Pics from Halloween Night

By | November 1, 2006

Pics from Halloween NightHere are my pics from the Crest Theater’s “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” Halloween party. More pics here (some nudity), including the live stage show with the “ejaculantern” which was basically a big pumpkin suit that shot foam out of the top of it onto the audience. Crest Theatre owner Sid sang for the first time on her own stage. She pretty much rocked. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here is a video of the stage show. You sort of have to use your imagination as to what is going on because I forgot to record the sound… oops.


I think most people from around the world (One from Henan, China tonight!) visit this blog to see the strange news, and not for local stuff. But for you out of towners, these are some of my crazy hot Sacramento, California friends.

The Trash Film Orgy is horrific and lewd fun in an uptight world. I think of it as a sort of? pagan social gathering … a church of raw humanity. There are usually odd things going on in the lobby like the spanking wall where public spankings are available to all. The event’s bystanders are mildly amused if they watch at all.

People attending the TFO dress up, check out costumes, chat with friends, watch bad horror movies (and heckle them loudly to the amusement of all), have drinks in the bar, and perform in or watch live skits on stage.

If anything like this happens in your part of the world write to me and tell me about it.

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