Review: Get Motivated Seminar, Colin Powell, Michael Phelps, others live @ Arco arena

By | March 25, 2009

For $19 everyone at your workplace can attend a Get Motivated seminar in certain towns with some celebrity speakers. It was free, so I went. $12 parking at Arco Arena. Speakers today were:€  Steve€ Forbes (from Las Vegas via live link), Michael Phelps, Phil Town,€  Tamara Lowe and Colin Powell.

I did not realize that Phelps did something other swimmers did not:€  trained every single day, year after year, without fail.

Even now, Phelps trains every day — including Sundays, figuring it gives him 52 more days a year in the pool than many of his competitors.- usatoday

Colin Powell was a very good speaker. I enjoyed his story about the perks of his position, what it was like to always have his own private jet, and his story about his meeting with Gorbachev.

I got motivated to try Phil Town’s day trading seminar since my 401K has been taking a royal beating. After researching, however, I [believe that] you can get the same information for free. Just try this Google search: Swing Trading Tutorial.

This site seems like a realistic overview. I believe that there is not, after all, an easy fortune to be made by swing trading if you are a beginner.

Some comments I found: Author Marie€  wrote on ( Monday, May 14, 2007

“There really is no sytem [sic] actually. All they will do is ask you to pay up for the next level of education with promises that profits will come with that next class ("You must be a PhD to make money." Then, "You have to learn currencies to make money" etc.). Each class gets further and further away from the method they use as a marketing tool (basic fundamentals and MACD/Stochastic/Moving Averages (MA) technical indicator ie red/green arrows, plus industry group analysis, etc.). There is an entry/exit system involved in the basics, but they also exclude some of the most important aspects of what makes a trader successful (namely controlling risk). I can testify that in the 1.5 years I worked at SWIM and of the many hundreds (thousands?) of students I met, only a handful were profitable traders. Many wiped out accounts or took retirement capital down 30-50%. It was a very serious problem. I tried to make changes within the company, alerting management to issues in the sales tactics, but was routinely brushed off.

So I guess the short answer is that no, the method really doesn't work. At least I have never seen any evidence to suggest that more than a handful of people (who, I might add, were not even trading the method!) who went through the program were profitable.”

I have e-mailed Brad Moore (you can too, there is contact information available) and he confirmed the information in the post, and that he did post the comments, and did work for INVESTools.

INVESTools teaches you short-term trading. I have read that it is called “swing trading“, although I think the time frame is actually a little longer than the one to four days time frame shown on Investopedia — it seems to be two to six weeks. This is VERY risky – although INVESTools does not caution you enough about this. They will tell you “this is a little risky” but do not impress upon you EXACTLY HOW risky it really is. – link

I canceled and my card was not charged. Be sure to get a confirmation number if you do cancel.

Tamara Lowe, I didn’t enjoy. She turned what was supposed to be a motivational business seminar into a buy-yourself-some-Jesus pitch. I found it offensive because she did not seem to consider that there were people of all religions, including non-religious people in the large audience.€ €  I went to this to get motivated, but left feeling tricked into attending an infomercial … I am not a morning person and getting up at 6:30 AM puts me in a foul mood all day. ( Google “How to motivate people”.€  )

Actually, I would have been fine if I left after Phelps and Colin Powell.€  So, go if you get the chance, but be warned.

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  1. lantana

    I couldn’t agree with this review more. One of my employees is Jewish and I just kept mouthing to her during Tamara’s presentation, “I’m SO Sorry!” It was insulting to those of other faiths and belief systems to assume that everyone in the room is or should be actively practicing the Christian faith. No wonder the world hates us and thinks we’re completely self-absorbed. It is supposed to be a business seminar not a church convention!

    Thanks for the tips on the investment course, I thought it sounded pretty interesting but part of me felt that skeptic voice saying, “if it sounds too good to be true…” Will research more for sure.

    All the rah rah crap, dancing, etc. just grated on my last nerve, not to mention the MC who just reinforced the fake blond stereotype. We couldn’t understand half of what she said because she was screaming the whole time.

    Despite the annoyances, Colin Powell and Rudy Giovanni were awesome and it was touching to see Zig Ziglar’s daughter helping him continue doing what he loves despite short term memory problems after a fall. Captain Sully, while not exactly a motivational speaker had a very unassuming manner and was interesting to hear his story.

    So, I think overall it was worth the $5 we spent, but I’d rather have spent more for more meaty content and less infomercials.

    1. jack straus

      I have been to two of these because i was told to by different employers. The first time the Christian part was billed as a special message that one could leave. That changed by the 2nd one i attended that changed. But both were nothing but sales presentations for u to buy something

  2. Miss Butterfly

    I attended the Get Motivated Seminar today in Philadelphia, PA. Having worked in Corporate America for 40+ years, I have attended many seminars of this nature. I was inspired to go because I had heard Zig Zigler about 15 years ago and I liked the venue of speakers at this event: Gen. Colin Powell, Donovan McNabb, Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Charlie Manuel, etc. As a retiree starting a business, I found the event to be very inspiring and motivating, professionally, personally, and spiritually. As Christians we are to share the God that we know and love without reservation, but with boldness and courage. I admire Tamara Lowe and every other speaker who had the courage to do so regardless of the different believers or non-believers in the audience. At $4.95, every attendee who was offended or uncomfortable had the option to get up and leave; or to be rude and talk among themselves as they did. Remember, we are America, a country that believes in God. As an American, I apologize to no one for that belief. I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

    1. Free Thinker

      Don’t forget, though, there ARE different versions of who God is (and not all of them are Christians). Just be honest & call it what it is…A religious and arguably right wing focused event. No one’s asking for an apology….Just truth.

      1. Irish

        Can I get an AMEN!! Those of us who are not Christian do not want to be preached to. Pushing religion is just plain wrong. As Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      2. tamie

        I get so tired of non christians putting down christians when they profess there faith. If it wasn’t for there faith there would be no freedom of religion in america. Look at most counteries who profess there religion there is no freedom. People in the past and still do come here for freedom of religion and then when they get here the religion Christians that came to this country to have freedom of religion are told to stop expressing there faith. Even people who expressed hatered for America is given the right of freedom of religion. Well lets see what this country will be like soon when you finally get your way and the Christians are all made to stop expressing there faith which by the way is about freedom of religion. Because of this faith women and other races have gain a sense of freedom like not other other country. Yes has with all religions there is the good and the bad but over all. And the Jewish faith, the Christians have reached out to them granted some Christians have not. But lets be honest here. We call our Christmas Tree a Holiday Tree at the white house and Say happy holidays to include others. What religious Holiday do you include the Christians in. And Gandhi well if your going to quote him you need to look into his life and then see if you aspire to be him. And how is his fellow country men treating there women,

      3. Ken Stephens

        Thats why we have refered to this as a free country, at least until now. If you don’t want to go, Don’t. I will assure you that not a single person will miss you.

    2. john


      “And Gandhi well if your going to quote him you need to look into his life and then see if you aspire to be him. And how is his fellow country men treating there women” Ignorant statements like this is exaclty why other foreign countriest can’t stand America. I guess you think India is an Islamic country in the Middle East??? Only 10% to 15% of India is Islamic and it isn’t in the Middle East. Women rights in India mirror those of the U.S. As in the U.S. women have been allowed to vote since after the first world war when the UK began allowing women to vote as India was a part of the U.K. until 1947. Women activist began in India in the mid 1800’s. They have been been in politics since the 1920’s. Why do so many people actually believe America is the leader in women & racial freedom. We did not start giving women rights any sooner than other “Western World” countries & we were one of the last to abolition slavery.

