Video: Abigail and Brittany Hensel: My favorite conjoined twins.

By | April 10, 2008

The Hensel Twins turned 18 this year. If you know who owns the photos below, let me know and I’ll add the proper photo credit. Video here. set of twins who share the same body have celebrated their 18th birthday in the United States. Abigail and Brittany Hensel from Minnesota …€  have two hearts, and two spinal chords, but share the same torso have lived their lives side by side.

The teens who enjoy swimming, playing the piano and recently got their drivers’ licenses said they had no intention of being separated.

The girls have beaten the odds and doctors’ expectations to reach their milestone. It is believed there are only four sets of twins who share the same torso and have survived into adulthood. And they are on track to graduate from university, and hope to have a family of their own one day.

“We want to be mums, but haven't thought how it would work,” Abigail said. The girls passed their driving exams with two separate licenses and two separate tests. Abigail worked the pedals, and Brittany used the indicators and they both held the steering wheel.

Their parents, nurse Patty, and carpenter Mike 48, decided not to have the twins separated at birth despite the risks. “From the first time we saw them we thought they were beautiful,” she told the Sunday Mirror. –telegraph

Like many twins they have very different personalities and tastes – even more so now they are teenagers. Abigail, the feisty, stubborn one, likes orange juice for breakfast while Brittany, the joker of the family, will touch only milk.

Abigail loves pink and all things girly but Brittany prefers purple, multi-coloured hair and wearing unusual hats, and now they have turned 16 they love to experiment with makeup and clothes and giggle about which boys they like.

But that is where the similarity with other teenage twins end. For Abigail and Brittany Hensel are conjoined, sharing one body fused at the torso. Each controls just one side of the body, and yet remarkably this has not prevented them leading a full, active and happy life.

Displaying an astonishing co- ordination which has stunned doctors, they play the piano -with Abigail taking the right-hand parts and Brittany the left – and enjoy sports such as bowling, volleyball, cycling, softball and swimming.

And on their 16th birthday they passed their driving test; a mind-boggling feat of teamwork with each twin using one arm to control the steering wheel. Brittany explains: ‘Abby does the pedals and the gear shifter. I take over the blinkers and the lights. But she likes driving faster than me.’ – dailymail

Two headed conjoined twins Abigail Loraine Hensel and Britanny Lee Hensel had a short documentary about their lives on The Learning Channel. It is not easy to be born sharing a single body with your other twin and they are incredible that they had tried their best in leading a normal life. Here are some photos of the Hensel twins which peers into some of the moments in their lives.

Photo source here. Photographer unknown.

But the girls are more than curiosities. Their smiling faces and apparent good health seem a rebuke to the current medical trend of trying to separate, via surgery, ever more complexly conjoined twins–a trend that often means sacrificing one child so the other can live “normally.” And their tale of lives unpunctuated by solitude has much to teach all of us about the real meaning of individuality and the limitless power of human cooperation.

Conjoined twins are a rare event in the world’s delivery rooms. They occur about once in every 50,000 births, but 40% are stillborn, and, curiously, 70% are female. Conjoined twins are always identical: the product of a single egg that for some unknown reason failed to divide fully into separate twins during the first three weeks of gestation. In the U.S. there are perhaps 40 live cases each year; ordinary identical twins are 400 times as common. – time

hensel twins 5 life photo at the pool

I ran into them recently in Grand Marais, MN. It was the most amazing. They bounced out of their van with several other kids, laughing, bouncing, talking, and just having a ball. They were obviously accepted as [one] of the group. They must have outstanding parents. I feel honored to have witnessed their lives.

Posted by: Dick Moore on May 17, 2004

382 thoughts on “Video: Abigail and Brittany Hensel: My favorite conjoined twins.

      1. Sarah

        Out of all the questions you could ask, why would you ask such a question? You are either incredibly stupid or just plain rude.

      2. Insensitive

        Or freaking curious. Seriously. Does one or both feel it? Is masturbation a committe effort? These are real questions, and denying their validity is stupid. They’re over 18 now, not only is it legal to ponder such things but the girls themselves have to face such issues themselves in real life.

        Xeno is correct, they haven’t answered such questions, and when asked something along that line in their 16th birthday TV special they said they’re not to the point of figuring these things out.

        So save the rage for something that isn’t so real-life.

      3. Stymie

        Yes, a perfectly legitimate question to ask.

        And and equally legitimate response is “none of your damn business”.

      4. klara

        actually it is none of your business, but that apart they should both feel the sensation as they said themselves that the “border” between their bodies (indeed there are two bodies, just conjoined) is nearly in the middle. i remember their mother telling that they do playfully touch their bellies along the middle line telling when one twin’s sensation fades and the other’s starts. so hopefully they are both having partial feeling in their sexual organs, too.

    1. Shoukry

      I think concerning marriage, they can (and should) maryy one man, for the reproductive result of marrying two men will be having intercourse in the same vagina, this is odd. Being two women married to one man has an equivalent in Islam religion when one man can legally marry two women. I just want to ask if there is a case record of a male conjoined twins, as the other living conjoint twin (Lori and Reba) are also females?

      1. Jim

        Since they have shown both a marked difference in tastes and a splendid ability to figure out how to manage their lives, I would expect one of them to marry a man she falls in love with, and the other to marry a man she falls in love with. They are two separate entities, just conjoined so as to take up the same space. They have separate drivers licenses and I would expect they will end up with separate marriage licenses too.

  1. pablodepaul

    i have ,been following the two girls story for
    quite some time
    and i find her life verry interresting

  2. joeyobvious

    Will be an interesting wedding night….
    Two on one. At least Chang and Eng were the Men….

    Ask your religious leader if that’s offensive to their lord?

  3. Scott Limkeman

    I don’t think it is offensive to Jesus. I think one husband is best as they share the same reproductive organs. They would have to find someone they both love and who loves both of them, and seeing as how real love is a choice and not an emotion, it’s quite possible.

    1. Boogie

      It would be illegal for them to marry the same man, polygamy is unlawful in the U.S.They are classified as two different people, they each have their own heart and their own brain. They also have individual personalities therefore they probably wouldn’t want to marry the same man.

      1. Steve

        I love it when those who care less about Christianity begin preaching legalities. Abuse of scripture runs amok among the non christian types.

      2. Shoukry

        I think they can marry one man, for if they married two men, then both men will be having intercourse in the same vagina and a pregnancy that would result will be in the same womb, I find this odd. If they both married one man, then we have a variety of this (in Islam religion) when a man can legally marry two women. If they have two separate bodies on lateral sides, then it would be presumed that each of them own one ovary. If a contraception is used, and fertilisation achieved by IVF and ovum retrieval, then the side of the ovary from which an egg was driven can be considered the mother of the baby. For another baby, then an ovum would be taken from the other ovary to enable the other twin to mother the child. The father stays the same.

    2. Michelle

      I think it’s funny that Scott thinks that one set of reproductive organs equals one woman as opposed to the concept that two minds/brains/personalities equal two women. He’s basically saying that the woman is equal to her reproductive organs as opposed to her individuality. It’s up to them and the people with whom they fall in love to make it work.

      1. Trevor

        It seems more likely he was equating a woman’s body to her circulatory system or what is directly attached to her than a vagina or womb. I can’t say that for sure of course, but it is interesting that that is what you assume. Tell me is it your mind in the gutter or do you just have such a low amount of respect for humanity.

      2. ed.e.ka

        well i know…men r a whole lot different then women… they think with the 1 head…no brain!!…n in this situation there r 2 brains… not just heads…. i wouldnt expect a man 2 know squat BOUT THAT!!

      3. alex

        i agree with michelle about being 1 woman actually… coz thers only 1 vagina/womb so would it mean 1 woman and 1 un sex? lol

      4. essie

        They are two different people living in the same body. If one sister eats the other sister receives nourishment. They have 2 hearts pumping but one circulatory system, they each have a lung of their own and one shared lung, basically they have a body built to accommodate the needs of two people sharing a body in a efficient manner. Two people one body.
        Thus said, marriage should depend on the twins own decision of marriage and whether it is to a body or mind. Also any child would be a child would belong to both since they share the same DNA, blood and reproductive system. They both would experience the pregnancy and so would both probably have a maternal attachment to the child.

      5. Mikky

        Technically, they each have their own ovary. It’s not just one reproductive system, it’s Abby’s half joined with Brittany’s half. So they’re not just “one woman” because they share a reproductive system…

  4. Mike

    I know that this will sound disturbing but I am curious.. It was said that they hang with friends and are like any other normal teen.

    They are 18 now and I assume that they will and or are dating. With out being crude or graphic I must ask how will that work? There are ethical questions that could be ask. These are two different individuals that share the same space what about sexual consent or even marriage?

    I assume that they share the same likes and dislikes but could a marriage even be legal? If they had children Who would be listed as the birth mother?

    I don’t intend to be crude but there are hundreds of possible questions that could be ask……. They are both as attractive as any other average teen girl………..

    Also my comment can’ t be anymore rude than the response earlier that they could be new species.

    Please what are everyones thoughts on this.

    1. Charlie Whitcomb

      Now I know why these young women hid their MySpace page. I loved it when they said something like people don’t need to know who we are dating and that stuff. Likewise, they are not experiments or specimens on a microscope slide. I would have been proud to have them as daughters. and it is the young women who have shown they can solve questions and conflicts which most of us could never solve. My Lord, I think they will have a wonderful life and they will decide and work out any problem they come up against. How they do it, when they do it, what they do… like the 16 year olds said, it’s not anybody’s business. They are obviously masters of loving life.

      1. echidna1000

        Despite being a personal and potentially offensive question, it is also probably one of the most important questions to be asked. The fact that they share a lower body, including the sexual organs, will necessarily lead to the need for a change in the entire legal system concerning the laws of marriage (if they decide to pursue marriage and the possibility of offspring) and the philosophical issues concerning the human identity. Such problems as the potential breach of laws against bigamy and even the question as to which twin would be the true mother (begettor) of any child they produce cannot be solved by their own decision, unless they take a joint degree in philosophy and anatomy and thereby gain the necessary expertise to make such a decision. In short, the implications of such a condition reaches out to a far bigger picture than that which is wholly contained within the Hensel twins themselves.

      2. lalachic

        The girls are two separate people because each has a brain and heart, as someone else mentioned earlier on this thread. There wont need of any change in the legal system or for the girls to get a “joint-degree” in philosophy and anatomy because they’re two separate people. They share separate DNA, which is what would probably be used to determine the maternity of the children they bear. Though religious types on this thread seem to think it’s only appropriate for the girls to share a husband, I find that to be immoral – it’d be polyamory that way. Ethically, they should and probably will have separate husbands and will each bear their own children.

        Figure out your basic scientific principles before you comment on this type of stuff, people.

      3. Digimancer

        Your an idiot… According to your statement: “Ethically, they should and probably will have separate husbands and will each bear their own children.”

        Let me know how this works out when the DNA results coma back showing Abigail’s husband as the genetic father of Brittany’s child… This in terms of “ethic’s” would be considered adultery with a bastard child as a result…

        I am in no way religious, nor do I fully dis-believe in religion(s). I would agree on 1 husband or even 2 if they so choose… And to hell with the legal system…

        I think religious ethic’s and morals should be left out of these girls lives if they so choose, as many of them are closed minded and outdated.

        Also the legal system would need to make exceptions… What if one of them commits a crime worthy of incarceration? And the other one is forced to take part against her will? Do you punish both or does the criminal go free?

        All and all I think these girls are chaos* incarnate and that makes them awesome!

        1. a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.
        2. any confused, disorderly mass: a chaos of meaningless phrases.

      4. klara

        DNA result?? they are IDENTICAL twins with identical chromosomes, so of course the result is going to be that any child of them will be matching their DNA as well as the father’s. maybe you better shouldn’t have slept at school 😉

      5. girl

        @ Lalachic: A “joint degree” is when someone takes multiple majors; any (one) person can take a joint degree. I’m not saying they are one person, but they obviously would have to take the same classes, study together, and be tested together; it’s unavoidable. I think Charlie meant that they would have to get both degrees so that they both have the information -from both degrees- to make a good, educated decision.

        Also, as *identical* twins, they actually are genetically identical despite being two separate people; genetically, which twin provides the egg that gets fertilized in a pregnancy does not matter (moral/ethical/legal importance is obviously not so clear-cut).

        I’m sure that, if and when they decide to get married, have children, etc, they will work it out with each other and probably get any legal exceptions necessary to allow them to be happy with the 1 man or 2 men they love, and, unfortunately for them, it will probably be highly publicized. It’s really not the public’s business, but it’s only natural to be curious about such things when confronted with such a story.

        Just something to think about: I have known 2 identical twins (not conjoined) who were dating the same guy at the same time and each of the 3 people in the relationship were aware of and okay with this. I heard they had different kissing styles 🙂

  5. bearrie

    And yet, it is a *choice* to be a homosexual?

    These beautiful young women are an inspiration to me. I get so lonely sometimes. I wish I had a soulmate that I could share everything with, who would always stay with me and never leave me, who would always be there when I needed to talk. They are the blessed ones.

    1. HeatherRose Studios

      would you mind if I use this quote for a shirt i am designing for

      “I wish I had a soulmate that I could share everything with, who would always stay with me and never leave me, who would always be there when I needed to talk. They are the blessed ones.”

      My design features two beautiful conjoined twins, and this quote would be along the bottom hem.
      I hope that is ok. Feel free to email me if you want to see the design or have a question.


  6. tiniju

    thats not right ! the oldes conjoined twins are :
    lori and dori schappell – born sept.18 in 1961 in reading , pennsylvania .
    greetings from tiniju

  7. Xeno Post author

    Oh, you are right! Thanks! Here is a link with photos of the REAL oldest living conjoined twins.

    1. Boogie

      They wouldn’t be legally able to marry one man that would be considered polygamy. It is outlawed in the US.

  8. Jason

    I think they are quite interesting. I have wife already, otherwise wouldn’t have problems in becoming the boyfriend of both or even marrying them, have kids, and all that.

  9. Anahit

    I fel bad for that litle boy in the picture when they were five. Very interesting, and Mike’s points are true. There are problems with being diferent in our society, unfortunately.

  10. jenna

    ok look that just made me cry im only 11 and i found this video from a picture. i was doing a book report on the book the girls. a book about conjoined twins. i was shoked too se how these people could move and how they do things its amazeing what god can put on this earth. but when i saw how much there family cared about them and how they were normal it was shoking!!!!! i really is a wowing story and i hope they make it far in life

    remember im only 11!!!!!!

  11. Krystol

    Umm, the article said that they are the only set of twins who share a TORSO who have survived into adulthood. It didn’t say they were the only set of conjoined twins to have survived into adulthood. Lori and Dori Schapell are joined at the head, not the torso.

  12. Jess

    For everyone who apparently can’t read, it doesn’t say they’re the oldest conjoined twins, nor does it say they’re the only ones to survive into adulthood. it says, QUITE CLEARLY that they are one of FOUR sets of twins joined at the TORSO to survive to adulthood.

  13. terr

    Jess, I can read quite well, including this sentence from the top of the page, second sentence in the first dotted box: “Abigail and Brittany Hensel from Minnesota are the oldest conjoined twins in the world.” However, the Schappell twins (and possible others) are older, so that statement is incorrect.

