Public access TV to be closed down

By | January 6, 2009

Public access TV to be closed down

A new California law allows Time Warner to close 12 studios that provided community programming in Los Angeles. Critics say a valuable 1st Amendment platform is lost.

By Reed Johnson

January 5, 2009

For decades, public access programming on cable television has provided a virtually free forum for community activists and aspiring entertainers, for preening star wannabes as well as serious-minded political watchdogs.

But in Los Angeles and across California that forum began crumbling last week, a development that advocates say will strip ordinary citizens of a valuable 1st Amendment platform.

A provision of a law passed by the Legislature in 2006, which took effect Thursday, allows cable television providers the option of dropping their long-standing obligation of providing free studios, equipment and training to the public. In return, providers must pay a substantial annual fee and continue to provide a minimal number of public education and government channels. …

via Cable flips channel on public access TV – Los Angeles Times.

It was good while it lasted.

One thought on “Public access TV to be closed down

  1. Pete the Drum Scientist

    Thank God. Public Access cable (not TV) has been filled with worthless junk for decades. It could have been such a useful medium, but the “freedom” of it was its downfall. No organization, no “standards”, no quality. And most of all… viewers

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