      1. susan

        I am a Christian and practice my faith. I am completely in agreement with “Irish” above. So many of theChristian’s speaking boldly are also speaking arrogantly. Arrogance is not Christ-like. Christ loved all people regardless. Our country was built on the beleif of “God” and by men (and women) who were sinners. The history books including our bible are full of great men and women who have done great things but have also committed great sins along the way. I believe that if Christians would act more Christ-like they would not have to stand on mountaintops (or podiums) to declare their faith…most who have to tell you how good and righteous they are ….have much farther to fall when they sin. The Christ I beleive in leads by example….this does not take a loud voice…just love, kindness and patience. That’s my 2 cents.

      2. Barry

        Tamie, I just today went to the latest Get Motivated seminar. I am Jewish and though I have no problems with Christians, or any other religion professing their faith……HOWEVER…… this is billed as a BUSINESS SEMINAR….. I repeat a BUSINESS Seminar, not a Christian business seminar. How to get he most out of your business, is all well and good, but leave religion out of the equation. There are plenty of non-Christians who successfully run their own business… I do not need to hear G-D Almighty, and faith and “HE” did this for me, and “HE” did that for me….. This was my second and this is the last Get Motivated Seminar I will attend because it is so slanted towards religion and the Christian right. It was getting more and more uncomfortable as the day progressed and I left early. Enough was enough.

        1. Smitty

          Thank you, Barry, for stating this so well. A business seminar should be about business. I attended earlier this week – and regret it deeply. The event (I refuse to call it a seminar) I attended did NOT and I repeat NOT indicate that the gospel would be presented and that attendees would be expected to recite a prayer accepting Jesus as their savior. I was angry beyond belief, but too invested in the day to walk out. Perhaps I should have. Regardless, the event should have been billed as a Christian Business Seminar. I’ve already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this train-wreck of a seminar. Long story short, I agree with you wholeheartedly and commend you for speaking the truth of the matter aloud.

    3. Peter

      Of course, you could not BE MORE WRONG. Why in the world would there possibly be more than 1 God ? This is not Greece where 1 god rules them all .. utter nonsense.

      Funny thing is (and actually not funny, but quite sad) that your opinion is only YOURS.

      1 God, 1 way to heaven (Jesus) …end of story. If you choose not to believe, that is your fate, but dont even think for a minute that any of us who know the truth would be swayed by your clearly clueless rants … we dont and never will … sorry.

  3. Alec Berg

    I also attended the Philadelphia Get Motivated seminar. What an awful, awful event. One of the worst things I have ever been to. Tamara Lowe comes across as self-serving as she flashes photo after photo of her with famous people and mentions who she has met. The cover of the booklet they give you is covered with photos of her husband Peter Lowe with famous people, it’s conveys nothings but the “look at me” image. The emcee was dreadful as he conducted the most impersonal interviews I have ever seen. Poor Zig Ziglar should never have been a speaker as they are reducing the great things this man has done by allowing him to ramble on stage with his daughter helping him, he’s a great man and should be remembered for it. He is being expolited for his name.

    Donavan McNabb was not a good speaker, Charlie Manuel was not a good speaker, James Smith was absolutely vulgar and racial with his remarks, Phil Town was doing his best sales job, Colin Powell added very little content and just provided a “cool factor” for the event. Tamara Lowe was not inspiring, she came across as insincere, sales-pitchy, and Tammy Baker-ish. The rap guy Jay-something was terrible, the other rapper KJ52 was okay and somewhat entertaining. Every speaker acknowledged the military in the crowd, nice, but it got old by the afternoon. Even the soldiers were getting sick of it.

    Rudi Guliani is a true American hero and did well, and Steve Forbes is a true American hero and did well.

    Overall this event was bad and a waste of time, it came across as very phony.

  4. Moose

    The real title of this seminar should be “Get Motivated…Republicans!” This was a cliché-ridden, one-sided, ideological display of the Republican platform with enthusiastic infomercials peppered throughout. The pandering of the presenters and speakers to the ultraconservatives was so obvious that it might as well as have been sponsored by the NRA. The fact that they disguise this cheesy little old fashioned tent revival as a business seminar is preposterous. The only business tip I got was the idea to chorale a bunch of suckers into an arena, appeal to their patriotism and sentimentality with references to God, Apple Pie, and the American Way, and then sneakily weave in my get rich quick schemes and Dr. Phil-pseudo-psychological bull crap. There wasn’t anything motivating about it, other than it will motivate me not to ever waste my time at one of these things again. Not to mention it was the most disorganized event I’ve ever attended. Nobody knew what to do, or how to do it. The only thing they got right was when to shoot off the fireworks, and when to throw out those silly beach balls. The moderator was incredibly smarmy. He also sucked at his job. When he interviewed Charlie Manual and Cole Hamels his only response to their statements were “Awesome,” or “that’s awesome.” There were way too many evangelistic references to the “big man upstairs” and speakers raising their hands to the sky crying out “you better get right with The Lord”. This event was billed as a business seminar and the last time I walked into a meeting at my office, I don’t remember anyone shouting out loud for The Lord to give them strength. When I got home that night, I felt like I needed to take a shower. The only redeeming aspect of this whole debacle was Rudy Guiliani, who gave an excellent speech on leadership. Its too bad that I had to wade through the rest of the horsecrap to hear it.

  5. Mary Kennedy

    My son and I attended the seminar in E. Lansing, MI on July 14. The only good thing about it was the lesson of how easily people’s minds can be controlled. I was disappointed to see Dr. Robert Schuller being exploited. I wonder if he even knew why he was there. We left after Phil Town’s presentation and tried to salvage what was left of the day by having a nice lunch and visiting a relative in the city.

  6. Karen Fodor

    I came to the Buffalo Seminar for inspiration due to the business titles advertised. I found many speakers lacked motivation, direction and passion for their speaches! Please understand there were several good speakers. But here was more you had to be drawn for the names than to learn and to be inspired with motivation. Part of it was more of a selling ploy for their books and the infomercial man hyped many on his stock kit by saying “would you not want my life. I do what I want and when I get tired of it I move on”. I will not comment but I would pass on changingwith you thank you! This part actually cheapened the atmosphere. If you want a free lunch you will buy what I am selling!! No thank you!! Would I recommend this for a productive day to learn new management skills and for employee motivation. No I am sorry but no. I went on their email to email what I would like to see and their email does not work. I am not a “name brand” entertainer but I could rock the house and discuss the business world more effectively and have fun with people doing it!!

  7. Sean

    I was just dragged to this event in Hartford. Wish I has read this first. The guest speakers were Joe montana Laura bush steve forbes Rudy guliani and Colin Powell. They were all excellent and enjoyable. However all the other late night informercial-esque speakers were so transparent and self promoting it made me sick. I had emailed friends te day before and said I was going to a republican brainwashing. Not too far off. All the talk about Jesus made me uncomfortable. I’m Catholic. I have no questions about my faith but strongly respect the faith of others. But I don’t go around shoving it in other peoples faces. It was downright shocking that the lowes have been so successful at pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Taking advantage of thousands of people during our economis struggle by masking this as a business seminar then just promoting their books, get rich quick schemes, self righteousness, name dropping. Apparently everyone there is a student of or have met with the likes of mother theresa and Warren buffet.

