Recent Video Uploads (Photobucket & YouTube)

By | March 26, 2013

Recent Video Uploads (Photobucket)Most Recent Videos Uploaded on Photobucket

If you want to just trip out on humanity and watch random snippets of people’s lives, check out this link:

No videos were showing up on Jan 13, 2018, but there are randomly uploaded images are here:

It’s a total random grab bag of real people’s videos (like YouTube with no ads). You might see supermodels on fake horses, babies, animals, bands, people firing guns, talent shows, snow storms, beaches, fish tanks, karate classes, weird dancing, waterfalls, videos that were just deleted by the user and can’t be viewed, people driving, people fighting on the ground, basketball, animated characters with rocks on their back (lol wth?), and during the time I was browsing, one unlucky elderly Chinese couple obviously had their account hacked by someone who wanted to post a video of a nude person walking around the streets of Hollywood. They had some nice vacation photos and now I can really imagine the looks on their faces when they check their account and find that video. Actually, it will probably be deleted before they see it since Photobucket monitors for violations of their terms€  of service. They must because there is no way I could see to flag inappropriate videos.

Reminder: You do need good passwords people.

Anyway, if you have some time to just zone out, try Photobucket videos for the True Strange Stuff.

Parental Warning: This is a live feed of recently uploaded videos which does not seem to be censored. Viewers may encounter something disturbing (or funny, or boring, or incomprehensible, etc.) If the still image looks potentially bad, just don’t click to watch the video. You can’t always tell, however, because the automatically generated still image from the uploaded video may be just a blur.

Most Recent Videos Uploaded on YouTube

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