  14. J Lynn

    These girls are a delight and an inspiration to all. They corner the market on cooperation, companionship and courage. I just saw a current documentary of their lives and was happy to see them still doing well since first hearing of their unique lives back in the early 90’s. They, along with their family’s support, have become lovely, confident women in a world that can certainly be cruel. Kudos to Abigail and Brittany. Best of luck in your college years and your certain sucessful future.

    Julie (Detroit, Michigan)

  15. Carrie LeMire

    I’m not totally sure why I am even making a post to this, but here goes. Xeno is right about 99% of the information that is he/she (sorry, that name isn’t very gender specific) has entered. The reason I say only 99% is because without genetic testing to prove/disprove this “theory”, there is no way to say it’s correct or not. The ideas set forth have merit and could be entirely possible. As it is that Abby and Brittany will not consent to testing, those questions shall never be answered. But to back Xeno, there is strong merit to your ideas. Are you a student in genetics?? Or an intructor in this field? You speak as though you know this for fact, which is good. You should always back your theory, until proven otherwise of course. I know that what Xeno has said may sound crass or like it’s just cruel banter. It is all correct. It could be possible that there is a genetic mutation that caused their spacific physiology. It could be a fluke, we may never know. Please, do not get angered over scientific theory, as humans, it is how we base all knowledge. Think, test, prove-disprove. There is no need for offense to be taken. It’s natural. These young women are unique, perfect, and truely happy to be who they are. Keep theorizing, it’s a good thing to do. But don’t fight with people about it, just stick-poilitely, to your guns. And remember, only God knows, until science learns it too. Smile. I am.

    1. lalachic

      Perhaps when they have to submit DNA to determine the maternity of their children they’ll be ready to allow some simple testing to learn more about their physiology. It would be interesting to know more about how their body works, without invading their privacy and normalcy. No need to ravage their lives for the sake of science.

      1. klara

        dammit, is it the american school system? again, the girls are IDENTICAL twins with identical chromosomes, so no proof needed, they will both be the birth- AND genetic mothers. phew, idiots..

      1. Alison

        Oooooh Lori yuo r so biatchy!

        We are curious beings, without curiousity we would learn little, it’s unreasonable to expect people to look away from others who are different. Politeness goes only so far. The twins have mouths if they find it offensive I’m sure they’d make it known.

        As for the sex thing – it is a very interesting topic but I doubt us lesser beings with only one brain will ever know the truth. One thing I’m willing to bet is that if they are both vocal during sex their partner(s) will need earplugs :).

        PS The intentional spelling errors are just for you Lori.

  16. JavaJinx

    Are the girls in college now?
    Where ? What are they majoring in?
    Do they live on campus or commute?
    They are very remarkable & brave.

  17. steph

    I’m curious and i’m sure it is a worry that their doctor my be worried about. What would happen to the other if one suffered from sever head trauma and died, (car accident, bike accident…) we know that Abigail controls one half and Brittany controls the other half.

    1. America

      How would you feel if for some accident (god protects you!! of course) you loose your legs, torso, and arms? It’ll be pretty fucked up right?, you would probably want to just die anyways. Now imagine a little worst, your partner for life, since been born the one who eats with you, sleeps with you, use the bathroom with you, have sex next to you, does every single fucking thing with you; for some reason wont be there anymore.. I’m preety sure even if the one left could still alive by removing the other ones head (I KNOW THIS TALK IS OUT OF CONTEXT AND MIGH NOT BE MY FUKING BUSSINES, BUT WHEN SOMEBODY ASK A OPEN QUESTION I LIKE TO GIVE IT A TRY TO ANSWER, SORRY IF IT’S TOO, [WAY TOO] MEAN, BAD OF ME TO WRITE, I APOLOGIZE SPECIALLY TO THE GIRLS Abigail and Britney Hensel AND WISH YOU THE BEST AT ALL TIMES BY THE WAY)she wouldn’t want to live, because what kind of life could that be, it would be like lossing your soul, a feeling of emptiness and that’s all, I couln’t imagine it but I try and it just wouldn’t make no sence.

      P.S. sorry for the bad spelling, still studing to get it better and I dont really like to correct it always when I bloging so don’t judge people, I already do a lot correcting all my homework ;-P

  18. anayse

    Are the girls dating?I think that is was very cruel of their parents not to separated the girls when they were born.How are they going to get married and have kids?They should just go to college and gets jobs and do the best they can.

    1. Boogie

      If the parents attempted to separate the twins at birth would, most likely, kill one of them, if not both, they share one liver meaning the one with the smaller half of the liver would probably die without an almost immediate transplant, also in the torso the two sets of lungs and two hearts are extremely close, if separation was attempted major arteries could be cut or damaged killing both. They also only have one bladder, and one set of reproductive organs, how would that be divided up? Chances are that if they were separated the twins life would be much harder or there might have only been one alive or both could have died.

    2. Digimancer

      Opinion noted… Good job. You have determined that, their parents are evil terrible people!!! Your so smart. lols

  19. teri


  20. anonnymous

    To Xeno and others (a few): Your ability to respond to others w/o taking offense to the name-calling, etc. You are to be commended for your “broad shoulders”, and I thank you for your politeness. Continue to show others how to let it roll off your back when they call you stupid or idiotic. Thanks again…

    1. anonymous

      I bet who ever said that was Xeno extolling himself/herself (who can tell with his bizarre name)

      1. Will Grim

        I think Anonymous is an even more bizarre name, don’t you think? At least he shows some personality, not anonymity.

  21. Michelle

    Shame on the poster who judged their parents as cruel for not separating them at birth. From what I gather (sharing sex organs and who knows what other organs) I don’t think they could have been separated without sacrificing one of them. I think their parents made the right choice and obviously have done a wonderful job raising them into such well adjusted young ladies.

    They said in their documentary that they welcome people to ask them questions instead of staring or taking pictures. They have a great attitude. As for dating and having children, that’s an issue only they will figure out when the time comes.

  22. Paul R Wilson

    I doubt if I’d ever be at a party and Brittany-Abigail walks in, but I daydreamed a way to greet and talk to them. I wonder whether they are together -or separate- in their dreams.

  23. shasta

    Hi my name is shasta. I am a college student studying radiology technology (x-ray) and I am doing a powerpoint presentation assignment and I choose the topic “conjoined twins”. I just want to say that I think Brittany & Abigail are AWESOME!

  24. Tib

    They are not the oldest conjoined twins in the world by a long shot, the Schappell sisters are the oldest female conjoined twins and are in their 40’s.

  25. gabby

    [1st part of comment moved to the Evolution vs Creation Debate].

    I watched a special about these girls and when the subject of sex was broached they quickly changed the subject. If they do not have psychological issues related to sex and other things I will be shocked. What if one of them is gay and the other is not for example? Talk about a conundrum!

    1. klara

      they are teenagers! would you have talked about your sexual preferences or desires with the mere age of 16 in front of a cam with all your mates and family watching? sic.

  26. Pat

    I think Abbey and Brittany are amazing! They appear to be mature beyond their years, happy, well-liked and hard working, as now they are attending college. I have seen several shows about them and their sweet family and thought a lot about their future.

    They have both stated emphatically that they want to have children. They are two DIFFERENT people so as this may sound strange, I believe that they both could marry different men. The very first well-known “siamese twins” were men, and they married sisters, and had quite a few children. Abby and Brittany have had to become creative problem solvers, from a young age. One of them could be enjoying intimacy with her husband while her sister had most of her side (of her body and head) covered and watching TV or distracted in some way as to give her sister as much privacy as possible. Birth control methods could be used until it was decided that it was time for a child. The four adults could decide which couple would be the genetic parents, then with invetro fertilization they could have a normal pregnancy and childbirth. Then possibly baby number two could be the biological child of the other couple, making the children, first cousins. I believe those two have the intelligence and fortitude to make something like that work. Of course it’s really none of our business, but naturally we are curious about such matters, and I would like to see them fulfilled in every way possible.

    1. klara

      if they do share a vaginal sensations, intercourse would be experienced by both of them, covered or not. kids would be carried by both of them and given birth to by both of them, the kids will have both their chromosomes (as they’re identical twins!!). so they would clearly have to choose a man or men, who both of the girls like, as they will be both having sex and kids with him or them.

  27. ticepb

    This is a bit of a moronic discussion about the girls “constituting a new species” and showing that evolution occurs all around us, etc. They are not a different species, indeed, they are the same phenomenon as identical twins with the physical defect of improper separation in the first few days of life. Their children, if they are able to carry to term, will be completely normal (well, there is still a million to one chance that their children will be siamese twins, but this chance will be no higher than your or my children). Please learn a little biology before you wax and wane about a “new species of humans.”

    1. echidna1000

      Dear Anon

      Darwin’s observation of the systematic implantation of wasp eggs under the skin of a certain caterpillar, leading to the chemical control of that caterpillar as a slave to the growth of the wasp larvae beneath its skin, releasing chemicals that lead to the altering of its limited mental faculties into sacrificing its life to protect the young wasps upon bursting out from its interior led him to conclude that God cannot possibly exist.

    2. Katie

      amen, anon.

      good lord. ugh. you people are driving me nuts.

      xeno(you need a new name) if your as smart as you act then why do you have the time to sit around and do this? honestly. you make me want to kick cats.

      1. Xeno Post author

        Hi Katie.
        Sorry to hear you are having some mental health problems.

        As a far as this blog and “Why me?” If not me, who? Most scientists are too busy. By not having kids and giving up TV, I have plenty of time to blog. After doing this for years I can post several interesting things in 5 to 10 minutes a day and write a bit. I spend more of my spare time on music than blogging, for example.

        PS. Here is a cat you can kick.

    3. Will Grim

      I believe that God sent this world in motion, perhaps millions of others too. He sits back and enjoys his creation, perhaps not allowing Himself to know what is to happen. Wants change, wants us to be imperfect and work toward a higher plane of existence. Perhaps some day we will progress to a point where we will be able and worthy to speak with Him on His level. How lonely it must be to be an omnipotent being, with no equal. But nobody and I mean nobody knows the answer to this idea or any other and to act like you do shows more ignorance than knowledge. Faith is not fact although many like to blend the two.

  28. Cheng

    Well said Xeno. I don’t pretend to follow all of your arguments or understand the intricacies of genetics, but science has more answers than any religious text. Strange that God treats his creations like lab rats, when, if he wanted our blind following, he could just tell us and we’d follow.
    Is there a danger here of the human species dividing into new creationist and evolutionist species?

  29. Hojo

    Well, as an student of biology, i ‘ll seperate between Religion and Science. Because religion is always subjective for each person, thats why this earth has many kind of religion. There’s a great and huge wall which seperate science and religion. As a conclusion, I truly believe there’s a God and i also believe that we’d been given skills by God to reveal a lot of mystery (including Science).
    Personally, I think that my God give me skills to “Think With Logic”. I’ll use this skills just for good of human kind.
    I’m still at college, i’ll be graduate as a scientist and as a scientist i care A LOT about human and nature.
    So that i must reveal many things to Survive this Collapsing Earth and Creatures.
    I don’t want to see a couple have a defect baby(i’m sorry about word “defect” because my english vocabularies and grammar isn’t good enough), as a scientist i’ll doing many research to help many couple to avoid having a defect baby.
    Sorry for my BAD grammar. Thanks ^_^

  30. Hojo

    Logic and Science is a key that made by human to understand every single things, event, and creature.

    Religion is a Lesson came from God, generally God wants us to be happy and prosperous.

    Dont you see there’s difference where those things come from?
    One from God
    Another one from Human thingking

  31. Cheng

    Hojo, I wouldn’t deny anybody their belief. However, I suspect that the thousands that die or suffer in natural disasters every year, do not share in God’s intended happiness for us.
    I’m afraid I believe God is manmade.

  32. Crystal

    This is really no medical mystery – this is just a case of an embryo that was going to split (and make identical twins) that didn’t fully split and continued to develop as two babies without making the entire separation. Not medically interesting.

    What is interesting is that ultrasound equipment WAS available eighteen years ago. I can’t imagine how this wasn’t picked up on the ultrasound and if it was, how their mom could have NOT aborted. There is no question that I would NOT knowingly birth a child with a serious physical or mental handicap. The world is difficult enough without handing the kid that kind of obstacle on day one.

  33. Xeno Post author

    Hello Crystal,
    Some people with mental and/or physical handicaps have contributed great things to humanity. Beyond that, the twins have no doubt been a source of joy to their friends and family. They are inspirational because they are an amazing example of cooperation. They prompted me to learn more about biology and genetics. You make it seem well understood, but the truth at the molecular biology level is mysterious and amazing.

    Did you know identical twins can be different sexes, for example? See genetic mosaicism. Here are a few citations from peer reviewed scientific journals:

    – Monozygotic twins of discordant sex both with 45,X/46,X,idic(Y) mosaicism. Am J Med Genet. 1991 Nov 1;41(2):239-45. – nih

    – Monozygotic twins of different apparent sex. Am J Med Genet. 1994 Oct 15;53(1):52-5. – nih

    – Discordant phenotypes and 45,X/46,X,idic(Y). J Med Genet. 1998 Oct;35(10):862-4. nih

    – Monozygotic twins with discordant sexual phenotypes due to different ratios of mosaicism of 47,X,idic(Y),idic(Y)/46,X, idic(Y)/45,X.
    Endocr J. 2002 Aug;49(4):497-501. – nih

    – Long-term follow-up and analysis of monozygotic twins concordant for 45,X/46,XY peripheral blood karyotype but discordant for phenotypic sex. Am J Med Genet A. 2007 Nov 1;143A(21):2616-22. Click here to read

    The implications are interesting. One possibility is that all identical twins differ genetically and that this difference (rejection of one group of early cells by the other) is what made them twins in the first place. If we learn exactly how this works, we may be able to prevent it from happening, then no one would have to make the choice you suggest.

    I think we are just on the very beginning of our journey in our ability to “hack our biology”, which is exciting, and a bit frightening at the same time. Five hundred years from now, will humans look the same?

  34. anomynous visitor

    >>>”At least Chang and Eng were the men…”
    >>>”Ask your religious leader if that’s offensive to their lord?”

    I believe the religious leaders would be more offended by Chang & Eng’s cheating at poker.

  35. James Wood

    I am an identical twin and very close to my brother. These girls are great. I have seen them on TV a couple times, like Oprah. I think that people should leave there personnel lives alone. They have two lives and two minds. They have the right to some privacy in regard to sex and motherhood etc.

  36. JayeTee

    At what point do they become one? They each have their own head, brain & spinal cord, I understand, so to some degree they each have their own nervous system. They are truly two different individuals with the same body, but at what point? It appears they have one back but they each have a neck with their own head. Where does each spinal cord reside in the one body? Apparently they share the same sexual & digestive systems/organs. Do they each then share the same sensations and do their esophaguses come together at some point to merge into the same digestive system? Was it possible to separate them without sacrifices the life of one of them? Who is it that has the head on the left side? It appears that she may very well suffer from neck problems, and if not, I wonder why not.

  37. becky

    I am a mother of dizygotic twins, they’re girl/boy, and look more different than most siblings, It appears that the identical twinning phenomenon, which is the only type of twin that can be conjoined, is not a heritable trait, and tons of twins have been in studies for generations. There is no more likelihood of them having twins, much less conjoined twins than anyone. Incidence of multiple identicals in one family tend to relate more to fecundity not genetics. Some women are also better at bearing twins where other people might not have brought them to viability. Large stature does help. Mosaicism is a subject for another day, but it does not have anything to do with the Hensels.