    1. Annoyed

      Sean- I am also Catholic, And while I don’t think the way to share our belief is to go around “shoving it in people’s faces” as you stated, I would say that you are not as confident in your faith as you profess. You said that you strongly respect the faith of others. To be a Christian and especially Catholic, we respect others but not other faiths. As our FIRST Commandment states “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me”. Its this exact hypocrity that gives our religion its “arrogance” as others above said. This waivering between what is “right” and what is “politically correct” is the cancer breeding disfunction in our society today. May I remind you that this county is Founded on Christian values, and our currency states IN GOD WE TRUST. So I’m sorry my Catholic friend that you are more concerned with others feelings than you are about being true to whats in your own heart.

      1. Xeno Post author

        The phase was actually not added to paper money until 1957. Thomas Jefferson’s own words show that the country was founded on common law which was around when the Anglo Saxons were still pagans and had no idea Christ ever existed.


  8. alfio R

    Just attended the Hartford, CT., G.M. Seminar-9-9-09. Line-up was pretty much the same. There was Tamara, Krish, Phil Town, James Smith, Laura Bush, Forbes, Guliani and Gen. Powell, Montana and Zig. There was another speaker after the General, but we left.
    This was a pyramid scheme of sorts. You charge 5.00($10.00 if you bought the useless workbook)/head X 19k people=somewhere between 100-200k is made. Tamara takes the cash and pays her speakers- 10-25k each, only the big names, Zig, Colin, Laura, Montana. The others don’t get paid but reap the rewards of the side seminars where they will teach you how to sell and buy property, stocks, etc. Thats the scam in a nutshell.
    Phil Town, James Smith, Tamara, are the ones who benefit. They get you there with the names and then sell you a bunch of snake oil. Story after story about how they made money etc…
    The religous overtone makes you think wow, how could someone so ripe with belief in God and Jesus rip us off???
    They say over and over how you need to be nice to others, “do onto others as you would want done to you” sort of stuff. Attempting to gain your confidence and your trust that anyone who quaotes the Bible and tells me to be good to others can’t possibly be trying to screw me…ha ! Watch your wallet on this one kids. The best part of the seminar was the two beers and greasy sandwhich my buddies and I enjoyed at a local Irish Pub on the lunch break. Otherwise, keep your 5 or 10.00 bucks.
    As far as Zig, I felt bad for the man. Wish I saw these posts before I went, however then I maynot have had those wonderful beers !!!

    1. Al B

      You can say “do unto others” and all this other junk, but the Man himself never professed a love for the greedy like most in the crowd are.

      1. DeeDee

        Agree. I was totally offended with the whole “Christian” angle coupled with $$. Reminded me of Amway. I agree with Ghandi. In my opinion Christ rocks, the Religious Right looking for a quick buck? rockheads.

  9. Daphne

    I also attended the Sept. 9th seminar in Hartford, CT. My friend and I arrived approx. 45 minutes prior to the doors opening. It was totally mobbed, and people were almost tumbling over each other to get in line. It was unfortunate to see adults behave that way just to get a few feet closer to the door. However, my friend and I made several contacts (ranging from a doctor to a radio station representative to a consultant). I think the $5 bucks to attend was worth the new contacts made alone.

    It was great to see Rudy Giuliani, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Zig Ziglar, and others. I took copious notes and shared a few points with my manager the next day. She found it useful.

    It was unfortunate to see Zig Ziglar as he seemed rather feeble. However, I’m sure he was aware enough to know that he was still getting paid to speak, and the money would go to grow his organization and further take care of his family. He was in no way a victim, in my opinion. He was still going strong and speaking with passion.

    I figure for 5 bucks, I made numerous contacts, saw a few celebrities, got a boost in my motivation, and got a day out of the office.

    As far as Tammy Lowe, her speech was definitely ‚Äúbusiness as usual‚Äù and she wasn’t really connected to the crowd. Although I grew up very religious in the Bible belt, even I was a little put off with her message, as it just did not fit with the rest of her speech. If she had truly made a connection with the audience and been authentic in her communication, perhaps the crowd would have been more open to her message. Nevertheless, it was only 5 bucks, and she can share her beliefs at her event ‚Äì it‚Äôs her privilege to freedom of speech in the wonderful US of A. If people stop expressing themselves just because they may offend someone else, then we should just all stop talking because it‚Äôs inevitable someone will be ticked off (no matter what).

    One of the biggest things I noticed was my reaction to her message. It wasn’t that what she was doing was bad; it was just how I immediately critiqued it. When I got over my negative responses, then I could really hear her message, and I was inspired. Inspired enough to go to church tomorrow morning and make some connections with people in my faith.

    Also, I loved the rap. She had a better message than most other rappers. Good for her for putting on a motivational boost with celebrities for the everyday person.

    Finally, the sales pitches were a bit much. However, they did get me thinking that I need to get much more serious about my investing strategies and also finding other sources of income. Yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman whose entire career is focused on property management and flipping houses. As the non-politically correct salesman, James Smith, stated, there’s money in real estate (he was hilarious!). People are really doing it, but it takes fortitude, persistence, drive, and capital.

    It makes sense that a lot of people were put off by the sales pitches because most people don’t think that way. There were two major schools of thought at that seminar – employee minded and entrepreneurial-minded people.

    My friend that attended with me was right on board with their sales pitches. She quit her job as a CPA over a decade ago and started her own business, and she’s very successful. She knew they were salesmen (just as I did), but she understands you have to take chances, get out there, and mess up a few times before you make it. She said to me, “Daphne, we’ve got to get out there and shake things up and take some chances”.

    Ironically, I did not purchase the $99 Investools deal or the $49 real estate seminar. I almost did, but the crowds were just insane. I also figured there’s way too much information out there, and I’d try my hand at getting the information for myself instead of paying them.

    Best of all, I went to lunch with a gentleman who works at a consulting firm that I’m interested in learning more about. We made a real connection, and connections are very important to me (not to mention the lunch was phenomenal). I’ve got a new spot to hang out.

    All in all, it was a great event – great people, good music, and inspiring messages. I typed up the notes the next day and refer to them frequently. Finally, I noticed how pure strangers, even in the Northeast, could make a connection and be gracious to one another. I enjoyed the event very much.

  10. Sam Cohen

    HORRIBLE Seminar. I can’t believe that they used a business seminar to try to proselytize folks.

    Sales pitches were very transparent and rediculous. For example, Phil Towne pitches his stock trading program. He shows his big house. He shows his beautiful wife. He shows trades that made a lot of money, although these might not be make by Investools folks. What he doesn’t show are the losses garnered by folks.Also, the idiots buying this program never think that maybe if this program was so good, why is INvestools trying to sell it at seminars? Why not sell it to the big wall street firms for billions and earn enough interest to more than pay for the seminars with no risk and no work. In case you can’t guess the answer: it really doesn’t work that well. There is a LOT of online sofware that works just as well and is MUCH cheaper. Obviously, there are lots of commissions paid at these events ,which is why the price is so outrageous.

    Moreover, I know someone who personally knows Phil, and he noted that Phil made most of his money selling the junk software and NOT trading.

    Even worse, when you get to their training, during the second day,which is after the refund period, they hard sell you on an upgrade in order to get the real benefit from the stock trading program. This upsale is almost $25,000! This is in addition to the $3,000 initial investment.

    Bottom line: They use big names to get the suckers in the room and then emotionally hard sell them on expensive, crappy products. BEWARE. You have been warned

  11. Sam Cohen

    I just wanted to clarify my previous post. It was based on my opinion and not necessarily on facts.You can research Investools for yourself

  12. Rick Harrington

    A Lion in Sheep’s Clothing

    A motivational seminar sounds innocent enough. Who among us doesn’t need a little motivation once in a while. With the economy the way it is, most of us need a boost. Wouldn’t it be even better if such a seminar included speakers such as Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Terry Bradshaw to lure thousands of these people into a big venue arena. It would be better yet if the arena was filled with giant jumbotron televisions, some exhilarating music, fireworks and a light show.

