Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election

By | October 23, 2008

“Senators Barack Obama and Joseph Biden congratulated the new president and vice-president and pledged their full support for the new Administration.

Most Americans disagree with the Republican aggressive war-like stance on Foreign Policy but many major media pundits attribute the McCain victory to Sarah Palin’s appeal to voters, particularly those disgruntled former supporters of Hillary Clinton.” Some people, however, are vowing to question the election results, due to voting irregularities but little change is expected.

(Oops. We’re a little early with this. The results won’t be announced for another two weeks.) – – unobserver

As seen above…

Two weeks to go and the machine is starting to prepare the narrative for how it is possible that John McCain won the 2008 Presidential election. With every poll showing an Obama lead of anywhere from 10-14 points for the past few weeks, suddenly today the Associated Press announced a new poll that shows the race in a dead heat. Nonsense. With the backdrop of the Kennedy-Palast reporting on how the GOP has already started the systematic theft of the election this poll today is just the coverage they need to pretend that the results of a McCain victory will be legitimate. If McCain does indeed go on to steal the election, no doubt his supporters will point to this bogus poll to refute the other polls.

The talking points have been as inane as the alleged poll results. Primarily, the talking points are that the bump is due to the “strong†showing of McCain in the last debate and the “Joe the Plumber†nonsense has “struck a chord.†You have got to be kidding me. Every post debate poll clearly showed that Barack Obama once again dominated John McCain in the last debate. This was even stronger among undecided voters and independents. There was no strong showing by McCain; he lost and everyone saw him lose. By every count, including Fox News, he lost. Not only that, but he lost all three debates as well as the Vice Presidential debate. Throw in the fact that his recent Ayers attack line and socialist charges were also polled to be losers, the new AP poll simply defies logic…  – opednews

Each side is convinced the poll numbers are fraudulently stacked against their candidate.  There is proven vote fraud from each of the major parties. The issue is who cheats more republicans or democrats.  We know the rich cheat the most on their taxes, and since the rich are more likely to be republican (see below, and this) I’d bet on republicans having the most cheatin’ hearts, but not by much.

In simple numbers of voters, do we have more republicans or democrats? The best I’ve found so far is this graphic which is interesting, but doesn’t answer the question.

2004 US elections purple counties.pngThe bottom line: Evolution favors the ruthless … but cunning beats obvious cruelty. An iron fist in a velvet glove is the most effective, and this is why McCain is losing the debates and the election. Obama is better a giving the appearance of fairness, togetherness and understanding.

0 thoughts on “Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election

  1. SergeiRostov

    Oh boy, willful ignorance strikes again: the polls showing Obama ahead by large margins are (over)sampling Dems over Reps in a 3:2 ratio, and sometimes more. And maybe you forgot that the MSM has been inthe tank for Obama for nearly two years now, so what they think of the debate is no indicator, Further, as for Joe the Plumber, maybe you should get out among some actual working-class people and see what *they* thought of him being attacked for daring to asking Obama a question. Even further, highly noticeable is the misogyny on display as regards Sarah Palin in your earlier posts; I wonder what your mother would think about that? Maybe you should ask them. Still further, why aren’t you saying anything about the already-proven fraud Obama committed in the caucuses, and the already- proven fraud being perpetrated by ACORN (25% of their ‘new voters’ so far,) and aided and abetted by the Obama campaign? One would think you would want to clean up your own house before you point the finger at others.

  2. SergeiRostov

    Oh, and a p.s.:

    There is one question which Palast and Kennedy can’t answer, because to do so would destroy their entire argument: if the GOP can still use all those techniques to steal elections like they did in 2000 and 2004, why didn’t they do it in 2006?

    Answer: because they don’t work anymore.

  3. Ann

    As much as I try to be open-minded about this, I really can’t imagine anyone voting for McCain/Palin. Can SergeiRostov defend McCain’s platform beginning with his foreign policy (that is doing so without criticizing or denigrating anyone else)? Will McCain’s foreign policy be any different than, say, Bush’s debacle in Iraq, which has already cost American taxpayers how much money, deposing, at the same time, of how many Iraqi lives and those of our soldiers? Amazing isn’t it, when Cheney said that Iraqi war would be a cakewalk.

    And, exactly what are McCain’s domestic policies? I can’t help but feel they’re the exact same stuff that got us into our current economic predicament.

    Sorry, I don’t see McCain much as an innovator with new and fresh ideas.

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