    Di-zygotic twins can run in families, and has some genetic basis, It can be passed on through sons or daughters but it is only expressed by daughters. However, it seems to be better for survival to be a singleton, so, I don’t see that as and evolutionary path either.

    All that interesting science aside, God made something beautiful in those two girls. I have no problem with evolution either and it makes too much sense to get all conflicted about science. When I think of my twins, the word syzygy comes to mind. Some stars are formed that orbit around each other in opposition and balance. Yes, they can also have satellites. It is a beautiful thing and all twins, no matter how similar or different, have to deal with the complementary nature of their lives. My daughter is right handed; my son is left handed. She has very straight blond hair; he has very curly brown hair. She has blue eyes and lighter skin; he has freckles and brown eyes. She is built in long tall straight lines and is slippery like spaghetti, he is compact, all wire and muscle and cling. She loves math; he loves books. Abigail and Brittany are more unique and amazing twins, but they are not alone in this experience. I find myself wondering about their handedness and how that might affect their aptitudes in academics.

    In my opinion, the Hensels will be able to negotiate the balance of a marriage and children just fine, maybe better than most twins. I seriously doubt, as one post suggested, that they might avert their attention and think about something else, then have a child and choose to call one of them the mother, and the other the aunt and switch off in successive births. They will both love every one of their children as a mother. Did you see them greet and hold the baby at the park? They are both naturals. It is the rest of the world who has to adapt to children who have two moms. They are way ahead of the curve. Theirs is a more beautiful, complex, symmetrical, balanced life, not less. Perhaps that is what really motivated another poster to suggest they could represent a future evolution? (but that is more Xeno’s healthy imagination than science).

    I hope they meet two men with a twin-like bond, but more than that, I hope they find very special men or a man that they love. According the the Hensels, they fight “all the time”, they should be champs at marriage!!

  38. Julio

    What an interesting display of human diversity we have in this comments section!!! XD i love it.
    i especially like the way Xeno answers so calmly and sticks to his point (since noone has amde an actually challenging argument against his ideas). But i did notice Xeno, kinda-almost losing it in his next to last post, poor guy, the extremists within the christian ranks exasperate him so… hang in there Xeno, i think you’re doing it right as long as you don’t resort to the same kind of non-argument-retorts they use to make themselves feel like they’ve countered you effectively (so as to keep their minds at ease with their beliefs).
    i believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and unfortunately i also believe they have the right to express those beliefs, no matter how hare brained they are, else we would not have a democracy.
    but you, Xeno, unlike some have told you here, are not obliged to prove anything, since you are not even theorizing, you are just hypothesizing. And hypotheses can be as fancy as one likes… and you did support your ideas with data that can be researched, and re-analyzed if required or wanted.
    as for the existence or non existence of God… why did they start telling you off for that? you never stated whether there was a God or not… just because you accept evolution as an explanation for the diversity of life… does that make you an atheist? (well some other things you said after being attacked for that did make you seem like an atheist =P), but if you’re an atheist that is your affair, I accept evolution as the source of life-diversity, I am also a firm believer in God, and a christian. is that contradictory??? i think not, i just accept what science has found as the way God designed the Universe, it is my personal belief (i repeat: PERSONAL BELIEF- it has not been empirically proved, and possibly a lot of christians disagree as well) that God designed the Universe in a way that it would be kinda self designing, like for example: God did not decide how humans would end up looking like, the Universe’s rules did (evolution or whatever rule of the universe it actually was =P).
    again that is just my PERSONAL BELIEF, and i do not expect many others to agree, or need them to, i am happy thinking by myself. =P
    i also believe, unlike most religious fundamentalists, that God gave us human knowledge to use it to get to know him and the Universe we live in better, and thus learn how to live better, not to ignore it becuase it is “mundane” and “evil”, because supposedly it does not come from God (and where the hell did it come from, if God didn’t give it to us??? and if God gave it to us, why shouldn’t we use it to our advantage???).

    i like your ideas, Xeno, and you sound like you know your stuff, even if you’re not a believer, so keep at it.
    God bless you (XD)

    1. Charles Watford Jr

      I accept evolution as the source of life-diversity, I am also a firm believer in God, and a christian. is that contradictory???

      Yes, actually. A christian is one who follows after the teachings of Christ, has accepted His gift of salvation, and believes that He is God and thus is the author of the Bible which He wrote through the prophets and the apostles and so forth. To claim that you believe evolution is true is to deny the creation account of Genesis and thus you are in effect calling God/Jesus a liar. To claim to believe in evolution and Jesus is paradoxical as both concepts are in direct opposition.

      1. Matthew

        Actually, you are in error. Jesus never talks of evolution nor does the Bible itself. Believing in a literal interpretation of the book we call Genesis is only one interpretation. Jesus himself doesn’t weigh in on the subject. Therefore, a person can be a true Christian and also believe in evolution.

  39. Julio

    oh, and the conjoined twins are awesome, and beautiful, and i wish them a long and joyous life, and i hope they keep on inspiring people like that.

  40. Xeno Post author

    Understanding takes time, but the payoff is great. I started Catholic, but the more I studied, the less religious I became. If God is your word for “the unknown” then, yes, I believe. In that case, I am not an atheist. I believe in the unknown, and also in the unknowable. If by God you mean that you believe in the shared human imagination of God which has been created through years of stories and shared experiences, then yes, I believe in that God too. Just as I believe in Batman. If, on the other hand, when you say God, you mean something more than “the unknown”, more than an imaginary super-daddy, then I am open minded. Please provide credible physical evidence for the truth of this thing or being: Current location? Size? Source of energy? Color? Speed? Temperature? Texture? Reproductive system? Age? Gender? Origin? Number of Nostrils? In other words, what, exactly, is this “God”? It seems my Christian friends are saying, “We believe in X. We organize our entire lives around X. We don’t know anything about X. We have no evidence other than some stories handed down from primitive people. We are proud of our lack of evidence. We call it faith. We will be rewarded. You, outcast non-believer, will burn in hell.”

    (Side note: Hmm. The Flying Spaghetti Monster mythos needs some horrible consequences after death for all not believing in him for FSM-ism to really take off. )

    May the unknown in 2009 bring you many good things, and may the great and powerful God Yellowstone not eject his hoary junk upon us blotting out the sun, and stuff, amen.


  41. Xeno Post author

    I’ve added a diagram of their internal organs. You can see from the diagram that they share some parts. The twins do not discuss who controls and feels what regarding those shared parts. So, if you have a question about any of that, only they know the answer. The options are: Only one feels everything, the other, nothing. Or they each feel and control different parts in various spots. Or they both feel and have control over the same shared parts. Imagine sharing control of an arm, for example. It would be somewhat like hypnosis where your arm seems to move on its own sometimes.

  42. Chtid

    Wow, Would almost hate to be them. Too many idiots asking extremely personal questions. Or calling them a new species. Really..

  43. Bloomy

    Okay jeez. I looked on here because I was curious and bored, and find a whole discussion on these poor girls’ lives. Yes, we all have different ideas about what we believe to be true regarding science and religion, but do we have to do all the childish name-calling and dissing? Obviously the twins themselves aren’t a new species and nobody said they were. I think the point was that if a whole bunch of conjoined twins decided only to marry one another, eventually, over a very very long time, conjoined peoples and individual peoples would not be able to interbreed due to genetic make-up. Most of the people disagreeing with Xeno’s posts are people who have no idea what he/she is talking about: it is called biology, people, and the evolutionary THEORY. That is not to say there is no such thing as God or higher beings or whatever you believe in. It was what we as mere humans use to explain things with physical evidence. It is not necessarily factual, but it does have a lot of supporting evidence and therefore people who believe can in no way be called “close-minded fools.” At least there is evidence; it could be argued that the idea of the divine is mere speculation, because really, is there any proof at all?
    Also, to Anon, who said Darwin gave us natural selection and not evolution . . . well, the fact is that natural selection is the process leading to evolution. In this situation, that would be if conjoined twins turned out to have a better survival rate than separate people. This is obviously not the case, but if it were, at some point there would be more of them than individual people, and eventually there would only be conjoined twins, a “new species.”
    Please, people, don’t get so worked up over speculation, theories, and idle curiosity. It’s enough to give those of us just taking a peek around a headache. I mean, look what I just wrote! That was unplanned for.
    And that said, I think these girls are incredible and we should all learn a lesson from them about tolerating others (hint hint). For those of you who have siblings, imagine for a moment that you are attached to them. Permanently. I don’t know about you, but I think if this were the case for all people, suicide cases would skyrocket enough for the human species to go extinct. Think about it.

  44. V Hernandez

    I think you gals are amazing. I hope to learn more about your journey, so carry on and continue to enlighten.

  45. erudite

    failure to believe in God shows weakness of mind not the reverse. These girls are a new species? I suggest Xeno is.

  46. Xeno Post author

    Thanks for stopping by. See above. I’ve already answered. Yes, you found me out. I am a new species, Xeno erectus. Have a nice day.

  47. Xeno Post author

    With this site reaching 9,770 unique viewers in one day recently, I really do wonder if Abigail and Brittany Hensel have ever read this. Abigail, Brittany, if you do find this page, leave a comment or email me and say hi. That would neat.

  48. Joel

    Totally fascinating. They are a miracle of sorts. When they get older, I hope someone makes a documentary of their lives. The fact that they are healthy is amazing and they are nice looking as well.

  49. helena

    My English is terrible, perhaps to translate well …
    I saw the document in the Czech Television, me too excited and touched my feelings. Not regret it, because they envy the close person who is always close to, understands all the feelings and moods. I wish good luck girls and all their family, I admire the parents, siblings and friends. Good luck

  50. charlee x

    i think its creepy but they didnt choose to be that way …. i just wonderd .. when they eat would they put double the wait on and do they both get hungry or ?

    love from charlie x x

  51. Mother of Twins

    I am the mother of identical twins and as far as I understand it…

    the earlier the egg splits, the more separate the babies will be. For example (the timing is just an example, I don’t really know if it takes an hour or a day):
    Egg fertilized, egg splits…
    on the same day means 2 placentas, 2 amniotic sacs, 2 babies
    splits day 2 means 1 placenta, 2 sacs, 2 babies
    splits day 3 means 1 placenta, 1 sac, 2 babies
    after that, some parts of the baby itself will be joined together. So the longer the fetus has to develop before the split happens the more organs the two will share.

    No matter what, this is a miracle! With or without religion, this is amazing, simply amazing!

    Years ago it was thought that identicals were born with 1 placenta and fraternals had two. This is not the case and caused several identical twins to be misdiagnosed as fraternal. Interesting!

    BTW, mine had one placenta, 2 sacs and suffered from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I had fetal surgery when I was 18 weeks pregnant and it saved both of their lives. See to learn more.

  52. kady easton

    hi, i’m a conjoined twin just like them. WE know what they feel when people point or stare. We don’t like it, we’re all the same.We are a lot littler so we get teased a lot more.My name is Hannah and my name is Kady. We understand, and we think that people should be liked for how they are on the inside, not on the outside.Well bye for now.

  53. Xeno Post author

    Hello Kady and Hannah. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you. How old are you? Ignore anyone who is rude. People are just curious. Some may even be secretly jealous because they are alone and you are not. The thing I am most curious about is if you share any body parts were you can both feel or that you can both control, and what is that like? Take care, Xeno

  54. Jimmmy

    Hi hensel twins my name is jimmy. i enjoyed your website watched your show on tv. please reply sorry to the typeing i hav cerebarl palsy.

  55. Amanda Prado

    Amanda Prado (Brasil)

    Recebi um e-mail sobre voces, é impressionante, deve ser uma luta a cada dia, mas vendo as fotos dar para ver como são felizes, desejamos toda felicidade do mundo, se então vivas e algum para mostrar para o humano que devemos respeitar e amar uns aos outros, Parabéns Abigail e Brittany!!! E ENFRENTÃO TODOS OS OBSTACULOS QUE A VIDA NOS DÁ E VENCERÃO O PRECONCEITO.



  56. Pat Goodnight

    Some of questions are very offensive to me if not to the twins. None of us come with a manual. Time will take care of a lot of these issues as they are faced. I know God loves all of us and we each have a mission. I wish these girls a great deal of joy in their lives which belong exclusively to them and their families. God bless them.

  57. CLabbe

    These little dreams are true “HEROS”. I have researched this subject online, since seeing the Discovery Health Special on them, and I am amazed. I am learning from them as I go. The parents had no idea that they were even going to have twins………let along conjoined twins, until the birth. These little ladies are here for a purpose and God only knows how HE is using them as his tool to teach us. I have sat here and thought over and over …..if I complain about anything in my life – stike me down. I can’t IMAGINE what their life is like, but the BEAUTY of it is – their life is, quite obviously, WONDERFUL. They are as happy as clams, and it shows. They have a support system of siblings, friends, and astonishing parents. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around what life would be like if I were attached to my sister, and we are as close as two people can be. It is mind boggling, yet these TWO beautiful young girls are showing us what we all need to do to live in communion together. This is an awesome testiment to what a TRUE FAMILY is. We lost a son in 2002 with MD. I know how hard it is to watch a child go through life being “different”. This story gives that word a whole new meaning. The thing is, “different”, is always the mind changing thing. I wouldn’t trade my son’s 16 year life for anything. He was sent here by Jesus to teach us all…..and boy, did we learn from him. If he had been any different, he wouldn’t have been himself. These two little puddings are here for the same reason – DON’T MISS THE BLESSING. What a BEAUTIFUL family.

  58. Jaques Te monique

    Here’s my two cents.

    Lets just say for the sake of believers out there that God is real. Okay. The Universe is stable, humans are worshiping, and everything is in order.
    But suddenly, hypothetically, God disappeared.
    He just ceased to exist in our dimension.
    What do you think would happen?
    Would the world stop spining?
    would people stop worshipping him?
    or would everything that exist collapse in a torrent of panic and destruction?
    If God were to disappear, The ‘supposed’ laws of the Universe he created would keep gravity working, molecules fused together, and matter and life would continue the way it always had.

    But what about the many followers He has? would they stop believing in him because he’s gone?
    Of course not. There’s no evidence that he had disappeared or that he ever had.
    People will believe in him although they have no proof He’s real.
    Tragedies, death to millions of innocent people, prayers of a better life will continue to go unsolved.
    Just as they do today.

    So all in all, Why do we even need God? What the heck has he ever done for anyone of us lately that we didn’t truly do ourself?

  59. titi

    you are great inspiration all over the world
    you are so beautiful, smart and amazing
    god bless you Abigail and Brittany Hense

    titi tubulina Israel

  60. Kesokua

    For the sake of convenience they should have one spouse as they only have one set of reproductive organs. When twins are conjoined at the head and have two separate bodies and two sets of reproductive organs they then should have two spouses. They’ll have to decide amongst each other who would be the mother listed on the birth certificate. If they choose to have more than one they could take turns. Is this logical enough for everyone, or do we need to knit pick details and argue over it?

  61. JenniferL

    I found this site checking to see if the twins had their own webpage. I guess not. I can’t really blame them. Most likely they stay off the internet except for school and personal email.