    Well, a company called “Get Motivated” is doing that very thing. The only problem is that they are using the stage as a platform for perpetuating a giant fraud. They are ambushing the unsuspecting audience when they least expect it and when they are most vulnerable. It is fraud and deception at its worse. They’re dangling carrots in front of the horse and then bringing in the vultures later to clean out their pocket books.

    These famous speakers are being dooped and so are all the attendees. The venue promises the big celebrities but nothing is said, about having to listen to 3 get rich speakers that aren’t even on their posted agenda. The “Lowes” (who run the seminars) are pulling off a scam to rip people off. Caveat emptor or let the buyer beware doesn’t really hold true when the captive audience is at the prey of their deception and deceit. The audience is highly vulnerable in this setting and are easy victims in their emotional state of trying to learn to be successful. Their highly unethical and possible criminal approach to promising people riches isn’t necessarily new but it has definitely taken on a new approach with their wide scope of celebrity speakers as a decoy. Their big venue approach in soliciting unsuspecting and susceptible targets for their deception has taken on a whole new meaning of fraud.

    Perhaps the biggest scam in this, is hiding the highly suspect “Investools” company under the name of “Wealth Magazine Investor Education”. This “Investools” company is under investigation from almost every Attorney General’s office in the United States. (check out the internet for scams and rip off reports for both this company and “Get Motivated”. They are selling a $3950 dollar, 2 day course in day trading, for an unbelievable price of $99 with the idea that you will get rich from their award winning software. What they don’t tell you is that after the course, you will not be able to use the complete software without taking an advanced course for as much as a $1000 more and then after that course, taking another PHD course for as much as $10,000 or more. The illusion is that you can get rich for $99 but the reality is that they will keep after you until you use up all the money on your credit cards plus whatever else you can borrow.

    I think it is one thing for such a seminar to sell their books and CD’s but these events are designed to suck you in and bleed you dry. I saw about 15,000 people pack the Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines, Iowa on the 17th of September and maybe as many as 5000 or more bought in to their hype.

    Please see what you can do to warn the people in your area of this scam. The celebrities also need to know that they are helping these people perpetrate a fraud.

  13. Amy

    Just attend Springfield seminar. First of, this I not a business seminar. It is a mixture of a republican convention, church and sales pitches designed to rip you off.

    Getting motivated for me does not mean believing I live in a country that is better than everyone else. Where does this Armageddon idea come from? Also, a business seminar is not appropriate place for either politics or religion. Completely inappropriate and would never waste my day again.

  14. John

    Just saw this in Jacksonville, FL. I am a moderate independent, and a Christian so I was not offended. However, I can see how many would be. It did seem very preachy and right-wing oriented.
    Also I did not see much of a value for business people at all. Maybe sales people could learn some techniques on playing to people’s emotions.

    I really like Rudy Giuliani and Colin Powell so it was worth the price of free. I could not believe all of the sales pitches, but I now saw why my ticket was free. Bottom Line if you are not a right wing Christian Conservative you may not like this very much. If you are manipulated by high pressure sales don’t bring your credit cards.

  15. John

    I almost forget… I would go again. Some very good speakers in person, free, and a day off work. Those are a great combination. Just don’t be taken in!

  16. zack

    I just attended the Orlando Seminar. Enjoyable and entertaining speakers. Got suckered into the investools- knew it from the moment that I was signing up, felt embarrassed with the “sucker bag” for the rest of the day. Not offended by the Jesus talk- its America and was founded on Christian principals and Christianity.
    I would go again because it was a unique experience with excellent big name speakers.

    1. Irish

      Not being offended by Jesus talk is easy when you are in the majority. But this program is not about Jesus–it’s about money. The giant halls are mega-churches designed to separate seekers of “motivation” and exposure to famous people from their money, in a manipulative process carefully designed to the last detail: music, cheers, flashlights pointing to credit card stations, promises of fortunes, rituals of crowd self-praise, expressions of patriotism and jingoism, etc. The Jesus talk was just another prop.

      Now imagine the real Jesus of Nazarath attending one of these events incognito. He who taught that “The meek shall inherit the earth.” And “How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!” How would He react?

      Regardless of your religious persuasion, these events are monuments to Mammon, not Jesus.

  17. George

    Attended the Orlando seminar in November. Some of the speakers were good but a few either had a bad connection with the microphone or they were not tuned in right. Difficult to hear what they said. Mr. Ziegler is a good man, with a good reputation, but I think that his family is using him to the point that it may be a remake of “Weekend with Bernie” movie soon. Overall I saw the gig as a live “infomercial” with overtones of a tv evangilistic entertainment enterprise .
    Lunch was limited to a 54 minute break and I stood in line for an hour and a half in the concession stand line and missed most of General Powel’s speach. The last part of the General’s speach showed that he was obviously pushing his left wing agenda by expressing his support of the global economy, how great Europe is and we all need to be globalists, rhetoric.
    I do not recommend waisting your time on this gig.

    1. HB

      General Powell’s left wing agenda? I know your post is over two years old and you will never see my response, but I just had to comment on how stupid that statement is! I truly hope you have learned something about the world in the time since you posted that nonsense.

  18. Tether

    Tamara Lowe, Ceo of Get Motivated Seminars, presents herself in her book,on TV and to the audiences of Get Motivated Seminars as coming from “rags to riches” She also states that she was a school drop out and was a drug pusher on the streets. She was into drugs as a young teen like many teens do, but came out of drugs at an early age.
    She was never in “rags” as she grew up in a very nice home in New Orleans with her mother and father. She DID dropped out of school only to CONTINUE on in a “magnet” school for writing and then went on to graduate from Bible college, before meeting her husband, Peter Lowe, whom she met while in Bible college. Peter Lowe was putting the seminar business together when Tamara first met her husband.
    Tamara was NOT in rags when she was with her husband, as he provided a very comfortable life beginning with a very lavish wedding and a honeymoon to Africa and then beautiful homes and traves from day one of their marriage. She did not come from rags in her childhood or her marriage. She doesn’t even know what a “rag” looks like and I say shame on her for deceiving the public into a presenting a false image of herself by giving this LOOK AT ME AND LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE imgage, of coming from rags to riches and being a school dropout and building this business up. What a FARCE! She is outright deceiving the public!!!

    1. Kimbeaux

      If I use the “plan” from this book, will I accomplish any goal or overcome any obstacle in my life that makes ME a happier? If I can then I’ll try it…even if the author was “UNKNOWN”. I’m just down here looking for answers to “happy” so if any of you can help me with that, I will be here waiting with an open mind to hear you. I don’t need to know who you are or where you came from, just tell me HOW you got so HAPPY and I will consider trying that. If you are so mentally damaged that you can NOT inspire me toward my “happiness”, then PLEASE take a seat and hush until you can make this world a better place. I need HELP and INSPIRATION, NOT YOUR PERSONAL BITTER CONFLICT of how to go about reaching the SAME GOAL! Write a book yourself, on DISTRACTIONS and how to avoid them….oh wait, I’M BEING DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW BY YOUR COURT SESSIONS WHEN ALL I REALLY CAME HERE FOR IS A CLUE TO “HAPPINESS”. I just checked MYSELF! haa!! Bye Bye now and God Bless You!

  19. Mark

    After reading the posts I have decided to attend to hear the main speakers and take my Bathroom Breaks during the “infomercial” portion. Do they really have the all speakers that they advertize?

    1. Irish

      Mark, the answer is No. Although they show a dozen or so celebrities in their ads, only 2-4 actually speak. The other speakers are con men, fillers, or entertainers. In my town, they didn’t even tell you who was speaking and who was not beforehand.

