Scientists found a region in brain responsible for temptation

By | March 30, 2010

American scientists have identified a region in the human brain which is responsible for a person’s ability to resist temptation, in a research that could help explain why some people are so impulsive and often give in to their desire.

Researchers at Columbia University here have claimed that the brain area, called the left lateral prefrontal cortex, actually plays a major role in the person’s ability to resist enticement of any object or service.

“The lateral prefrontal cortex really is one of the last brain structures to mature; it matures rather late during puberty and even during adolescence and into young adulthood,” said lead researcher Bernd Figner.

“So this can help explain why adolescents and young adults often seem to have a hard time delaying gratification.”

According to the research, when the left lateral prefrontal cortex is impaired people are more likely to choose immediate yet smaller rewards over larger rewards that won’t come until later, LiveScience reported.

For their study, Figner and his team carried out a brain stimulant experiment on 52 college-going youths.

via Scientists found a region in brain responsible for temptation.

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