    I would think in this case a judge would rule bigotry as legal. It is certainly less complicated to have one husband since below the waist they are one person. Both their names should be listed on the birth certificate. How complicated is that?

    As for bladder control, etc. I saw on the Oprah show years ago when she asked that they said when either one of the has to ‘go’, they ‘go’. That would seem to imply that they both have sensation below the waist. Other than that each twin controls one side of the body. They have two stomachs, but only one set of intestines.

    They do certainly have two different personalities and I love to learn about their creative solutions to life’s problems. They are an inspiration of them all.

    Jennifer L

  62. JenniferL

    I’m an idiot! I meant bigamy NOT bigotry. Too little sleep and freudian slips.

    Time for ME to get back to school work.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.


  63. lekyar

    I’m all for your views xeno and I have been shouted down by religious fundamentalist in my part of the world for holding similar views. I’m really impressed by your dissertation, it looks solid in any event of such occurrence. Evolution is too solid to be discarded. God as Bertrand Russell intoned must have been man made. Keep up the Good work, you are inspirational.

  64. Methinks

    I saw the follow up documentary on these girls when they were 16 or so and driving, they are very interesting young ladies and it was great to see how they choose cloths and do school work with two distinct personalities, I guess they are lucky they are both girls.
    I also saw a great documentary, I think it was called “I am my own twin” you can see some of it on U-Tube and they say that many eggs/cells may fuse with or absorb another egg after splitting in different stages development. I think they are called “chimeras”. Some never fully fuse/absorb the other and can be born two people partially joined, two different sexes combined in one person ect. Some can have two different sets of DNA within different organs of a single person or both male and female organs ect.
    Doctors sometimes decide what sex a baby will be and remove organs of the other sex but their minds are the opposite of what the doctor decided. Very interesting and strange stuff to think how many people may have started out as multiple people and now are one person and this puts in question, DNA testing, Gay genes, multiple personalities ect. Who knows what’s possible, you may be multiple people in one body and never know it.

  65. curt

    It is not clear to me that this is a heritable trait. (For speciation to occur the trait must be able to be passed on to children.) There *may* be genetic factors that lead to increased likelihood of the fission or fusion events which lead to conjoined twins, but those factors may not necessarily always produce dicephalus conjoined twins–perhaps lots of different kinds of conjoined twins. Also there may be genetic factors in the mother not the twins, which are not necessarily heritable. Or there may not be any kind of genetic factor, just a random rare event during development.

    I am a scientist and understand evolution, I just wanted to make the point that this is not a very clear example of genetic variation leading to traits which may be selected leading to speciation, because it is not clear how this might be a genetic trait. If someone else were born with the *exact* same DNA I hypothesize you would not have the same remarkable result.

    All that aside, I am inspired by these young ladies and the challenges they face. I wish people would stop posting what they “should” do with their personal lives.

  66. Xeno Post author

    I agree Curt. If this were a heritable trait, it could lead to a new human species, but I have not seen any evidence that this is a heritable trait. I do not believe that it is.

    The sisters create a teachable moment regarding genetics and species formation by sparking general interest in biology. They are enough of a different configuration of our biology to shock most people into realizing that there is a gap in their knowledge.

    Unfortunately, most people do not understand even the basics regarding biology, much less molecular biology, genetics, and the evidence and arguments from those fields which support the theory of evolution.

  67. Rut

    I´m in Iceland and saw the film about these girls! Not everything in the world is perfect! Talk about separting them after birth because they can´t marry is not a good argument! They would have been very handicaped and I doubt it would have been possible. This is them like they are, at least they have eachother and that is a lot. Wheater they marry is not primary in their life, but with todays technology they could have help with getting child and raise one or more! That would be nice for them! Rut Iceland

  68. James

    On the topic of evolution, Xeno, I read the posts far up the page were one person comment something along the lines of “Why didn’t the mother abort if ultrasound was available and she saw that they would have a “handicap”. Sadly I temporarily agreed with her, but then your comment about how people with handicaps have contributed great things to the world reminded me of people like Daniel Tammet and others like him (Stephen Hawking comes to mind, though he wasn’t “born” with Lou Gerigs (Born in the sense that he had its symptoms when he was born, though it was in his DNA).

    Anyway onto my point: Does the thought ever cross your mind that evolution has come to the point where it is just crawling for the human species? Thanks to modern medicine we can keep people alive long enough to reproduce that may not have made it in tougher/earlier times, arguably worsening the gene pool. I am extremely nearsighted, and the thought suddenly struck me the other day that in rough 3rd world countries the incidence of myopia and various other traits that probably worsen our chance of survival is most likely far less (just a somewhat educated guess), while in 1st world countries these same traits are allowed to thrive and continue on and on.

    Do you think our large and powerful brains and quickly accelerating technology make up for the fact that most of us in the 1st world can manufacture a world around ourselves that perfectly matches what genetics and evolution has already given us, therefore “slowing” evolution since we aren’t forced to adapt quite as often?

    Just some strange musings before I fall asleep.

    1. Alison

      Disabled and different people are just part of the glorious spectrum of humanity and as long as the condition from which they suffer isn’t too painful (for parents as well as children) then termination should be the very last option to consider.

      And before all you naysayers and do-gooders start – I gave birth to a disabled daughter so – stop, think and walk a mile in my shoes before you judge.

  69. Xeno Post author

    Hi James,
    We are the only animal I’m aware of which has moved it’s memory outside of its body (first books, now the net). Our communal memory allows us to make progress like no other animal toward our own survival. We are now working on hacking our own genetic code to directly influence our evolution. Our brains will, at some point, take over our evolution even more. We are branching off in this way, from all other life forms on earth. We are in the process of being born into a species that can form a spore, a spore that can leave this planet and colonize others. I believe this is our destiny. If it is not, our descendants will perish in approx. 5 billion years when the sun expands to a red giant, boils our atmosphere into space, and possibly engulfs the planet. Earth may end up inside the sun. We’re toast if we don’t evolve fast enough.

    1. Moocho

      Hi James and Xeno.

      Just a minor side-note to your comments (and one which makes me despair).

      I’m a paediatric consultant in one of the big cities in the UK, and a huge proportion of cases I see these days are kids with genetic diseases born from consanguinous marriages (that’s “people who are related by blood”, in case Anon thinks this is psychobabble too). I fully expect to be abused for this next statement but that doesn’t detract from the truth of it; most of these marriages are between Muslims – this is neither rascist nor ignorant, it’s a simple statement of fact.

      This intermarrying is the result of – among other factors, I freely admit – the religious dictum to keep the blood pure. The results for some of these kids are horrific, and can mean a life of pain, isolation and misery while their parents concentrate on their “normal” siblings.

      There you have it; religion is foolish, and bad for your health and the gene pool. By this I mean all most religions, not one in particular – the Catholic belief that contraception is sinful, for example, is just as ridiculous as a belief that intermarriage keeps the blood pure. It’s just that the example I’ve described is the one I have most experience with, and therefore feel able to comment on.

  70. bumbummm

    Jaydee + Jodiee in study skills : pahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    laughing at the photos i wouldnt let that sit on me!!!!!

  71. Leafy+Twiggy

    Leafy+Twiggy sat in study skills Lookin at these pics,, Laughing pphhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
    These cheerd me upp thankss girlss 🙂

    ohhh n hii bummbumm int it cool thtr were both in study skills eyyy

  72. bum bummmm

    yeahh totally lol its not like we are sitting next to each other or nothin ehh lol ,, this is a bit like bebo ,, i should meke a profile with your head stuck on my shoulders 🙂

  73. Leafy+Twiggy

    Nahh i dont even noo yuu maynn!
    n it is a bit like bebo we should come on ere more often :L,, nn i think tht we should do the picture thing,, i lovee youu my conjoyned twinn 🙂

  74. bumm bummmm

    hehehe i suppose a mann wouldnt like my loudness lol
    i guess youu will hae to do 😉
    ich leibe du

  75. Jamie

    right, leafy and twiggy and bumm bummmm shut uppp

    basically i don’t believe in god. im an athiest.
    although these girls are different from other people, they are NOT another speciese, they are human they have human organs and features, they speak, and they can walk.
    back in to the subject of god, what evidence is there that he is real?
    i was just reading a comment that there is a lack of evidence thet the theory of evolution is a load of crap basically, i disagree.
    there is a vigorous amount more evidence that evolution is what happened.
    i know all the stuff about how complex and fragile an eye is and only a human or a supirior being could create this but i just think that it is all just evolution, as technology gets stronger, so do humans. and technology and peoples appearences change every day hecnce these girl’s appearences.
    if you give me evidence that god is real, i’ll understand why you have put the theory of evolution as an impossible thing.
    it is very possible.
    im not goin to go any deeper on the subject because i think i’ve said what i needed to say 🙂
    by the way im bumm bummmmm 🙂

  76. Vic

    Personally, I believe their parents have been through the ringer trying to raise them. They each have different personalities and have to compromise on everything. If they are dating, that is their business and I am sure it would be posted somewhere. Abby and Brit, you are both very beautiful young ladies and it is a shame that you even have to put up with some of the things being said here. That being said, people will always be people and never truly understand life itself.

  77. Thomas

    Great story and wonderful pictures.

    BUT, you have some information wrong: Brittany and Abigail are NOT the oldest conjoined twins in the world. The oldest conjoined twins in the world are Ronnie and Donnie who turn 58 this year.

  78. Matilda

    I am watching Abby & Brittnay on TLC, I’ve seen this before. The girls seem so amazing, as does all their family and I would love to let them know I think they are a wonderful example of a family, makes me cry happy tears watching them because I can almost feel their strength and love just from watching this show.

    I wish them the best of everything in life and I want to thank them for being who they are.

  79. crystal

    Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon are the worlds oldest conjoined twins at 57 yrs. old not Lori and Dori shappel as previously stated by someone else.

  80. Bea

    I’m watching the TLC rerun of the girls 16th birthday. I came on here looking for a recent update on where life has taken them and I found first hand the very reason Abigail and Brittany and their mother chose to be so closed off. Of course closing yourself off obviously didn’t stop some of the ignorant and disrespectful conversations produced here.
    So, here’s hoping one day Brittany and ABigail see the people like myself who just are amazed at God’s handiwork and miracles! You each are an inspiration to us less fortunate. It makes me think of what my mom always tells me, “God loves us to much to hurt us intentionally and is too wise to make a mistake.” We can’t see the big picture of our lives or anyone elses and so we don’t know the purpose of “Why”, but if we are patient and understanding it all eventually makes sense and falls into place. I would be honored to know each of these girls personally! Maybe one day that will be possible.
    With love to all,

  81. Jonathan

    This is in response to Jamie specifically and also for everyone-

    Before going on I would like you to get rid of all your biases towards religion and think logically if this makes sense.
    If you would go to this website: “” you will see that there is much evidence to support the existence of God.

    But in disproving a completely naturalistic philosophy (which I think you believe in), please follow my progression of thought: we know that in a completely scientific view of things that there are causes and then effects based on those causes. You probably believe in the big bang theory correct? Well what caused the big bang? If you are able to explain that, then tell me what caused that cause and so on. You see, eventually you have to stop; it does not make sense that there are an infinite amount of causes and effects; this is where a supernatural being comes into play (God). Since God is supernatural he is above the natural laws of this universe and He has and will always exist, something that is supernatural and hard to comprehend. Also, if you believe in evolution than you have NO MEANING in life, you just randomly came into existence with no purpose. I view this as a very pessimistic life to live and wonder how people like you think what happens after you die…do you think you just cease to exist (scary by the way)?

    If you look at the website, it will explain this much better than I can. I am a Christian and I DO have something to live for. I hope that in possibly proving to you that a God DOES in fact exist, that you will start seeking a religion, and I must tell you that Christianity is the ONLY WAY. No other religion or combination of religions will get you to heaven, where I truly pray to see you.


  82. Matilda

    Hi Jonathan,

    I too am a Christian and I just believe. I don’t need to know how God works or try to analyze the bible. I didn’t grow up going to church and I don’t remember when I started to believe, I think I just always did believe and I feel very fortunate that I do feel this way. I’m not sure how I could go through this world if I didn’t feel what I do.

    I do believe in evolution in a way, in God’s way, that evolution is by God’s hand, his plan in life and I can’t explain evolution, nor can I explain God. I believe that people have to come to God in their own way, people can’t necessarily read something then change their view, although I love the fact that you are passionate and wish to spread the word of God as all Christian are asked to do and I feel it’s important to pray for everyone, pray that they will find their way to God and if they don’t I pray that God will be the loving God I believe he is and save those who have a pure heart whether they believe or not because growing up in a family that does not believe in God happens in so many homes and those people not being allowed to find God because of their family’s beliefs don’t always know where to turn. I did not grow up learning about God, I grew up hearing how the churches were only interested in collecting money and when I grew up and chose to go to church I was always joked on about it and made to feel like my beliefs were foolish but I didn’t let that stop me. But not everyone has the ability to go against their parents and it’s easier just to go along than to stand up for your beliefs, which is sad so I hope that anyone who feels lost, feels like they want to know more about God chooses to do so because it has been very fulfilling to me to believe in God and be a Christian through the easiest and toughest times in my life and I’ve been so far down I didn’t think I’d ever be able to make it but I have because of my beliefs.

  83. Susan

    I am an identical twin and my twin and I are very close. Singleton’s just don’t understand how twin’s work. I find it interesting that they say “I” like this or “I” do that. My twin and I say “we” all the time. Sometimes, even now that I am an adult, I will say “we…” and someone will be “who is we?” My twin and I know what each is thinking and love each other as ourself. We always shared everything and still do. Twins are special people. We always say if everyone was a twin, the world would be a better place. When it comes to all the big stuff in life Brittany and Abigail will figure it out like me and my twin do, together, cuz that’s what twins do!

  84. Susan

    OMG! The people babbling about God need to go to a different post. This one is about twins.

  85. Matilda

    Have you read the posts in here, people talking about God making these girls? Does it offend you because of the subject being about God? There is discussion about whether God is real because of the views some people believe there is no God because He wouldn’t have allowed these girls to be born as one. There is discussion about evolution going on too, does that offend you?
    Why aren’t you saying anything about people calling these girls a new species? That’s offensive, but talking about God being kind and loving, that offends you?

  86. Jonathan

    To Matilda,
    I completely agree with you that simply posting a proof of God and why Christianity is true will not cause someone to become Christian, we must pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts to have them accept the Gospel.

    I am not quite sure how you use the word “evolution” though.

    And I think I should clarify something…when you say that you believe in God (hopefully that Jesus is God because hundreds of religions may believe in a God but not the correct one such as Judaism), I get the impression that you do not know why you believe in Jesus. Well I think you should have a sound basis for your belief in Jesus. Like if I were to ask you the following question: “Why do you believe in Christianity?‚Äù how would you answer?…………….Well, the answer should be that you believe in Christianity because it is TRUE. For me one of the most convincing evidence that Jesus was and is who He claimed to be (God), is that manuscripts written thousands of years before He was born prophesied specific details about Jesus, such as him entering Jerusalem on a donkey, being betrayed, and even giving the exact amount of silver he was betrayed for (I think it was 40 pieces of silver), these all came true, as seen in the New Testament. You could look up other reasons why He is the Messiah online I’m sure with verses.