      1. its me

        This whole thing is about the rich keep getting rich off of dummies like us that come on and pay $99.00…….$49.00…..these amounts are small but X’s them by at least 5000, then add the one’s who go to the training to get tricked into spending an additional 25000.00……..hmmmmmmm

  20. Irish

    Not Irish,

    You gave me a chuckle: how would you know my reply frequency if you didn’t monitor this conversation yourself?

    All along, I didn’t think that the “Get Motivated” sponsors cared what these reviews said. Now I suspect that they are monitoring them after all.

  21. tamie

    obviously this is a Christian Hating, Repulican Hating site but like Zig said its good to see what the other side is thinking. Talk about brain washing and close minds you all take the cake.

  22. John

    Jesus said it best: Matthew 6
    4)That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

    5)And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    6)But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    7)But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

    8)Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

    So, based on the teachings of Jesus, they should keep it private
    -Of course most followers understand that the words in their Bible are only stories that were written into book form about thousands of years after the death of the people they were writing about, by people who did not even know them & most who did not even live in the area or know the customs of their time. So, based on that, those making a profit on religion feel they have the right to pull the words from the Old Testament, the New Testament & combine them with pop culture to “Spread” Hope, Fear, Faith and the way for them to earn a living by “The Word”. So, like fertilizing the lands, remember to keep “spreading” it!

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  24. An embarassed college instructor

    Unfortunately, I made an enormous error in judgement by going to this seminar. The only speakers that talked about the topics advertised were Colin Powell, Kurt Warner, and Rudy Giuliani. They were worth my $5 price of admission…if I hadn’t had to sit through the rest in order to see them. I basically was subjected to right-wing rhetoric and a bunch of unadvertised oily sales pitches that left a bad taste in my mouth. I also was treated to an ideaology that being Christian and being patriotic mean the same thing and if you are a woman, your top priority is to get married and support a man in his career first. The speaker lineup should have been a clue, but I was assurred that the speeches were motivational only and not political in nature at all. Laura Bush is an intelligent and accomplished woman in her own right. But she came across as a 50’s housewife that was sweet as can be, but didn’t have a brain or independent thought in her head. Forbes was full of extremist political views. Zig Zigler was heartbreaking. His family and the Lowes should be ashamed of parading a man who was extraordinary but now is clearly in no shape mentally or physically to be speaking anymore. Phil Towne counted on fast speech and ignorance to promote his agenda. James Smith was just an insulting and crude boor. Do not go to this if you value individuality or diversity.

  25. its me

    It was funny to sit in this 3 day JAMES SMITH “TRAINING” to watch these
    “millionares’ .
    .Ryan Smith…David Gilmore..Mr Osmand..putting out these sales pitches….yea these Big time millionares care so much about you that they come in and teach you how to WHAT???? give T.H.E.M Y.O.U.R. M.O.N.E.Y. help them get richer while you prepare your bed in the homless shelter. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!

  26. deeann

    This seminar is a huge Ripoff. What do they really care if you are “motivated” or not? LOL Yeah..they are all motivated alright…right into their pockets.$$ What ever you love the most is what you talk and preach about the most…and with the Lowes…it is all about money, weath, famous…their God.

  27. David Satisfied

    I went to the Get Motivated Seminar in Fort Lauderdale. I had a great seat, it started on time, every scheduled speaker spoke live and in person.

    I think we are intelligent enough to decide if we want or don’t want to attend a seminar that is offered.

    In what other venue can you hear Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, John Walsh, Dan Marino, Dwayne Wade, and others speak in person for $4.95?

    As for Zig Ziglar, I saw it as perhaps the last time to say goodbye to a living legend.

    1. HB

      I saw this exact same comment on another website, verbatim. Being honest is something you Get Motivated people have a hard time doing huh??

  28. Amused.

    In reply to ALL the above….

    You pay $5, and yet you expect something of value? You get what you pay for. You can’t even get a good hamburger for $5.

    You live, you learn… well, maybe not from the GMT… BUT next time you want to attend a BUSINESS seminar to better yourself financially or to learn ways to further yourself and/or career, think about what the knowledge would be worth – then compare.

    I, personally, attended a Brian Tracy full day event with a group called the Not Satisfied Tour. I had actually met the young man who runs it a few years back at a Tom Hopkins full day event of the same caliber. Each of those seminar admissions were priced around $300-$500. Unfortunately I don’t have stories to tell about fireworks or get-pumped music, but I got what I went for… education and self improvement.

    1. Connie

      I just attend the Get Motivated event in Boise Idaho. Alot of the concerns that I had going into it were confirmed. I specifically did not investigate the event before hand, as I wanted to let my instincts lead the way. Only afterwards did I google Get Motivated to either confirm or dispell my own thoughts. I agree with those that say it is a scam. But also think that there is some sort of “subversive” under tone in regards to the whole right-wing christian beliefs that were prevelent through out the event. It’s just something that I can’t seem to put my finger on…just a feeling of something just not right. It’s true the event was “free” more or less. And that part of the “deal” is to get you to buy or sign up for something. But my question is….who is funding or fronting these events. It’s expensive to rent a arena of the size required (in Boise there were 10,000 people who showed up, approx. And who pays the speakers? Where is the money coming from? That is what I want to know? Does anyone have a clue as to where the funding is coming from to suppoort these events?

  29. miya

    you’ve made good effort if you have got motivated to try Phil Town‚Äôs day trading seminar since my 401K has been taking a royal beating. good effort thank you so much.

  30. Sherry Jones

    I must reply to Ms Butterfly and her assertion that this is America, a country that believes in God, so it is perfectly acceptable to make others uncomfortable…such a typical Christian mentality! Ms. Butterfly: there are approx. 40-million, yes million, nonbelievers in this country, and only 10 percent of the population, of this country, go to church on a weekly basis. You are not in the majority so please shake up your tunnel-vision and look at reality and maybe, just maybe, become a little more sensitive.

    1. Smitty

      Bravo! Well said. In reality, most of the founding fathers were actually deists, as opposed to Christians. I wish people would research before making the assertion that America is a Christian nation. America is a nation of religious freedom and diversity – unless viewed through the tunnel-vision (as you so eloquently phrased it) of a Christian.

    1. Ken Hartley

      Again, you’re making accusations as facts and you have none. Kari and David were not divorced in 2002. I know. I was at an event with them TOGETHER in 2009. I know them. They’re married. You’re wrong. Get your facts straight.

      1. Ken Hartley

        Another thing for “Cindy”

        Since your post is about finding out the truth and avoiding deception and LIES…

        Why don’t you tell us what your real name is? It’s painfully obvious to me that it isn’t “Cindy.” As a matter of fact, (based on your writing/speaking style) I’m quite sure I know EXACTLY who you are. If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then let’s put it out there for EVERYBODY to see (Which I will personally do on your next post).

        Otherwise, be quiet.

  31. Elmojo

    When you google Kari Michaelsen as KNG did, you get the normal results you’d expect: images, positive/negative links and a link to Wikipedia as one of the top 3 results. Now google Tamara Lowe and you get only images and highly positive links… almost all promotional as though they’ve been vetted. There is no link to Wikipedia where her ‘rags to riches’ story would be factually detailed.

    There are plenty of sites such as this one where people make both complimentary and disparaging remarks about her. Its my understanding that google sorts on the basis of volume and that some critical links would appear in the search results. Can someone please tell my why this isn’t weird?

