Rancher Dissatisfied with Chupacabra DNA Results.

By | March 16, 2005

(woai) Rancher Dissatisfied with Chupacabra DNA Results.“Remember the Elmendorf Beast? That mystery animal a rancher shot dead on his property in South chupa33Bexar County? The man who found it is hoping to get new DNA results. Devin MacAnally says he has received the results of a DNA test, but he won’t reveal them. He says he’s not happy with the results. Representatives from Texas Parks and Wildlife speculate that it’s a coyote with mange. The hairless beast with sharp teeth sparked speculation that the animal was a Chupacabra of South Texas folklore. MacAnally says he plans to look for someone else to do a new DNA test. He hopes to make those arrangements in the next couple of weeks. We’ll let you know what he finds out.”

I got into blogging strange news originally by writing an article on a chupacabra sighting in Calavaras County California. A reliable cave guide told me someone out there saw a very strange creature and he took me out to the location. It was a weird story and I had fun with my hobby as a blog reporter. From there I blogged about electric cars, alternative energy and then other cryptozoological creatures.

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