    I congratulate you for how you persevered through life even though you where ridiculed, but better to be ridiculed on this earth and spend eternity in heaven than to become the most powerful person in the world and spend eternity in hell.


  87. Jonathan

    To Susan the reason I am “babbling” about God is because after reading Jamie’s post I wanted to present information that may help her see the truth, especially since it is more important than anything that she know this truth of Christianity.

  88. Matilda

    Hi Jonathan,

    I get what you’re saying. I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in Jesus, in God, the whole trifecta. I know why I believe, I believe because I have God in my heart. I knew as a child, way before I ever stepped inside a church that there was a God without being told who God is.

    I don’t question why I believe, nor will I. I don’t follow anyone else’s beliefs, I don’t believe because someone tells me I need to and I don’t believe because of any passage in the Bible. I just believe and to me that kind of belief feels pure and feels right.
    I don’t feel I need to be able to answer why I believe in any other way than saying “I just do” but if that’s not a good enough explanation I can’t be of any help, it’s my explanation, it’s how I feel and I am the only one who has to understand that. I’m not being angry, tone doesn’t come through well in type 🙂

    Just as these twins in this forum, I don’t question why they were born as one, I just believe God has his plan but I don’t need to know what that is, but I believe this was no mistake, these girls are anything but a mistake, they have so much strength and are happy and seem to have a wonderful family and that is what matters.

  89. Xeno

    Your sensation of certainty is an emotion. You feel it sometimes when you are right and it can also be felt just as strongly sometimes when you are wrong. Time will show you the truth of what I am saying. Keep track of when you feel something is absolutely true “in your heart”. Keep a journal and in a few years, perhaps sooner, you will see what I mean.

  90. bernice

    i think the girls are very bright and adorable they r normal girls who argue disagree on things i love that they do not let their condition bother them and their friends enjoy them that is a good thing abby and brittany keep up the good work and ur dreams will come true love u from brooklyn

  91. Jonathan

    To Matilda,
    If you are meaning that you believe in Christianity just because it ‚Äúfeels‚Äù right someone like Xeno could easily argue that millions of other religious people who do not believe in Christianity sincerely believe that their religion is right because they feel that it is right. Such a person could ask: Why is your feeling that Christianity is right, correct while a Muslim’s feeling that their religion is correct, wrong? What I am trying to say is that sincerity does not equal truth. Billions of people could all be completely sincere that their religion is true and end up in hell because they were wrong (An example would be some suicide bombers). If this is not what you mean then I am sorry, but if you do believe in Christianity just because it “feels” right, then I suppose that we should agree to disagree (Though I would pray that you change your mind) I‚Äôm sorry if I offended you.

    1. What?

      Jonathan, you say that every religion but christianity is wrong, have you studied every religion and how can you prove yours right and theirs wrong? Also, if your God is so great and loving, why would he condem billions of people to hell simply for living in the wrong part of the world where they did not learn christianity. If Hitler were christian would he get into heaven while truely wonderful people who give everything but happen to believe in a different God go to hell? If this is true I’m sure heaven would be kind of a crappy place. Why is the christian God so jealous he would damn people to hell forever just for not knowing him? christianity makes God sound like an abusive husband or father love me or suffer. I’m a human who has major faults but i would never damn someone to eternal suffering. I would send them there for hundreds of years as punishment or whatever fit the bill. but going to hell forever just for not believing in Jesus is cruel and I don’t think I could love someone like that even if they did create me.

      1. Jonathan

        If you want evidence of why Christianity is true you can simply look it up online (I already gave evidence in previous posts and to no avail…so I will not repeat myself). But all the religions of the world do not HAVE to be studied in order to prove they are false, because Christianity has a main doctrine that Christianity is the ONLY way to heaven (It is in the Bible repeatedly) and therefore by proving Christianity true all the others are wrong. And to your questions of why would a supposedly loving God condemn so many to hell for eternity, this is my defense: we are all born into sin and everyone has sinned, meaning that we all are JUSTLY deserving of God sending all of us to hell, but God LOVINGLY gave His holy Son (Jesus) as a sacrifice so that Jesus would take our place by dying on the cross for us (he also resurrected from the dead conquering sin) and save those who believe in Him. It may still seem unfair to you and to many others but in reality it is fair.

        I will most likely not respond to your next post, sorry.

        Praying for you,

      2. JLB

        With all due respect, that is the least persuasive argument I have ever read on the internet.

        Christianity is the true religion because (a) some websites on the internet say it is, and (b) the main tenet of Christianity says that it is the path to heaven.

        Am I getting this right?

        I don’t know what you do for a living, but whatever it is, do not go into advertising.

  92. Jonathan

    To Xeno,
    What you said about being sincere and wrong applies to you and your trust in Darwinism though you may base it on some faulty evidence that could be proven wrong.

  93. Matilda


    I question why my belief, why I believe the way I do seems to be so wrong to you. Is it that you feel everyone should feel like you do? I mean because in a previous post you actually said what my answer should be if asked why I believe. My beliefs should not be questioned or analyzed at all by anyone, especially someone I don’t know. You don’t know me, you don’t know my heart and even if you did you have stepped over the line telling me that I am wrong.

    I am a very good person, God fearing and caring and loving and considerate and I obey God’s laws and I am empathetic, I give even when I only have enough for myself, I have sacrificed eating in order for others to eat. I have been through hell being abused as a child living with my family telling me it was my fault, abused by two family members and friends of my family, I forgave those people for what they did even though it makes me sick to this day and has definitely ruined my life but I don’t question God why me, I am writing a book about the abuse and the effects of abuse and I am hoping it will help others to get through abuse or see abuse and be able to stop it and help people to open their eyes to what is happening even though it’s hard for them and make them do something to help an innocent child escape abuse and a life of regrets and sadness and fear. But I’m not telling anyone how to feel or what to feel but I’m writing the book to be supportive and show that monsters live behind even the nicest of doors and they are not alone and they don’t deserve to be abused and that there are people out there who care and will help and I’m in pain writing my book, it hurts to drag up the memories but I KNOW I have to do this because if I don’t then I went through hell for nothing and I’m just as guilty as being an abuser if I do nothing to help stop innocent children from abuse.

    So, what is it you’ve done as a good Christian other than telling people they don’t believe right? This isn’t a contest about who believes more, or better. You can’t tell me that I am wrong in the way I feel and what I know, if I know anything, I know my beliefs and I know that God is kind and God does not look at me and think that I’m not believing in him the right way because it’s not your way.

    I get that you are passionate about your beliefs but wars have started over religious beliefs and people trying to control how others believe and why, so if you continue to tell everyone they are wrong then you are not going to be very influential in spreading the word of God. Jesus did not force anyone to believe, or tell them they were wrong in the way they believed.

    I know my beliefs and my heart and so does God and that’s all that matters. So you know what, I am offended, the more I think about it the more you’ve offended me.

    I was married to a man who told me how to think and feel and look and dress and act and talk and tried to force me to change my religion and he was abusive and he was cruel and he had to be in control over everything in my life and when it came to him hurting me because I wouldn’t change religion that sickened me the most, not the sexual abuse, not the verbal abuse, not him smashing walls and breaking down doors to get to me, but the fact that he told me I had to change religion and I stood up to him about that, I was weak and I was broken for so many years suffering abuse at the hands of my family then at his hands and he was so slick, so kind and gentle and he was able to manipulate me so well because he got me when I was broken and he just continued the abuse and told me I had no one who care and that was the only true thing he ever said to me so I had nowhere to turn other than God and God is who got me through such horrible abuses.
    He was cruel and I had no one to turn to, he ran my friends off years ago, but I kept turning to God and he was always there for me even though I suffered so many atrocities against me but I never gave up on God so I tell you what, you can think I’m wrong because I feel the way I do all you want, but I am strong and I have gotten through it because of my beliefs so if you think that I’m going to let you or anyone tell me I’m wrong about the way I feel then you probably need to take a look in the mirror and think about all the things you don’t know and learn how to not put people down and tell them they’re wrong about the way they feel about God or any other God someone may believe in because you don’t know it all and you have no idea who you’re talking to. Do you think for one minute about the person you’re writing to and wonder if what you’re saying might just be hurtful and that maybe I’ve been through enough, had enough damage in my life, enough people abusing me and telling me I have no right to believe the way I do and be abused for my beliefs and be abused just for the hell of it.

    Do you know that you’re talking to someone who has forgiven the monsters that abused me as a 9,10,11 year old girl and emotionally abused me for years and years and would force me to do so many things that are unspeakable then tell me I was at fault and that I don’t matter and I deserved what I got.

    Do you know you’re talking to someone who not once has given up on God even though it seems He gave up on me? So what do you think? You think if I don’t believe like you do then I’m wrong? Too bad, I’m a Christian and I’m an American so I have every right to think and feel and believe and serve the God of my choice in my way without having to feel like I’ll be persecuted and that wasn’t always the way it was, even being a Christian American living in America, I was not allowed the freedoms of this country and my God by my own family so would you like to tell me again how I’m wrong, how what I feel and believe is just so wrong that you need to tell me how I should feel, think and believe?

  94. Xeno

    Hi Johnathan,
    Good point about people with different religious views all being certain they are correct.

    I “may” float away to the moon tomorrow because my thoughts create an anti-gravity bubble… but I highly doubt it.

    Scientists spend a lot of time looking for faults in the evidence and correcting their views when they find faults. This is how science has progressed. Face it, science works. Otherwise, these people leaving comments would have no Internet with which to profess their belief in God and their disbelief in science! (Ironic, isn’t it?)

    Jesusism works, otherwise it would not still be around. It works in that it provides people with social support, a sense of belonging to a group, emotional strength, ease from fear of mortality, and it provides moral guidance for life decisions.

    Jesusism is much older than Evolutionism, but while it is useful for the emotional part of us we consider the “spirit”, it is very poor at explaining our biology and the diversity of life on earth.

    Science has a far superior explanation of the origins of life. If you are interested in how life can appear on earth without god, check this out.

  95. Roxanne Douberly

    I saw the documentary on TLC of Abby & Brittany,
    It was great! It is very obvious that they are two separate people. When I watch them I see 2 individuals just wrapped in one skin. I kept thinking,COOL,esp. how they work as a team!!! And how we with individual bodies have such difficulty mastering the concept of teamwork. We all have a purpose in life, each with our own obstacles to overcome, they are no different than people with individual bodies with exception that they did not allow their obstacle to limit themselves,as we with the individual body do allow obstacles to be a hindrance limiting our growth as a person & in life!! Not many can teach us these things as these young ladies have done. I am in awe with admiration,respect
    and envy of these two ladies for what they have achieved!!!! WOW, I know their parents are proud!!!! I feel so inferior to them.

  96. Jonathan

    To Matilda,

    You want me to answer your questions but that would only cause you more harm for how I would answer them (Not in the way you would like). But you do not answer me questions or prove my thinking to be wrong.

    But I will answer a few of the questions you asked (rhetorical or not): “So, what is it you‚Äôve done as a good Christian other than telling people they don‚Äôt believe right?”…..I do not believe I am “good” and that is the WHOLE reason why I need a savior(Jesus) who died on the cross for my sins and rose again because man if inherently evil (the doctrine of original sin). Ephesians 2:8-9 says that it is by grace we have been saved, through faith and not by works. Though good works naturally come as a result of being a Christian. I may have done “good” things as you say but that does not prove I am a Christian. I do not want you to believe exactly as I do, I want you to be ASSURED of your faith, and WHY it is true. Though God is the great Counselor who comforts us through hard times, that is not why we believe in Him.

    And now I will give you my life story to either amplify, diminish, or destroy my credibility (most likely it will diminish my credibility because of stereotypes of age). I am about 16½ years old and in eleventh grade. Maybe to add to my reliability I will say that my GPA for this school year fluctuates between a 4.4286 and a 4.5714 (I am not saying this to boast (do not think I memorized that either (I checked)). Why would it matter? You do not know me.) I have always gone to Christian schools my whole life. I have been raised in a Presbyterian church my whole life (except before I was one year old or something, used to be Catholic but my parents changed) I do not agree with EVERYTHING my church says but I do agree with its way of thinking for that most part. It has been required that I take a religion class each school at the school I am going to and right now I am taking world religions and I have been taught (logical) how other religions and world views such as scientism (not scientific by the way, I prefer the word naturalism) are wrong while Christianity remains true and WHY it is. Of course you are thinking that I have not had enough life experience and do not understand the world, (maybe I’d like to think it weren’t true) but I think I have grasped much of Christianity after about seven years of religion classes. I base my beliefs on reasoning as you have seen and because of this I never doubt the truth I have come to accept.

    Now I have to say that I most likely will not answer your next post (Though I will read it) because I see that we have different views and I do not think this is getting anywhere. I am not angry at you or anything like that. I am sorry again for hurting you.

    Praying for your well being,

    1. =P

      Thank you for presenting your responses in a clear, logical way! I’m proud of you, and glad to call you my brother. Continue in Christ and His everlasting love,

      PS- continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to move in other’s hearts

  97. Jonathan

    To Xeno,

    You do not understand Christianity (not “Jesusism”, please) and therefore cannot speak for it. I will not explain to you why what you about it is wrong.

    When you said “Face it, science works” I agree but science, of course, has its limitations. For example: can anyone scientifically prove that I view the color green as you do? For all you know I could view green as your red and your red as my green (see science has its limitations‚Ķthink about it). And if you want to use science, then you must realize that science points more to a Christian view of the world than to a Naturalistic view of the world(i.e. that all that exists in world can be reduced down to energy and matter and that no supernatural exists) And again if you do not believe in a supernatural being that created the universe than you must believe that at some point in time that matter appeared out of nowhere(something supernatural that contradicts the view of naturalism‚Ķironic) because you cannot explain what caused the Big Bang and what caused the cause of the Big Bang going backwards indefinitely without the existence of some supernatural being (God).

    1. Xeno Post author

      Jonathan, I was a Christian for years. Many of my close friends still are.

      Yes, your perception of color as compared to mine can be scientifically measured. This is done using colored dots of equal brightness and comparing your answers to mine and to other peoples. These sorts of tests are used to detect color blindness.

      Which is more absurd, that matter appeared out of nothing, or that God appeared out of nothing and then created matter out of nothing?

  98. Matilda

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m not telling you you are wrong, your beliefs are right, for YOU and no one should tell you otherwise, just as you shouldn’t tell anyone they are wrong in the way they believe. You know the saying you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? Well, your approach is why you are getting such a response, you can’t force someone to believe the way you do and you can’t bully someone into believing, you in fact will get the opposite result you are looking for, as you may have noticed with me. We were fine until you told me how I should answer a personal question of why I believe the way YOU say I should answer it, there is not just one answer for why anyone believes in anything.

    No one has the right in this country to be forced to feel or believe in anything they don’t want to and you seem to have a pompous attitude that gives you the perceived right to tell people they are wrong about how they feel then tell them your way is the only way.