  32. Anna

    This “motivational” conference demotivated me to the point of never wanting to visit anything like this again. Don’t get me wrong; some of the speakers, especially Rudy Giuliani, were very inspiring, and, had the remainder of the day been in kind, I would have walked away happy and content. But then, I listened to Tamara Lowe, and was genuinely appalled. Let me assure you that I have no problem with people being outspoken about their religion, but certainly NOT at a business event! Granted, I could have walked out, but why should I have to consider that at a conference like this?

    I am Roman Catholic by upbringing, but have found my Christian church leaders (much like those in other religions), to be arrogant, intolerant and condescending towards other beliefs. Not so strange, as in my personal opinion, most organized religion excludes those who are not of the same faith. Why do we do that to each other? Why would my beliefs be purer or truer than someone else’s? I have a feeling we are all praying to the same deity, albeit we perhaps call it by a different name! The bible, like any holy book, can be interpreted to the likes of the reader, and sometimes even rewritten to be more to our liking! We seem to forget that this book was an oral delivery before it ever got written down, and entire passages have been altered or even completely thrown out because they did not sit well with the church rulers of the time. And then to think we all seem to believe that WE are the only ones living according to the Lord’s own words!

    As far as my history knowledge goes, the “one nation under God” part was not officially added to our Pledge of Allegiance until 1954. The original said: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” (should that not include religious liberty and justice as well?), and the “in God we trust” motto was not added on to our money until 1957! Don’t forget that our great nation was forged by immigrants from all over the world, with different religious viewpoints (not even mentioning the fact that the native population had it’s own beautiful beliefs!).

    Personally, I think it is never wise to combine politics with religion; we’ve been fighting wars over religious issues for centuries, and it seems we will never learn. My atheist friend often says: “Would it not be funny to find out one day that there was no God after all, that we made it all up so we could be right and righteous, so we could steal and oppress and kill in his name and all be simply absolved in the end?” I don’t know if that would be funny at all actually, but have hopefully lived my life not by what some church dictates to be the one and only truth, but by remembering that we are all in the same boat, we all bleed when we’re cut, and we may need one another badly before it’s all said and done. Respect breads respect, love inspires love, hatred only cultivates more hatred. The pest of the human race is intolerance, ignorance, and indifference. Yelling dumb catch phrases and preaching your own sermon at a business convention are not so very helpful in that regard!

  33. Janice Harvey

    I attended the seminar in Knoxville yesterday and was appalled by the blatant pandering to the religious and political right. It was shameless. I did not get motivated – I got disgusted. I called the DNC and made a donation as soon as I got home.

    1. Jason

      I concur fully. Appalling and pandering, I’m surprised I didn’t see tea bags and people dressed like up a Washington and Jefferson like at those rallys! lol

  34. Deeann

    This message is to Ken Hartley. I wasn’t aware that “pastors” idolized football, especially when many games are played on Sunday, the day of Christian worship.

    1. Ken Hartley

      I have no clue what you’re talking about, Deeann. I don’t idolize football. There is nothing in my posts to indicate that.

  35. C W

    I am so glad I found these postings. They just saved me a lot of time and money! I was under the impression that this was a business motivational seminar, not a Christian rally. I’ve heard all that before and am not interested. Thanks especially to Anna for her insightful comments.

  36. Jason

    More or less agree with most folks who posted comments. Just came from one of these in Raleigh, NC… being a pretty skeptic-rational minded person from NJ I noticed the real ‘motivation’ right away. Look, its all EXPECTATIONS, that’s it. If you want to discuss religion, fine with me, but just not at a ‘business seminar.’ Get your religious fix at church. If you want to discuss politics, there are proper outlets for that. And if you want to buy ‘magical’ financial products, there are infomercials for that too. All these things have a proper place SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    I was just overall unpleasantly surprised by the content (and lack there of) regarding this conservative, right-leaning ‘seminar’ (I love the quotes lol), lot of fluffing of own egos, selling and preaching.

    And if your into that sort of thing (to which I am not) you might as well attend a full fledged tea party rally, at least no one is trying to up-sell you there lol.

  37. Ann

    In the 1930s a lot of people used to love to hear Hitler and Mussolini.

    I suppose people back then thought these speakers were motivational and inspiring, also.

    If you think this is stretching associations, consider Colin Powell lying before Security Council of the U.N. about Iraq on the 5th of February, 2003. (I’ll say nothing about how Phelps avoided getting busted for marijuana charges, because of his celebrity status.)

    About invoking God, Nazis did the same with no problem, as did the slave-owners in the U.S. historical South. God and the Christian bible can be used everywhere, by whomever for whatever.

    I personally get more motivated thinking about how I can help others, not myself.

    I recommend reading Michael Moore’s letter on Labor Day (2010). For me, that’s is quite current, inspiring, motivational, educational and it’s free!

  38. GoodGrief

    This glory-hallelujah bandwagon is rolling back into Dallas (with satellite broadcast to Ft. Worth) on October 19, 2010. It’s all well and good for those who want to play hookey for the day.. but these things are a real BITCH for those us who actually have legitimate business to attend to in and around these venues.

    I wish someone would do a scientific cost study of these things to see if they’re a net gain or drain on society. I’ll wager my Aunt Fannie’s dowery it’s the latter. Ultimately, they’re huge money makers for thre promotors, speakers, flim-flammers and bamboozlers at the direct expense of the attendees.

    IMO, people can indulge in this sort of rah-rah crapola on their own time and in their tax-free clubhouses (i.e. places of worship/ delusion).

    1. Cheng

      Hold on…results of latest scientific cost study just coming through.
      Yep! Aunt Fannie’s dowry just got a little bit bigger. Congratulations Goodgrief. Pity the odds were so low!

  39. not surprised

    Just stop!! don’t be upset at Christians because as a human you are easily tricked into doing something you would not normally do. Anyone who believes that well accomplished speakers will offer advice for $4.95 per person without an infomercial twist deserves to be mislead. If you really want to send a message to these legalized extortionist then simply DO NOT BUY anything. Do the math if they get thousands of people to buy their hypnotic messages they will create their own wealth ten fold. How do you stop it, you ask? DO NOT BUY ANYTHING!!!! watch how quickly these seminars come to a halt. Have you ever attended a time share tour (same approach).
    Leave the Christians alone they found a tool to reach out to millions of people and make money doing it.
    I can’t wait to hear some poor jerk petitioning to the Supreme Court about how they lost everything because they were hypnotized

  40. Deb Mac

    I had to get up at 4:30 AM for this stupid thing in Atlanta yesterday! And sit in a hard, plastic stadium chair for 8 hours. Got dragged in by my boss. They hurled Jesus and the flag at us all day too. Almost seeming to insinuate that if you’re patriot and love the Lord, YOU WILL BUY OUR STUFF!

    Honestly, does the Ziglar family have no shame? Dragging poor old demented Zig out there and making him parrot the same lines over and over again until we were all just embarrassed to be watching it?

    1. Smitty

      I attended the same “seminar” in Atlanta, although I use that term loosely. I expected a sales pitch – just not “buy this or you will go to hell,” which is what it felt like to me. I certainly did not expect to be almost commanded to become a born-again Christian! Highly offensive. I felt horribly embarrassed for Mr. Ziglar, too. Although I enjoyed a couple of the speakers, I will do all I can to get the word out to people about exactly what this snake-oil sales scam is. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB demanding a full refund for this disaster.

  41. Ken

    They said at the seminar that the “religious” portion was OPTIONAL and you could leave early for lunch if you didn’t want to hear it. They made that abundantly clear. If you didn’t like it, you should have left. What is it with people getting so offended by someone having a religious viewpoint? If anybody expresses their religious beliefs outside of a church, people get offended. And yet Christians are the ones who get called “narrow.” Grief. If you don’t like it, leave. There were TONS of great business and motivational talks throughout the day. To dismiss the entire conference because your own narrow viewpoint can’t handle somebody believing in God is astounding.

