Real-time flight tracking

By | September 4, 2013

This is fun: watch planes in real time all over the world, as long as they have ADS-B transponders. Click image for site:


The above image is from the free version of the app. The web site is more detailed.

I’ve seen JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, FedEx, Virgin American, UPS Airlines, United Airlines around SF.

Moving over to Area 51 and surroundings I see a few I’ve never heard of: Spirit Airlines, Westjet, ABX Air, Frontier Airways … Click to see flight numbers. Neat.

It only takes a minute to start to see flight corridors, lines of planes like ants marching across the map. Sometimes they overlap. No altitudes are shown.

Nothing military yet…

Tip: Use the free version of FlightRadar24 with the free FlightStats iPhone app and you can look up the flight number to see the start and end points, eta, how far along the path the flight is, even gates of arrival and departure, weather, visibility and wind speed at each airport.

Now… Why do a few flights just have a number, but no airline in FlightRadar24? What are these mysterious flights?

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