    Do you ever study about Jim Jones? Not saying you’re anything like him, but if you study this man, see how he believed so truly what he felt, he had answers for why he believed and there was nothing anyone could say to tell him he was wrong and he needed to be right so badly and have followers he forced people by manipulation and fear and lies to believe in the way he believed, there was no choice in the matter, he forced his beliefs upon people, couldn’t, wouldn’t see other people’s sides at all and you are doing the same thing, I can see your point, I can understand your point and I’m cool with you feeling the way you do and don’t want to begin to change your mind about how you feel but I will tell you that your approach, your feeling of superiority, your attitude of I know it all, your praying for me to see the light because I am so lost according to you and have no idea what I’m talking about or feeling, that kind of approach is demeaning and I am glad that you will not respond, I no longer wish to talk to someone who continues to be so all knowing. I am going to stop my email notices to responses on here, and not come back to this site, so if you do choose to write back then others can read it but I will not.

    I’m impressed that your GPA is so high, you should be very proud of yourself for putting so much time into your studies but a high GPA doesn’t mean that what you say and think is going to be more right than someone who has a lower GPA. It just doesn’t work that way and there are many people who had high GPAs and haven’t succeeded in life and those who had low GPAs and have succeeded in life. School is only one part of learning in life, the rest is learning while living your life and you may come to see you will learn so much more if you keep your mind open to listen to others and at times keep your mouth shut and not have to jump in to tell someone how wrong they are because you can learn things from people who have an opposite view than you do but if you choose not to listen then you choose not to learn. I’ve learned from you, I was open to what you were saying so that is why I continued to write to you but I think I’ve learned all I care to from you seeing as though you refuse to see anyone else’s side but your own.

    Your age makes a bit more sense. At that age I thought I knew it all too and didn’t think twice about thinking my way was right. You’ll come to see later on in life, even though you don’t, won’t see it now, when you reflect upon your youth and your feelings that they have changed but if you don’t, and you continue to put this much pressure on people and continue to be this all knowing person who only sees your way then I think you’re going to miss out on a lot in life, there is not only one way in this world, one thought, one anything.

    It’s about many people and many beliefs and interests, and loves, and wants and needs and it would be a sad world if everyone was forced to believe as you do or as any one person does. You need to open your mind a bit more, you don’t have to agree with anything you hear, not ever, but if you keep going through life thinking you know it all you will soon come to know you know nothing.

    The fact that I’m in my 40’s I can tell you this from my own personal experience and speaking to many people who have said they thought they knew it all and it was a shock when they found out they knew nothing. A one track mind is never going to lead you to know very much. Choose to take my advice, choose not to, but I give it to you and don’t force it upon you. Do you see the distinction?

    I think it’s great you will no longer write back to me, I prefer not to have to read anymore from you, I don’t like it, and when I talk about God with someone it gives me a good feeling, but with you it does nothing but give me a bad feeling. The definition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. That’s what you’re doing, and if you truly want to spread the word of God to people don’t you think you ought to find a way to do it that doesn’t offend people? That’s just a thought from someone who doesn’t know it all but am able to say I don’t know it all and it’s okay, no one knows it all so anyone who says they do or knows their way is 100% right and others ways are wrong are going to be sadly let down.

    Take care of yourself and I wish you the best in life and much happiness and much knowledge and much understanding of others and much ability to see more than one side to everything in life.

  99. Rob Cypher

    Apparently a cellphone porn pic was already taken of them.
    Exploitation or ?

    [link removed]

    1. Xeno Post author

      Zaphod, I assume you know the cause of this STD is the spirochete Treponema pallidum? Get some penicillin, G benzathine, doxycycline, or tetracycline (for patients who are allergic to penicillin) as soon as you can. More info here.

    1. Nathan Cole

      While I agree that their love and dating life is really no one’s business, I cannot lie..i would looooooove to marry them…no questions asked… I would propose to them without delay! I grow tired of meeting girls that cause nothing but drama and play mind games. Abigail and Brittany are very mature young ladies…you don’t meet sweet and mature girls everyday.

  100. Paige

    What happens if one dies? Would the other automaticly die too? Or would the other just keep living with the other hanging thr? i dont mean this insulting but its a question

    1. Xeno

      Depending on their wishes, doctors may try to separate the one who survives. This is usually difficult if they share a circulatory system, however. By the time that difficult decision must be made, significant advances will likely have been made in medicine, so it’s anybody’s guess.

  101. Nathan Cole

    I would hope that nothing ever happens to the twins. I wondered too what would happen if one died, but then I got to thinking that I should not dwell on such ideas. The simple fact is that the twins are alive and well and that is all there is to it! 🙂 I would imagine that they currently try to avoid publicity, but it sure would be a pleasure meeting them someday. Many take life for granted and these two are living life to their fullest and that is the way to go!

    I heard somewhere they like bowling? We could use a few extra bowlers here in Virgina. lol None of us are very good mind you, but would love the company! 🙂 God Bless..


  102. JenniferL

    I would think that whoever marries them would have to love them both individually for their strengths and weaknesses and physically as one person (no offense intended). One site I found said that in simplified terms above the waist they are two people, below the waist, they function as one. It would be impossible to have a physical relationship separately and the more people you bring into a ‘relationship’, the more comnplicated emotions get. I would imagine they could get an exception to the ‘bigamy’ laws. I don’t think any judge in the world would deny them that.

    However, the twins have come up with unique solutions to unique problems. I wonder how they are doing college. Who decides which classes to take, what major, etc? If they are going for two different degrees, that could take quite awhile.

    I understand their need for privacy, but this blog is evidence that with a few exceptions, most people are positive in their support.

    Jennifer L

  103. Sharon Caballero

    I’d just like to say a great big “hello” and all my best wishes to the girls! I heard they’re going to college. Their personalities remind me so much of my two granddaughters, both independent and very different, yet so much like each other. Keep up the good work, girls! Love ya both!
    Sharon Caballero
    Savannah, Ga.

    1. Robyn

      I hope the Hensel twins do really well in school and follow their dream. i am really amazed at how they work together in things that we all think they can’t do. I think they are really special girls and someday I would like to meet them!!

      Love from,


      P.S. this is my Email, 🙂

  104. None

    I don’t think that it will be too hard for them to find a guy that would marry them or live with them. Most guys dream of two girls giving them oral sex.

    1. nick timms

      abby brittne if you want to phone me our home number is [deleted. – Sorry, I can’t be sure this is your phone number nick. To prevent people from prank calling this number and costing it a lot of money I have to remove it. You can post an email address if you like. – Xeno]

  105. me

    a few questions…
    if one of them is nervous, does the increase in adrenalin affect the other as well?
    if one heart failed would they be able to survive using the other?
    if one stops breathing can they survive on one pair of lungs?

  106. James D. Lane

    I for one am proud of these two in one girls for living a “normal” life. What is normal anyway. My life is simple in its complexity in comparison to these two girls. I only have microtia and microsomia. Facial birth defects. Congenital in nature, not genetic. I have to say that it seems there are a lot of people who have posted on this site that likely have far more struggles dealing with their “perfect” physical condition than the girls and myself and others with birth defects do. I took a chance and because my condition was congenital, my two children came out fine, they did not carry on my physical anomalies. Yes for the pervs, they are my children. I don’t mind people doing double takes or asking me questions. I am always glad to answer them and in so doing, they know the truth instead of some lame-brained theory of their own. You girls go on living life to its fullest! Kudos to you for ALL that you have done. I commend you both.
    James D. Lane

  107. cheryl

    I think the whole thing is wrong. These parents have done a disservice to these children by keeping them together. How will they have sex? How will they major in different things in college? It just doesn’t add up and I am very sad for them.

  108. James D. Lane

    You guys/gals just don’t get it. You would have that the parents aborted or knocked a hole in our heads so we would not have to “suffer” through life. All of the wonderful things that each of us who is not “like” the rest of you have contributed to society on ALL levels. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Mining Engineering and I am the lead engineer at the company I work for, all through accomplishment and qualifications. I didn’t even have any help through my life with “entitlements”. Haha.

    Medically, I don’t think the girls could be separated without compromising the existence of one of them and no one has the right to decide who that should be.

    If you can’t stand the sight or thought of the condition of these two then stop looking and stop thinking about it. Stop being so selfish to think that their lives should be adjusted or altered to satisfy what YOU think is best for them OR the world.

    Live your OWN life.


  109. Sobek's Revenge

    They wouldn’t have to worry about marrying the same guy. One would get married to the guy and then he would just have another chick on the side. Or they could be swingers and get off making the beast with two and a half backs. They could have a most lucrative future in porn, and you all know what I mean, the absolutely rare QP! You’d never be satisfied with DP ever again, perverts.

  110. Light

    Xeno, most people’s beliefs in a higher being are obscured by blind faith and upbringing of a devout family. You can’t expect them to fully, or even attempt to understand evolution because they will simply pass it off as either a hoax or another act of “god.” Although if you ask who created god, they go off on a tangent and evade your questions.

    Xeno, rock on. It’s good to know that the world is not completely devoid of rational, free thinking beings.

  111. Someone

    “Light”, Christians can say the very same thing to you…that your mind was obscured because of what you were taught in school or what your friends and family brought you up to believe (i.e. evolution).

  112. Katie

    On the internet, you can start a conversation about drainage pipes and somehow it gets back to evolution and God.


    On the note of evolution- If we’re pretty much monkeys, then explain why we(some) have the want to find greater meaning in life and they don’t.

    I could go on and on about this mess. But I have a life. A life that I love thanks to a wonderful thing I like to call my faith.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Hi Katie,
      Evolution does not diminish the wonder of humanity. We are not basically monkeys, but we are related. Why, then, are we so much more advanced in terms of our brain power? No one knows for certain. God? Alien intervention? Random series of accidents?

      As for seeking a higher meaning, as I understand it, our brains evolved, over millions of years, an amazing power of extrapolation which works great most of the time. However, this ability we have also causes errors in our thinking. For example, it leads many people to believe that since we each have parents, there must be some first parent, some super-dad and/or mom who created everyone. This same kind of error in thinking caused the past wrong belief that there were fully formed men and women inside sperm cells. (see: Homunculus.)

      1. Xeno Post author

        We are related to monkeys, mollusks, mushrooms, mistletoe … there are many branches in the evolutionary tree but as far as we know, they all started from the same seed. For humans to not be related to some form of life on earth, there would need to be two or more separate events that caused life to begin. Possible, but I haven’t heard of anyone who believes that.

  113. lalachic

    I understand what you’ve been saying throughout this thread, and I think it’s completely plausible. I think MOST people just aren’t yet ready or able to understand how DNA works and where we really come from because of our DNA. It’s a fascinating subject.

  114. Nathan Cole

    I certainly mean no offense to anyone posting comments on here, but what’s with all the sexual talk? I sure hope some of the comments that get posted on here don’t make their way back to the twins… Geeeezz.. There are indeed some really supportive and very nice comments on here, but unfortunately there are some others that should be removed entirely.
    I forget what station I saw the documentary on, but hopefully I will catch it the whole thing again. It sure put me into thought the rest of the night… Shucks..i was up half the night because the story was so touching. It really makes you stop and think…very hard too! It reminds us of the many morals and lessons that so many of us have forgotten as we got older.
    I could go on forever about it, but I will say here that these two girls remind us that life is such a precious gift, one not to be taken for granted!
    In keeping with this doctrine, I have come here not to ask silly questions, but say this:

    I see these twins no differently from any other person I have run into. I would treat them like I would treat anyone. Ok, so I would be excited to be able to talk to them! haha I can’t lie there! But other than that, they are just like the next person….

    I hope to God that they have not been forced into go through medical tests and experiments or what not.

    From what I have learned, they are better left conjoined. God intended them to be conjoined..they are doing just fine….and it looks to me like they can do some things twice as good because of God’s plan. 🙂 Enough said. No more experiments or silly questions..
    One of the questions I was not happy to see on the post was about the twins sex life and whether they would have one or two boyfriends.. Who cares? It’s not like it is our business anyway. Those topics are up to them and not for us to ponder.
    Xeno..if I remember correctly, you run this page. I’d love to hear your comments on what i have said. I am not the best at explaining things the best way, so if you have things to add, please let me know.

    Best regards to the twins..


    1. Xeno Post author

      Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for posting. Much appreciated.

      – I do remove spam and troll comments, and I try to keep this site roughly PG-13.
      – Well, you seem curiously uncurious. Wondering about all sorts of things is normal and healthy. It is okay for people to pose questions and equally okay for the twins not to answer.
      – Do you really believe in a God who plans conjoined twins? Hmmm. That just seems a bit odd to me. I think a random genetic mishap seems more likely.
      – You also seem to believe everything is pre-planned. I think the truth about that depends upon your reference time frame. It is easy to say, “it was fate” after the fact and there is no way to prove otherwise… but if there is a plan, where is it written? 😉

      Perhaps one of the readers here will know of an experiment in physics about causality which will clear this “Fate” thing up…

      1. James D. Lane

        Hey Xeno,
        I like your response. It’s very fair to ask “Do you really believe in a God who plans conjoined twins?” Good question. I am a believer in a divine Creator. There are far too many precise balances from the microscopic to the cosmos if altered in the minutest amounts would wreak havoc. That all aside, the context of this discussion surrounds your above quoted comment with which I agree. I don’t believe God “planed or plans conjoined twins.” I believe there are mutations that have been introduced since the very beginning of life on earth. I believe that just as there are “good forces” at work in our universe, so there are also “bad forces” at work in our universe. Consequently, I don’t believe God caused the conjoined twins, nor did He cause my microsomial and microtia facial abnormalities. I believe they were a result of mutations, those “bad forces” at work and I believe that no matter what the bad guy throws at us, God will always make something good out of a bad situation.
        That’s about all I can offer for now.
        thanks, Xeno.

      2. Johnny D. Miller

        Personally I don’t think anything just slips through the Hands of God unintended. He allows effects to come to all of the causes out there, including unexplained ones as well. Perhaps the twins differances was allowed as a test for those out there who would have been involved with their care, and upbringing, and if that was the case, I would say that they have honored the Great God and Creator of us all. They are sweet and normal girls in every way that you look at them. God loves them, and has a plan for both of their lives. Their private affairs involving their Male/female relations should remain just that … Private. They are now both over 18 years old, and can decide their own matters themselves. Nothing is going to change humanities sick imaginations about the private concerns of these two young women. They are adults, and surely well seasoned by now to handle the worst thrown at them by the masses. God doesn’t make mistakes, and he allows for the mistakeful thinking of men and women who are not too open to all of the challenges that present themselves to humanity. People do have a right to express themselves and to ask their questions. But they could do it in more tasteful manners as I have seen some express themselves on here.

    2. Alison

      So – James – what does it feel like when you have sex – do you get excited or just lie there? How about you Xeno – are you a bit odd?

      Of course I’m not being rude, just curious.

      1. Xeno Post author

        A bit odd? Everyone is. Lighten up. Be yourself. One of the most amazing gifts we are given is that there are new discoveries to be made about our bodies throughout our lives. Stay healthy and keep learning.

  115. interested

    Hi, you know what i am curious how they have sex!! and who feels what!! i think its pretty interesting!! i have come across a picture that involves the girls doing something (which i wont post cause thats just rude) its upsetting cause they clearly didn’t know it was being taken!! maybe if other conjoined twins of legal age could let us know a little then the sick minded curious ppl wouldn’t take pictures of them unexpectedly!! and of course I’m jut curious not sick minded lol

  116. richfiles

    I’m quite impressed with the twins and think they’ve done quite well over the years. They obviously have maintained a mature and positive outlook on life, and have deflected the negativity that some humans can be known for putting off. I think they’re awesome!