    And as to the one who said all our founding fathers were Deists instead of Christians, that simply isn’t true. Benjamin Franklin was the only Deist. The rest came from various Protestant denominations and a few Catholics. Founding father Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too often or too strongly that this nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It is the historical revisionists who would have us believe otherwise, but our founding fathers own writings bear out the truth that this nation was founded on Christianity. It is precisely this narrow, revisionist, restrictive viewpoint that you cannot talk about religion anywhere outside the church that our founding fathers railed against.

    1. tty

      I agree…I went to the one in St. louis…Was very good…although Colin Powell came across as a bragger and a self esteem problem. To try to take credit for removal of the Berlin Wall “iron Curtain” is really stretching his worth…Lou Holtz was great…Kurt Warner and Gulliani were great, and good to see Laura Bush. For those that attended other seminars in Atlanta, it’s unfortunate. The St. Louis seminar was good and just mentioned the goodness of Jesus and pointed out the advantages in following him…if people don’t want to attend and buy things they should not blame others for their weadnesses…

  42. Irish

    Wrong and wrong. The religious and conservative messages were woven in throughout this BUSINESS seminar. Nobody said anything about that in the session I attended. You were simply meant to conform or sit there uncomfortably.

    Your and their insensitivity is breathtaking: the insensitivity of the dominant majority. Imagine me coming to your meeting and surprising you by talking (off subject) about how to remove religion and other superstitions from your life, and then saying “well, if you didn’t like it you could always have left.” It would be palpably inappropriate for me to do, and it was for them too.

    As for the founding fathers, I don’t agree with your characterization. Jefferson was clearly a deist, if religious at all. He rewrote the bible, taking out all parts that contained supernatural elements. Thomas Payne was an atheist. As long as we’re quoting, consider this one from him: “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church…
    All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

    But why talk about the founding fathers at all? What burns me, and many other people, is the dishonest publicity by the seminar leaders, and the
    substitution of Christian and conservative rant for the advertised discussion of business skills and “motivation”. The only motivation I got was to walk out, which I did.

    1. Ken

      Then you simply weren’t listening. They said it right before the session began. You act as if somebody quoting Christian beliefs is damaging. I thought you liberals were supposed to be inclusive and open minded??

      And as to Jefferson’s “Deism”, I’ll let him answer in his own words in his letter to Benjamin Rush on April 21, 1803:

      “I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus.”

      Disagree with Mr. Jefferson.

      1. Carol Dillon

        Exactly… what Jefferson was saying was that the DOCTRINES that Jesus professed were fine… they had nothing to do with religion per se or whether he was the son of God. I’d like to see the pseudo-Christians today actually live by His doctrines… then perhaps those of us that don’t buy into all the “Blessed Be” garbage would wouldn’t be so nauseated. Nothing flags a scam to me quite as fast as a business person leading with or advertising that they are a Christian business. LIVE your principles, don’t wear them like they are a uniform.

      2. Irish

        Ken, I am embarrassed for you. I looked up the letter you referred to and it does not say what you “quote” at all!

        Here is what Jefferson actually said in that letter: “I am a Christian, in the only sense in which he wished anyone to be: sincerely attached to his doctrines in preference to all others, ascribing to himself every human excellence, and believing he never claimed any other.”

        I think that the REAL Jefferson would fully agree with Carol’s point.

      3. Ken

        If Jefferson is “sincerely attached to the doctrines of Jesus (who else is he referring to??” then that makes him a Deist??? Whatever. Believe what you will. You took that sentence out of context, Irish. What he said in the prior sentence was: “They are the result of a life of inquiry and reflection, and very different from that anti-Christian system imputed to me by those who know nothing of my opinions.” In other words, I am not anti-Christian, as so many people today are.

        It is those revisionist, biased, beliefs that is turning our country into the moral and financial wasteland it is. It is so funny to listen to you liberals whine about tolerance and then show such anti-Christian bigotry. (i.e. “Don’t pray in public to Jesus. Buddha, Mohammed are ok, but not Jesus) And yet, the Christians are the “hypocrites.” Again, believe what you will. I have a degree in history. My knowledge isn’t based on what I googled on the internet.

        You did what was best, Irish: walk out. That’s your right. Now do what’s best for everybody else: Let this go. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  43. Alex

    James Smith Company / Get Motivates Seminars Scam News

    Utah woman going to prison for scamming dozens, including widow …
    Oct 28, 2010 … Professed real estate expert Jolee M. Tibbitts told Joyce … about half from Utah — lost a total of $1.2 million in Tibbitts' scam, ……/Utah-woman-going-to-prison-for-scamming- dozens-including-widow-Iraq-solider.html – Cached

    Robinson v. Tibbitts et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings
    Dec 29, 2009 … Tibbitts et al – Justia Federal Dockets and Filings. … Torts to Land, – Tort Product Liability, – All Other Real Property … Torts – Property, – Other Fraud, – Truth in Lending … Under Equal Access to Justice, – Constitutionality of State Statutes … Defendants: Jolee Tibbitts and JMT Concepts … – Cached

    Oct 28, 2010 … Professed real estate expert Jolee M. Tibbitts told Joyce … Tibbitts, of Herriman, earlier pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in ……/utah-woman-going-to-prison-for- scamming.html – Cached

    Utah woman going to prison for scamming dozens, including widow …
    Professed real estate expert Jolee M. Tibbitts told Joyce Robinson she owned. … Finance, fraud and foreclosure. 2 days ago. In the book, 'Too Big to Fail' … – Cached

    Utah woman going to prison for scamming dozens, including widow …
    Oct 27, 2010 … Professed real estate expert Jolee M. Tibbitts told Joyce Robinson … CA – OCTOBER 11: Socialite Kathy Hilton and real estate broker Rick … – Cached2009-11-16

    by CNJ -1 Votes Utah
    The fraud committed by NRI – James Smith, Jolee Tibbitts, Roger Williams, Aaron Asmond has personally effected me. I paid 20K to learn how to lose 200k cash. I am a single mom with 8th grade education. The properties were presented as GREAT investments and leveraged my home and bought each one out of trust and presentation. The Personal Coach processed all 11 of the Utah loans through his comapany. Broke confused and struggling…Jolee Tibitts offered to sell me a no-brainer home to flip from her sister to save me from the horrible situation, ("Stop the bleeding" they call it), only to find out, the house was not worth what I paid, but that NRI personal coach got it appraised and funded somehow. I reached out again to James Smith, Roger, Jolee who all stated I had bought horrible homes. Only to be offered another seminar. The embarrassment and the humiation of trusting the many years of expertise represented is my payment for investing in " guarentee satisfaction", "learning the ropes from the 20yrs experienced investment experts and coaches",

    "I attended the M-5 in Salt Lake City; this was immediately after attending the three day.
    We found ourselves exhausted at the end of 5 days, as I think most people are following an M-5; however we were totally committed to Real Estate investing. We were so touched by the “passion” that we saw in many of the presenters. The emotion and tears shared and shed by attendees and presenters was incredible. One of the most passionate presenters was a woman by the name of Jolee Tibbitts."

