Pennsylvania Sinkhole: Doris Jenkins’ Home Evacuated

By | March 12, 2013

A little more than a week after a sinkhole claimed the life of Florida homeowner Jeff Bush, another gaping hole in the Earth has opened up in Pennsylvania.

Doris Jenkins of Bethlehem Township left her house early Sunday morning to walk her dog when her driveway crumbled into a hole which ultimately grew to be 40-feet wide, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Jenkins, along with her daughter, Inga Jenkins, and granddaughter, Claudia Jenkins, were able to escape without getting hurt.

“I wasn’t thinking that this was how I was going to be spend my Sunday afternoon,” Inga told NBC.

The home now has foundational cracks and possible roof damage. For now, the Jenkins family has to remain out of their home, in part because of fumes arising from the hole.

Courtney Smith, who lives across the street, told My Fox Philly that police have informed her she may need to evacuate as well.

“Everybody in the house has bags ready to go,” she told the station.

Bethlehem Township Assistant Fire Chief Ron Ford noted that work crews had been repairing a sewer line break in the neighborhood, but it’s not yet clear exactly what caused the hole.

At least two other, smaller sinkholes have also popped up in the nearby area.

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5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Sinkhole: Doris Jenkins’ Home Evacuated

  1. Parlor of Horror

    They’ve been fracturing acres and acres of bedrock in PA to release and collect natural gas. Not saying there is a connection but, there is really no oversight of these companies. They are entrusted with regulating themselves. Makes you wonder?

  2. Fred Killer

    I think the earth’s crust is shrinking and thinning due to massive underground nuclear tunnelling and oil extraction, ultimately causing the entire surface to eventually sink into the sea by next year until that dries up too and we look like Mars.

    Anyone got a better theory?

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