    As for their personal lives… True, I am even curious how it works, but it’s their business. It’s human nature to be curious. It’s a gift that drives our society. It’s up to them to decide how to handle it. They may never tell, and that’s fine. They are truly amazing, because they are different, but they live like they weren’t.

    As for the other posters out there…

    [Moved to the Evolution vs Creation Debate]
    These two posters I’ve observed just rub me the wrong way…

    Digimancer, you’re all over this thread with insults, I call shenanigans… I think you’re just trolling. I could be wrong though, but it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to think you are.

    [Moved to the Evolution vs Creation Debate]

  117. emily

    I was really shocked when I saw this! My inital reaction was they were really weird (dont bite me 4 this) but then I saw everything they’ve gone through and I think they’re pretty amazing. I’d have gone crazy! I mean, me and my sister are really close but we have our arguments and like to get away from each other!
    Benefits: Always someone there. Someone to hug. Combine your knowledge for homework and tests 😀
    Negatives: Probably can’t have any sexual relationship – how would it work? I don’t understand.

    I just wanted to say and no one has said this i don’t think, what if one of them died quite young? Because their side would just rot? It couldn’t be cut off or anything.
    Would they both get cancer or just one?
    Please don’t criticise me, I’m just trying to think how challenging their lives must be.
    They should get an award or something.
    I just can’t imagine what it must be like to be them, no one can.

    1. Kendrix

      Well, there was one case of conjoined twins (Mary and… something with B? The other woman had a longer name for sure… *does not have a good mamory for names*) that were far less severely fused than the Hensel twins, and one got cancer. The other was unaffected a first, but as cancer is a particulary nasty type of cancer, which spread over the bloodstream, the other sister got it, too after a while.
      There have been various cases in which one twin got sick and died; (I recall a particulary tragic story with two indian little girls… they seemed so full of life in the photo 🙁 ) The other always followed within minutes, even if she has been originally unaffected by the disease.

  118. Ginger

    When I was in grade six a few years ago, my class had a science fair. I did my project on conjoined twins, I went on the internet one day and I saw the hensel twins and learned alot about them and I just thought they were incredible! So i mostly did my science fair project on them. And everyone loved it, and i got an A on it! It was an awsome day for me!!! So if the Hensel twins are reading this message, I am saying thank you to them!!

  119. wellwisher

    i could only imagine that they would handle sex and marriage in the same manner they have learned to handle everything else in their lives. compromise, arguement and when all else fails, bribery.

  120. lorenzo

    OK, here is the deal! As far as marraige: yes polygamy is illegal. In America however, enforcement of certain laws is usually up to the particular jurstictions. I am sure if they decide to marry one person, that the jurisdiction that they are in would have enough heart not to prosecute them for polygamy! Likewise, I doubt any Federal Agency would waste the effort to do so, and come out looking like a bunch of heartless assholes. Pardon the word, but any person with common sense could come to this conclusion.
    If, by chance, they decide to marry two seperate people, then obviously arrangements will have to be made. Regardless of which one feels it or don’t, this is a real give and take relationship, and I am sure that the other has already come to grips with this issue, that they will have to share the body, after all, they have been sharing it their entire lives. They seem to really love each other, and I am sure that they will get along fine.
    Now husband jealousy issues are something I am not going to touch, because obviously these girls aren’t going to marry anyone that is not understanding!
    Children: My guess is as good as any on this, I would say DNA, but they have the same DNA, so I would settle it this way: If they marry two seperate men, then whichever is the father of the baby, well, the mother would be the one that is his wife. If they marry the same man, then you list them both as the mother. I don’t know, perhaps they both have seperate eggs, then you just go invitro with the whole thing, and you already know which ones eggs it was.
    I am getting lost in this speach because I can’t believe some of the ignorant comments, however, my point is no matter what they have to have a loving and understanding relationship, and maybe it is time everyone else quits asking these questions, time will answer all.

    1. DD

      Polygamy is not illegal. Bigamy is. Dating 2 or more people is currently only a religious crime in this country…

  121. klara

    for all the stupid assumptions about how to find out the mother of future children: they are IDENTICAL twins! people, have you never had genetics at school? it’s not possible to find out the genetical parent of a kid born by a identical twin, unless you check, who gave birth to it, which – in this case will be both of the girls, too. so ladies, if your husband is an identical twin (conjoined or not), go ahead and cheat him with his twin brother – no DNA test will find out, who’s the father of the kid.

  122. Robert

    I am identical twin; And, in my opinion, the questions regarding the girls’ sexuality are, for the most part, repugnantly salacious and/or juvenile.
    What one should ponder instead is their intensely close and deeply loving relationship! Because it is only after coming to an adequate level of understanding of that relationship that one can begin to ask such questions without temerity.

    These two beautiful girls, as most conjoined twins, depend upon each other in ways singular persons can never fully appreciate or even pretend to understand!
    Being conjoined may appear to those who are not as being “scary”, a “curiousity”, a “nightmare” or worse, but it is actually something incredibly different, and something uniquely and virtuously special.

    Maybe one way to get “normal” people to think about, and perhaps then gain a little perspective on, the ..integral.. reality of being conjoined (so they might then be able to ask rational questions with the deserved amount of empathy!) is to have them imagine, with all seriousness, that they and they’re brother (or sister) cannot live without the other, ie; if one of them dies then the other will inexorably die because of that.

    If one contemplates the bonds of Love conjoined people have for each other well enough first I think these questions about their “relationships” with “normal” people will have been already satisfactorily answered.

  123. QILZAQ

    The idea that they would/should have separate husbands is absurd. That would simply mean that they are sharing 2 guys instead of just 1. That’s perverse. Plus, you can’t count out the guy’s point of view. What guy would go along with that ridiculous arrangement: Not only having another guy constantly around (even in bed) but also he is regularly having sex with YOUR WIFE! Only a very desperate man would agree to this. I’m sure any girl would prefer 1 stud over 2 duds. They share a body, a life, and they will be much happier sharing a man too. A very lucky man…

    1. Kendrix

      They wouldn’t cheat on their husbands, as one wouldn’t have the emotional attachment to the other. Emotions and identity are in the brains, and each of them has their own brain.
      think of how sick it would be to share a partner with a same-sex sibling (or a oposite-sex sibling one if you’re gay/bi)
      you would contantly have to be jealous!

      As long as they’re emotionally attached to only one man, I don’t see any problems. sex organs are just a pile of cells, what gives them meaning is the human mind.
      If you think about it, sex organs are just “in built” tools that happen to give you the ability to produce children and provide the person you love with pleasure.
      What makes them different fromother tools that fullfill other functions is that they can only be used by the person they’re attached to, but in this case…
      I’m not saying it’s the same as sharing a hammer, but honestly.
      No one objects about them using their shared intestine to absorb nutrients.

    2. Joseph Anthony Borges III

      A reply from years latter, because I took offense to your comments

      > “Only a very desperate man would agree to this”

      Do you believe in love at all? These girls are two separate people, and I imagine each of them is interested in love just as many of us are. I would do anything for love, and that is not anything at all like desperation. (Also, if I ever do get married, I would hope to be very good friends with my wife’s sister’s husband)

      As far as the details of their love life, shame on everyone who thought it was any of their business.

  124. Mike

    The parents must be quite a pare. They either sought no pre-natal care or are extreme right to lifers. Either way their inaction has caused the unfathomable suffering of two trapped spiritual beings.

    1. Intrachresodist

      What have you been smoking¬ø Unfathomable suffering? It’s rare for such a case to survive a long time, but those girls are healthy and happy.

    2. Kendrix

      a) The parent’s didn’t know untill the ppl at the hospital pulled the girls heads out and

      b) You should read this article before you comment on it. The whole article is about how they are NOT unhappy, and in fact, very well-adjusted, with their individuality more developed than in many non-conjoined identical twins. I don’t know them personally, but on all the photos of them, I see two happy-looking, attractive, self-assured young girls.

      c) Where did your soul go? No one whith at least half a heart would kill their children if there is even the slightes chance that they survive. Every life has ended once so far, wether we die old gray and wrinkly, or even before we leave the safety of the womb, our lifespans are puny. If I would ever become pregnant with conjoined twins, I would rather let them have all the time and happiness they can have, be it a long, fulfiled life, or just not being aborted before being able to dream ( because olders fetuses DO dream – you can tell from their brainwaves), than staining my haind with their blood.
      All humans suffer, all humans will die someday. But should we murder them because they MIGHT die from natural causes?
      Should be rob them of ever knowing what emotions are, because they MIGHT be unhappy?

      You abortion- promoters always talk about “choices”, and how you won’t let yourselves be controlled by the catholic church (which I am NOT a member of), and yet, you’re arrogant enough to believe that you can decide wether a whole human mind, a small reflexion of the universe,the most precious thing in existence, is worth existing.
      That is, in my opinion, for my Children themselves to decide.
      If they ever hate me for letting them decide, they can always take revenge on me by commiting suicide.

      I can’t even beginn to imagine what these girls must be feeling with people accusing their parents for not aborting them… It’s a good thing that they seem to have strong personalities.

  125. Johnny D. Miller

    I am a twin and I am saddened to see so many comments on sexuality and reproduction being thrust upon these two very separate young ladies. If anyone of you want to get a concept on any of these matters, just go and tie yourself to somebody who you have no choice about and start living your lives together and recording your daily affairs and activities for the rest of your natural lives together. Dodge the cameras and weirdos who are constantly in your face with the same questions and comments over and over again. Record how often you go to sleep with a damp pillow under your head from crying because of the constant press of yerks out there who are so full of themselves and the vanities of their own boring lives. Abby and Brittany have plenty of true friends out there to share their sweet private thoughts with, and they don’t need 75% of the creeps who post on this blog to be ever bothering them with their stupidity, rudeness, and sick imaginations full of pervervness. I appauld them and their familys and wish them long and happy lives together, and the less people out there know about them, the better things will be. God loves them,and their family and friends love them. What more do they need? Get a life folks.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Are you a conjoined twin, Johnny?

      You have expressed deep sadness, anger (insults) and frustration in your post, as well as a concern about people having a “sick imagination”. I assume, therefore, that you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated and concerned about “sick imaginations”. This may help:

      If you take a poetry or literature appreciation class, you’ll find that all through the ages, even back thousands of years, there are only a few central themes, sex and death being the top two, closely followed by love.

      Our higher brains (developed later in our evolution) have been battling our lower brains since the dawn of written history. You can see this in the Principles of Maat, and later in the subset of these principles which became the Ten Commandments.

      1. Johnny D. Miller

        No, I am not conjoined, nor am I angry, but I am indeed saddened to see these young women constantly approached and their privacy constantly invaded with the same questions over and over again. Some of the questions asked are good questions, especially those which deal with the mental adjustments which come from their being conjoined. They will never enjoy a private moment apart from each other, hardly counting the times when one is asleep and the other awake. It just that many young men are rude in how they approach these girls, and surely they are sick of dealing with the crude remarks and questions. I have been following the Hensel twins for about 14 years now and I find them just beautiful in every way and acceptable. They have done very well for themselves and I am proud of them and their family and friends. I have no ill feelings really for those who do accost them aside from sincere pity for their ignorance and selfishness and sick comments which stem from the lower nature. I know nothing about the Principles of Maat, but I do believe in treating all mankind kindly and with respect, and treating people in the same way that I would desire to be treated in return, commanly called the Golden Rule. Everyone reaps what they have sown, and there is no escaping that divine principle, and the Hensel twins have been superb in how they have treated these nosey and rude posters. Thank you for your kind response.

  126. John Phoenix

    You know.. they could turn out to be lesbians. Marriage problem solved. Hey, they are close enough to each other they could actually make out. A lot of sibling kids “experiment” so I would think this could be possible. More interestingly they would really know what the other is feeling in a profound way.

    Seriously though the things I wanna know are: Which one of them controls what motor functions? Can they each control all limbs separately? If not, does one have to wake the other up (if asleep) before they can walk? Do they fight about which way to go? Does each one consider the body “theirs” and at times resents the other invading? What if one personality wants something done to the body the other personality doesn’t like like a piercing or tattoo? There are so many i can think of i won’t even try to ask them all here.

    1. Phil Church

      They are not lesbians. It may be difficult for you to understand, but they are perfectly normal in every important way.

  127. Macey

    I think these girls are wonderful and i fully understand how they would like to be treated normally. i actually just saw the 16th birthday on TV and they really seem normal and i just wanted to say its great that they are doing everything regular and just being themselves. i myself live in MN and in a small town and i was just wondering if they have had any luck with going/submitting to collage. i wish them luck!!!

  128. patrick

    I love Brittany and Abby.I love her and when we get married just me and she Abby an not sharing her with no outher Guy.She is one beautiful Lady with two brains and Minds.everythings 50/50 attention kisses we just take turns.except when one needs a lil more emo support.i b a lil overprotective so we harvest egg and in vitro to surrogate for our baby.i love love love her >3 xd:)…mi Bellaza n mi amor preciosa Forever in my heart my Love For Her!Kisses moochos.

    1. Phil Church

      One thing about them is that they are quite intelligent and they wouldn’t date someone like you, who spells like a child and makes up crazy stuff like that.

  129. Taylor Morgan

    Ok , can we just work with the facts.
    First of all whoever that was that was telling someone off about harbouring contempt toward Christians and saying that that was contradictory with them spouting legalities .
    Um hello ! … guess you never heard of the SEPARATION between Church & state ..

    Yes , it is all an invasion of privacy of the girls but it’s not as though they’re the only ones to deal with this . Do any of you go out and buy commercial magazines ? You’re funding and fueling the invasion of privacy of all those people featured in the magazines . And NO , they did not sign up for it by being in or connected with the entertainment industry . They signed up to participate in a film/video/audio clip to entertain you . Not to have people follow them home after the recording is over.

    People are paid to spin stories about Ciara really being a man and Jessica Biel having her lips puffed up .
    Those aren’t facts.
    That these twin girls share reproductive organs IS a FACT. So the questions about whose child it will be are valid and necessary for the future.
    It will biologically belong to both of them . Legally , I am not well enough versed to provide an answer about that .
    They are only separate girls till the navel .
    Deal with it , move on.

  130. mik ahren

    Tough break for the girls! Nature can be cruel. But, doctors should have removed the one head at birth, and let one of the girls have a normal life! Imagine what it is like to be them! It would be better to be one whole person than two half people.

    1. Johnny D. Miller

      Mik Ahren, I do not mean to embarrass you, but removing the one head would have killed the both of them, as in that one head was that one mind which controlled the nervous system (The electrical wiring) which controlled all the bodily functions of that one half body which would have been controlled by that one head. Also in reference to this as well comes the control to one of the hearts and other necessary body organs located and connected to that one head as well. The other remaining body would have had such a stress put upon it from having to take up the whole load of the work in providing the circulation of the blood and also losing half of the control of the other necessary glands which counteract healing and defenses from infection and disease, and control timely release of everything which keeps them a well maintained human body. If one would simply think it through first, and then post your remarks, one could save alot of embarrassment. I am not even a doctor, and I was able to reason this out real simple. They are two completely separate human beings, dependent and independent of each other for survival. They share everything perfectly. We should learn from them. With Eng and Chang of the original Siamese twins fame, as soon as one of the brothers died from natural causes, the other one died very soon afterward, and they actually shared hardly anything between them. Surgically altering of the Hensel twins, in my opinion would have been the demise of the both of them. Their parents made the most wise choice, and because of it, we will be able to know and love this set of twins for a very, very long time now.

