Scientist 'spots' ghost universe from before the Big Bang hidden in microwaves

By | June 14, 2012

A map of the cosmic background radiation (CMB)A renowned scientist says he has spotted evidence that a universe existed before the Big Bang.

Professor Roger Penrose from Oxford University says concentric circles discovered in the background microwaves of the universe provides evidence of events that took place before the universe came into being.

The cosmic microwave offers us a ghostly look at the the universe just 300,000 years after the Big Ban’ – a microscopic amount of time compared to the universe’s estimated age of 13.7billion years.

The research by Penrose, who was awarded the 1988 Wolf Prize along with Stephen Hawkings for adding to our cosmic knowledge, adds evidence to the theory that the universe has expanded (‘the Big Bang’) and contracted (‘the Big Crunch’) many times.

The cosmic radiation background (CMB) is believed to have cooled to a temperature of -270C in the near 14 billion years since the birth of the universe.

Stars and galaxies started to form around 300 million years later. Our Sun was born around five billion years ago, and life first appeared on the Earth around 3.7 billion years ago. …

via Is the secret of the ‘previous’ universe hidden in the microwaves? Scientist ‘spots’ ghost from before the Big Bang | Mail Online.

5 thoughts on “Scientist 'spots' ghost universe from before the Big Bang hidden in microwaves

  1. Robert Myrland

    There was no big bang. Science man from the general science community on this planet is good on make poor theories and thats pretty much the only thing they are good at. Nevertheless its not their fault; their understanding are limited therefore the result if their thinking will always be poor.

    And they are to arrogant to listen to someone who knows and mostly when someone knows the truth yes then most of the time its to incredible to gasp for them and you will be ignored and also ridiculed.

    The word “MUST” are commonly used in the general science community. Used when they dont understand something so therefore they create a theory that “MUST” be true to them or in otter terms to their own poor understanding of nature, then they publish it as truth, but when confronted u get the answer “its a theory” and it “MUST” be the truth. NO it must not be the truth and its only the truth for their minds because of lack of understand how nature works.

    Doe its funny and IQ less what current science come forward with, it is not their fault, they are just some SOULs that do what all do and that is to evolve, but honestly I think that the current science people must have been grabbed out of one of the most stupid people on earth and I think that governments have hand picked these stupid people and created a label on them with says “we are among the smartest on earth” so that people shall believe that this is the best we can do but in reality its the opposite of what are being put forward and this is so because governments want you to stay as primitive as possible and they hide the truth, the real truth of science from us by having really stupid people in our science communities.

    Whatever… But No bang, small or big; no bang.

  2. Nathaniel

    You should take up your findings with the president. Maybe he could pass on your deep understanding of the universe to the rest of the scientific community.

      1. Xeno Post author

        Robert, it could happen, but first you have to say something convincing to the people who believe things based on evidence.

        Scientific theories exist because they explain many different observations.

        The big bang theory exists because it explains things we have observed such as the distribution of galaxies, their ages and the speed they are moving away from each other.

        Here is another way to state the big bang theory that is more accurate: “In the distant past, the universe was very dense and hot; since then it has expanded, becoming less dense and cooler.”

        If you want to refute this convincingly, and to get your ticket to meet the president, simply give believable testable alternative reasons for the things we have observed which lead to the big bang theory (BBT):

        Explain homogeneity – At the scale of several hundred million light years, the universe looks the same in every direction with respect to the distribution of matter and energy. This is homogeneity, the observable fact that it is distributed evenly.

        Explain the lack of stars in some places- We also notice that the stars are not infinite in number and eternal. If that were true, the night sky would be pure white, not speckled with stars. Stars are not eternal, they have lifespans. They are born and they die. Their fate depends on their size. We have observed this.

        Explain the abundance and distribution of light elements. As we examine older objects, the abundance of heavy elements becomes smaller and smaller, reaching zero, but the light element helium, in contrast, reaches a non-zero limit. Because heavy elements take time to form, and because they are only observed as you move farther away from the center point, the BBT is supported by observable evidence. There is much more, of course, but I’m out of time for now.

        Explain the relative abundances of light and heavy elements for starters, if there is no big bang.

  3. Pyrodin

    No no, the universe was created in a time travel experiment gone wrong…..its a paradox, like a snake eating its tail. lol, love the blog Xeno!

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