of the moon and becomes a main water source vapor for Saturn’s upper atmosphere.

Thanks to Saturn’s sixth largest moon Enceladus, the mystery that has baffled scientists for 14 years is now solved. Herschel space observatory explains that the ring of water vapors surrounding Saturn originates from Enceladus. The ring is ten time greater than Saturn’s radius and that Enceladus continues to feed the ring of water vapors during its orbit.

Another find shows that Saturn’s moon is the only one that carries influence in regards to chemical composition towards its parent planet.

“There is no analogy to this behaviour on Earth. No significant quantities of water enter our atmosphere from space. This is unique to Saturn,” said Paul Hartogh, a Projec Scientist from the Max-Planck-Institut f√ºr Sonnensystemforschung. …

via Scientists Solve 14 Year Mystery, Discover Saturn’s Water Source – International Business Times.

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