Pig Born With 2 Heads in China

By | April 14, 2013


A two-headed piglet was born in China earlier this week. According to the AFP, it was born on April 10th in a village in Jiujiang.

A local vet told the AFP that the condition was cause by a rare deformity and thus the pig would likely not live very long. However, asthe Inquisitr reports, the animal’s owners agreed not to slaughter it right away.

The condition of having 2 heads is known as polycephaly. It can affect all sort of animals, even humans. …

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… The condition that causes such mutations is known as axial bifurcation, or polycephaly.

It can occur in animals or humans, and is what happens when an embryo begins to split into twins, only for the process to be interrupted in its early stages. This is how conjoined twins are formed.

Polycephaly is, thankfully, a rare condition. However, the condition has been observed before in other animals.

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In heraldry and vexillology, the double-headed eagle is a common symbol, though no such animal is known to have ever existed.

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It would be interesting to see a real double-headed eagle, an ancient symbol dating back at least 3,800 B.C. (5,818 years ago).

The earliest depiction of the double-headed eagle can be found on ancient monuments in central Anatolia in the ancient Kingdom of the Hittites. As an example we can mention, a temple devoted to the priestly rituals dedicated to the cult of the two-headed eagle because the Hittites venerated the double headed eagle (also known as the Hittite Bird of the Sun) as the King of Heaven.

The bird symbolized the Hittite military power.

At the beginning of the early 19th century, excavations conducted by Charles Texier, in an old Hittite capital (Boğazkale) in modern-day Turkey, revealed cylindrical seals depicting two-headed eagle with spread wings.

The motif of the double-headed eagle dates back to c. 3800 BC.

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0 thoughts on “Pig Born With 2 Heads in China

  1. j carlin

    maybe the expression “two heads are better than one”
    was something mr. pig took to heart 🙂

  2. Fred Killer

    Thanks for giving me more nightmares than usual.

    Anyway, it bears repeating that Abraham Lincoln was once accused of being two-faced himself.

    He reportedly retorted, “Sir, if I had two faces, do you think I’d be wearing this one?”


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