    RE Success Group James Smith | RIP OFF REPORT: 249594
    May 21, 2007 … James Smith and the James Smith Real Estate Coaching Company strongly … Use our complaint form to report a scam. Site problems? … the pressured purchase involving Jolee Tibbitts, a then presenter for NRI). James' ……/national-real-estate-investors-mxba2.htm – Cached –

    James Smith Real Estate / Net Marketing, LC Complaints – Celebrity …
    We backed out of several deals and were told by Jolee Tibbitts one of their ……/james-smith-real-estate-net-marketing-lc- c3195.html

    Jolee Tibbitts Sentenced to 4 years in Federal Prison.


    "“Theft is one thing. Lying is another. You did them both, ” said Judge Dee Benson, of the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City. “And you did it for an awfully long time.”

    Tibbitts’ attorney, Daphne Oberg, said Tibbitts worked menial jobs until she was suddenly promoted to a real-estate training and motivational speaking job that quintupled her income. Later, when hard times hit, Oberg said Tibbitts’ life spun out of control.

    “She kind of became involved in this fast-moving life, trying to keep up this public image, ” Oberg said. “But it wasn’t an image based in reality.”

    During Wednesday’s sentencing, a handful of victims spoke of the medical problems, failed marriages and shortened retirements they said came as a result of their investments. "

    Comment from

    rinsfo 2 weeks ago
    "Tibbitts’ attorney, Daphne Oberg, said Tibbitts worked menial jobs until she was suddenly promoted to a real-estate training and motivational speaking job that quintupled her income."…
    Promoted by James Smith and his org that's still very active in UT. Run, don't walk to the nearest exit when you come across these grifters."

  44. Joe Joe

    Who cares what James Smith does in his personal life? The question is, does his training work? Personally I don’t know, but I don’t see how his personal business should be dragged into discussions about his business activities.
    BTW, I’m not a supporter of James Smith, nor a detractor, just not understanding the connection. I’ve known many guys who were great business men but didn’t have such a great personal life. Everybody can’t be successful in every aspect of their life and I think a persons personal life should be that, personal.

  45. Heather

    It is important that people are honest. If a person is not successful/practicing integrity in their personal life, they should not be giving advice about anything other than their area of success, until they are on the right path in their personal life and can be honest about it. James Smith sells himself not only as a successful business man but as a successful husband and father, so it IS important what he does in his personal life. The fact that his son works with him is a positive for him, and I think if his wife was by his side in public, that would also be a plus for him because of the message he is proclaiming.

  46. Jim

    Has anyone who went to the Memphis seminar March 29th received any of the emailed free books or book summaries?

    I’ve called Customer Service (SIC) four times only to be lied to each time.

    Last night I got a call saying I had been selected to receive a ‘free’ gift. This scam needs to be stopped.

  47. Shawn

    I attended the Get Motivated Workshop in Seattle. What an amazing Bait and Switch operation! From saying that it was being held at the Key Arena then sending folks to a place in Kent to watch it “Live” onscreen to the workbooks which were from last year’s speakers to having the speakers talk about politics instead of success and motivation.

    If Republicans want to have a patriotic feast and happy dance so be it. But, I think it should be marketed as such. It should not be presented in the way that it currently is. They are really quite slimy. The way they sold this Workshop was for a completely different sort of MOTIVATION. What they are really selling is a brain-washed, dumbed down, rah-rah session motivating the masses for a revision of history – Republican-style!

    1. Anonymous

      God forbid that Republicans have any opinion or motivation whatsoever, eh? It’s not as though you could have looked at the list of featured guest speakers, put two and two together, and figured out that this seminar wasn’t exactly going to be the sort of hippie love-fest one sees every single day on most major media outlets.

      It seems like most of the complaints I see about these seminars (on this website and others) are mostly from liberals expressing outrage and disbelief that anyone not of their political persuasion could possibly have anything motivational to offer–much less the concept of success in a capitalist economy, which is what much of the business-related speeches by the likes of Forbes and Putnam related to.

      In any case, if you prefer your own version of dumbed-down, brain-washed rah-rah sessions with revisionist history (Democrat style), there are plenty of outlets for that, none of which liberals seem to have any ‘righteous indignation’ about. God forbid you get over your own political/religious leanings for one day in order to gain anything positive from a few speeches by some truly successful people.

    2. Jon

      I also went to the Seattle seminar tonight. While your view isn’t too far off track, I don’t believe there was any misleading as to the location and “Live” format of the seminar. It was held in the Key Arena, which was at max capacity (people were sitting on the stairs since no seats remained by 930am; probably against the fire code). My ticket said Key Arena and had a “satellite” location listed for overflow. I’m surprised if anyone was mislead on that.

      The speech was more conservative in politics than I expected – well, just more politics than I expected in general. It was a political soap box mixed in with what was very effective salesmanship by James Smith. For anyone attending future seminars, be aware that is what you are in for. Nothing is free in our country (someone is paying for it somewhere). From my perspective it seemed the sales for James Smith’s seminars are the principal driving force for this seminar. I’m actually a little shocked so many respected politicians, leaders, athletes and so on from our nation come out and speak at what ends up being a well disguised sales pitch.

      As someone who has not utilized the methods presented and I assume taught by the various James Smith seminars, I cannot give claim to their effectiveness. I do know that if something seems too good to be true (“$5million in 3 years”, “purchase 33 homes in your first year”), at a minimum it should cause enough alarm in your brain that you should research it before acting.

      And finally, before providing your credit card information to anyone to sign up for anything, read the fine print. Understand your refund limitations and when and how you will be charged (because its likely on a monthly basis without you being “further” informed). I initially signed up for the WealthMagazine Investools investing seminar and will likely cancel. I don’t expect this to be a problem based on their return policy, but I will update the blog should one arise.

  48. Sarah

    I went to one in upstate NY yesterday and so glad i found this site because i felt the same way. I was offended at the religious propoganda being of another faith and although i did pick up a few tips on business skills, i did sign up for one of later scheduled class *at the urging of my colleague so we could split the cost* and will cancel it. As a beginner in stock trading, I am not interested in their method after reading here. I was actually searching online to see if my instincts were right about the shady nature of this.

  49. Rarly

    Christians are easily duped.

    Why do you think all these scams like this one, MLM, Amway stuff, etc., are all geared toward christians? If you’re gullible to tithe 10% of your money to somebody telling you you’ll live forever, you’re going to fall for this stuff too. The more religious you are, the easier it is to dupe you. Simple as that.

  50. Kevin Hammack

    I attended today in Tulsa. I agree that looking at the speakers you should be able tell that the event leaned to the right. That’s okay with me, even though I‚Äôm not a republican. I thought the line-up of speakers was interesting enough to take my office staff.
    However, I thought the advertising was somewhat disingenuous because it was billed as a business seminar, not a religious or political one. And I am a Christian. That said, to profess to be one (Christian) starts with being honest. I really did not appreciate feeling like I was the subject of a sales pitch without it being advertised that way. After a while, I found myself feeling the same way you feel when dealing with a used car salesman and that’s unfortunate. I felt a little embarrassed subjecting my staff to that.
    About the speakers, you cannot deny that the line-up of speakers is impressive. You may not agree with their politics but their life experiences are interesting. I do try to see the best in everyone so I thought General Powell was terrific, Lou Holtz was funny and Laura Bush was good as well. I truly got very little out of Rudy Giuliani.
    I even enjoyed the investment strategy session and the real estate portion (for what it was, a live infomercial or QVC live). I like to think I’m not so gullible that I throw down my credit card for every snake oil salesman; I do a little research first. After all, as the old saying goes, ‚Äúif it looks too good to be true, then it probably is‚Äù. And in this case, you can find similar tools on line for free.
    Overall the day was just okay. It would certainly have been better if I felt better about the integrity of the event. Right wing or not, Religious or not, most adults just want to be told the truth when they give you’re their time

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