Happy Patrick Stewart’s Day

By | March 17, 2013


To be honest, even though I’m part Irish, I’ve never understood St. Patrick’s Day. From now on, I’ve decided to celebrate Sir Patrick Stewart’s day on that day instead. He’s a much better role model. I’ll watch a few of his films, X-men or something, and eat some organic popcorn. Rock out.

One thought on “Happy Patrick Stewart’s Day

  1. Erik from ScienceFictionBücher

    Haha, what a great idea!!! May I join the club? And thanks for the handful of organic popcorn (which I grabbed secretly while walking across your blog). We in Germany also have local fests, which I personally (as a German) definitely do NOT understand. Oktoberfest??? Hell, no way. Booze, sausages, “Volksmusik” and fat chicks in weird clothes……… NOPE!!! Let’s celebrate the cool dudes; Patrick Stewart, er lebe hoch!!! 🙂


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