    2. Kendrix

      There was never a chance of one of them becoming a “whole person” as in a person with four limbs. They’re not just a person with two heads – essentially, each of them has only one hand and one leg and lack the other ones, plus some complete and some incomplete internal Organs that just happen to be ‘glued together’ with the “matching” parts on their Sister’s Body. hard to believe when you see how they walk and do complex movements, but they can’t feel a single thing in their Sister’s side of the Body.

      I’ve read somewhere that they wouldn’t want to be separated even if it was possible- they are just too severely fused. Even if you would separate them, each would have only one arm and leg, they would be wheelchair-bound and unable to have any kids. They seem to be doing relatively fine as they are, and from what I’ve seen of them so far, they both have strong, optimistic personalities. You can tell by those little quirks they have. And each of them has different ones.

      And even if what you said was possible – why kill one of them if both are apparently living fullfilled lives?

    3. Cassie

      God I hope they never read your ignorant comment. I’m sure they would feel just wonderful that you think one of them should have been killed. “It” is not an “extra head” to be removed, “it” is a sister and a person. How barbaric of you.

  131. Mandi

    I think these girls are beautiful. i would love to have someone with me we i needed them. their life is probably hard sometimes, but they seem perfectly happy. May God bless them and hope they live to be 100 or more.

    dont blame me if i misspell, im 12

  132. Phil Church

    I am a friend of the girls. I think they are enjoying their celebrity attention, but at the same time, it makes them very unconfortable to be stared at and hear people ask all sorts of embarrasing questions and make rude comments. They just want to be treated like normal human beings.
    Be respectful and friendly and they will respond in a positive way to you.
    Be kind to them. They are wonderful, beautiful people and they have a very bright future.

  133. jazzy

    i want to know, if one wakes up in the morning does the other one instantly wake up or do they have to fight the other to wake up…. its just a question so please do not get upset..

  134. Beetrootsgirl

    Ok, now without having a hissy-fit I would very much appreciate it if someone could answer this curiosity for me:

    This is a case of twins conjoined at the torso, got that, from idk say about the bellybutton up they “control” their own side, got that as well. What I’m wondering is that since from the bellybutton down they are “one” per se, how does walking work? Do they both have to want to walk, or does one control that, or say if one wanted to walk and the didn’t would they move or how’s the deal?

    I would like to re-iterate that this is a simple curiosity not an attack! I’ve read comments above and I find it quite amusing how some people’s panties are getting in a bunch so easily over such simple questions. Why is it that we can ask a million about “regular” human systems to the point of being invasive, but with cases like the above we have no right ask?? We’re all human are we not? Thanks in advance to whoever can answer this for me, fabulous day to all 🙂

    1. banjoraff

      This is my first post and i have to do it in response to all the previously posted comments.
      It seems that everyone agrees that the girls are wonderful, inspiring, beautiful etc, etc.
      Now in Australia, we are a broad minded people who will find humour & curiosity on any topic, regardless whether it may be considered taboo, insensitive or politically incorrect. It is not done with any malicious intent nor a desire to upset or offend.
      These girls are entitled to their privacy and rightly so. Most people do not wish to discuss their sex lives or their indulgence in any manner of paraphillia with the public in general.
      With all due respect, this does not preclude the curious, bizzare & what some may consider to be poor taste questions, scenarios & hypotheticals being asked.
      So good on you all who have asked any of the questions that do come to mind. We may not know the truth, but it is the resultant conjecture that comes from such things that help us make light and deal with these difficult topics. And in saying this, a group of us discussed the following.
      As they share bottom organs, it is safe to assume they share an anal passage. Does one or both parties feel a sensation there.
      What happens if one likes [a particular kind of sex] (gasp) and one doesn’t??
      What happens if one comes out and admits to being gay??? Can you consummate a marriage??

      These are simply hypotheticals which does not require an intrusion on the girls privacy. I would also hazard a guess that very few of the people who have so far posted to this thread have not at some stage wondered about the possible sexual peccadilloes of another.

      thankyou all

  135. Tami

    All this talk about the twins sex life and procreating. Come on now there are more important things Im sure they are thinking about now in their young adulthood, such as attending college in the direction of their independent futures. The girls have come thus far as two persons with their own free will and minds. They have done just fine. Also I am sure by knowing their situation they have laid in bed at night in the privacy of the darkness and talked about what they will do regarding their PRIVATE lives. These girls are Gods gift to us to love and enjoy as the people they are and we should not be the curiousfreak show visitor. We should only see them as they are and thats 2 different young ladies with great personalities and love for life. By the way…… Its not so bad to go through life WITHOUT a husband and children as I have done, which I have enjoyed every minute of my life. There really is more out there than to just get married and “procreate”. God Bless those girls with a full and happy life!

  136. Ressie Lacinski

    This web site is really quite sophisticated, but for some reason it does not display properly when trying to view on my Nintendo Wii. If it helps, the console uses the Opera web browser and am impelled to using the console for accessing the Net whilst my PC is away being restored.

  137. pauly semick

    How about playing guitar and singing? I imagine they could make the most amazing music… Harmonies? Lovely people.

  138. july7nyc

    Xeno, I’m with you except I probably am a bit more extreme in my views. Richard Dawkins is my hero and I’m currently reading his book “The God Delusion.” I truly believe susceptibility to religion is a mental illness/defect that has a genetic basis. I refuse to engage in “debate” with religious people about it, however, because there really is no debate. They simply believe what they believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, and provide nothing to back up their claims other than “faith”, which is nothing more than a belief or feeling. “…what we are talking about: feelings or truth. Both may be important, but they are not the same thing.” That’s all I’m going to say on that.

    Yes, there is much about science and biology we do not understand. In one of your comments, you mentioned how there is a gap in knowledge in terms of how these girls function biologically. I agree and I think that most of what we do not know or understand about the human body lies in the brain. You know when you get that weird feeling that someone is looking at you and you look around and someone IS looking at you? Or those other types of hyper-sensory “feelings” one gets in certain situations- I believe it all has a biological basis and it’s our brains working in ways we do not yet understand. I think the idea that these girls function with some kind of intuitive sense of each other is amazing. It’s really difficult to describe since we don’t have the words and principals to use yet, but for example, when they clap or work together to catch something without verbally communication. There is something going on there that we can’t explain.

    The fact that they have two separate brains but can communicate non-verbally in such a way as to coordinate a single movement or combined effort is amazing. If one is asleep, can the other still walk? If one is blindfolded, can they catch something? It’s all fascinating!

  139. Tami


    essie said on Abigail and Brittany Hensel: My favorite conjoined twins.
    April 10, 2008 at 4:32 am

    They are two different people living in the same body. If one sister eats the other sister receives nourishment. They have 2 hearts pumping but one circulatory system, they each have a lung of their own and one shared lung, basically they have a body built to accommodate the needs of two people sharing a body in a efficient manner. Two people one body.
    Thus said, marriage should depend on the twins own decision of marriage and whether it is to a body or mind. Also any child would be a child would belong to both since they share the same DNA, blood and reproductive system. They both would experience the pregnancy and so would both probably have a maternal attachment to the child.

  140. interesting

    Ever heard the saying “two heads are better than one”?

    Well.. when it comes to decision making.. they have the ablility
    to have two sets of reasoning put into each decision. I think there
    are all kinds of interesting psychologically based considerations
    that many of us would never think about when it comes to all kinds
    of thought processes they go through on a daily basis.
    What if one is more inclined to be shy or have anxiety than the other one.
    I bet the stronger personality takes up for the other one at times when she
    knows the other is anxious or shy.. one concern to me would be
    how sometimes it is nice to have all by
    yourself time.. which can never really be done unless one is asleep while the
    other is awake.. still not ever all alone.. but able to have the feeling of
    being alone. What if one wants to do something the other is very against. They
    just have to make allowances. It probably has taught them a level of patience
    and tolerance that most people never learn. I bet there are many little things
    each day that they have to handle differently that none of us think about ever
    existing. They should write a book or keep a journal or diary for years of things
    that might interest people and then combine all the years of information and share it
    with people. Just the little thoughts and things they notice from their perspective.
    I bet there are a million things they come up with that people would be intrigued by.
    They seem funny and happy typical silly fun loving like any other normal teens. Of course
    they have serious considerations about things involving them sharing one body. What if one
    is more comfy in girly dresses and the other likes tom boy pants most of the time. They
    again would have to learn the give and take lessons that some people never learn. One gets
    to decide one day and the other another day on how they get to dress or whatever.
    they can do each others hair and always have each other to visit with. I see all kinds of
    really neat things that would make their lives more enriched than most peoples lives. Yes
    the public can be very cruel. I am sure that they probably have pretty thick skin when it comes to dealing with people who are so uncomfortable with their difference that they dont know how to react and instead say dumb stuff or stare. They probably have incredible senses
    of humor due to that fact. I wish the best for them. They are very lucky to have both been able to live. I only wish them the very best of everything.

  141. ScienceGEEK_23

    By the way, it is impossible for a male and female two be conjoined twins. When the egg splits, it’s one gender or the other, not both. Male and female twins are 2 eggs ovulating at the same time, and can not conjoin.

    It it would happen, the original egg would have to be a hermaphrodite.

    1. Xeno Post author

      In some extremely rare cases, due to aneuploidy (wrong number of chromosomes), monozygotic twins (from one egg) may express different sexual phenotypes (male and female). It would be even more rare for such twins to be conjoined, but why do you say it would be impossible?

  142. Laura

    Wow, you people have alot of time on your hands. I have been following the girls since birth and find it amazing that they have not only survived but thrived in this world. For whatever reason, they are how there are and are HAPPY! Would that us “single” humans could be such.

    As to the question of God and whether He caused this to happen or merely allowed it – we will not know until we get to heaven and ca ask Him – are you going?

  143. Amazed

    Hi, I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else thinking the same thing…
    I really amazed and shocked by this situation, and I just so damn confuse why would God let such thing happens?

    I started to think maybe God doesn’t control everything completely. I mean, there is God and he did created existence, but He just simply doesn’t control every detail thing in world. I mean maybe God just like a kid with an ant farm. He simply created the farm, bought the ants, but can’t control the ants.
    If he controls everything in detail, why would such thing happens?

    As for the twins, you are amazing… have a long and happy life…

    1. Alyson

      Maybe because there is no such thing as god. The reason it doesn’t make sense to you is because you are trying to understand things through an idea that god exists. Science can explain why it happened. It’s rare, but it’s perfectly explicable scientifically. Nothing will make sense if you try to explain things through “god” because it defies all logic and reality. If you want to understand the world, you have to live in reality and learn about fact-based, evidenced-based principles and knowledge. If you believe in a god, you will have to keep believing in crazier and crazier things in order to make the world make sense so I recommend going in the other direction and questioning why you think there is a god to begin with. And just because science may not have all the answers to things like how everything came into existence and life began, doesn’t mean we get to “fill in the blanks” with crazy shit that makes NO sense whatsoever. It’s perfectly ok to not know the answers to everything and to be open to other possibilities. Science will always evolve and change. Religion won’t.

      1. Xeno Post author

        I’m more interested in the quality of the answers each philosophy does claim to have. How well do claims fit observable reality? Based on that criteria, I choose factual science over most religion, which as far as I’ve been able to discern is typically a muli-generational a fairytale invented and re-invented and each time told with great conviction by those who want to control and manipulate others by offering false rewards and punishments in a non-existent afterlife.

        I do believe the future influences the past, based on my personal experience, and so, rather than an afterlife, it would make more sense to me that we fall out of time and exist forever at all times at once.

      2. Bee

        Well, tell me what caused everything. Go on, tell me.
        Maybe a god created the world, and created the science and stuff in it. Maybe he made science.
        That’s why we understand it then.

        1. Xeno Post author

          No one knows. That makes people uncomfortable, some more than others.

          Without any real evidence, as an explanation, “gods” were invented by the people who could not handle the truth that we don’t know. Actually the gods started out as the sun, moon and the visible planets.

          Later, as their sheep herder companions listened with raised skeptical eyebrows, feeling a little guilty and foolish about just pulling the idea out of their butts that the sun, moon and/or planets created the universe, they invented more wild stories to support their “explanation” about why and how gods created the universe.

          When this did not entirely work, they freaked out and killed some skeptics to save face and “prove” that they we right.

          Later, after many more stories and many more killings, those “gods” became just one “God” (at first the sun, and when that was too silly, the son) because we like simple explanations, no matter how absurdly wrong or unsupported by evidence.

          As an interesting side note, the five wandering stars (our visible planets-Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn ) were so important to the ancients that they each had a day of worship. Together with the sun and moon, they gave us the seven day week… And astrology. Later, they got demoted from gods to angels. Angelos in Greek means wanderer.

          The fact that we do not know what started the universe in motion does not give you poetic license to imagine and then demand that everyone else believe that it was a super powerful human-like entity. Why not a giant fruit bat? Why not an allergic reaction to gravity by an intelligent plasma?

  144. Rachael

    i saw the video of them- their siblings don’t seem very happy. the twins always get all the attention, and everyone gives them whatever they want because they’re different… but their siblings are just more normal people. they don’t really smile…

    1. Pinky212

      Their siblings are happy, well adjusted young people, too. Perhaps you just haven’t seen them as much in the videos. The twins don’t always get what they want. Their parents try very hard to treat them as would if they were two separated twins. They have done a good job of that. We must remember that they are the oldest of the children. They will naturally get attention that the younger ones don’t, simply because they are the first children to have the experiences, i.e. get their driver’s license,

  145. Kendrix

    All those ppl saying they should share one husband are crazy.
    This article clearly displays that they have different tastes in many matters, puting them with a man that one likes and the other doesn’t would be endlessly cruel, as would some sort of “compromise” would be.
    And besides, two girls, more over, SISTERS sharing the same bofriend?
    That would cause impossible jealousy.
    What are reproductive Organs exept simple tools that can be used to provide the person you love with pleasure and to produce children with them? They’re just flesh, the Identity is in the brain.
    The sisters’ genes are exactly the same anyway, so a possible solution could be test their children for their fathers, and whose boyfriend is the father could be declared the mother.
    Their brains are separate, and that’s where the mind and the emotions – and the capacity to love – are, after all.
    Like all young girls, they probably won’t marry the first person they date, so they will probably not allways have boyfriends at the same times.
    and if they ever should both get married, they could do it like some other pair of conjoined twins who took turns between the homes of their wives. (cant remember their names right now)
    They have managed to get around all major problems so far, so why shouldn’t they manage this one?

    Anyway, we should stop talking about them like they’re lab specimen.
    I just wish that they will have a long life and find some nice boyfriends that will take them seriously. That they are fairly attractive despite their condition might help.

  146. Sean Haigh "Hull England"


  147. David

    I don’t have time to read through all the comments, so my apologies if this has been addressed already.
    Brittany and Abigail are two people. As far as genetics go: they’re one individual. Seriously, all of you who’re talking about DNA – do you not know that conjoined twins are identical twins? Their DNA is identical. They will be aunts and mothers to their kids, simultaneously. Whether they marry one guy or two, there will be interesting interpersonal ‘jealousy’ issues involved – but I’m guessing whoever they end up with will be pretty great – he (they) would have to be.

  148. Iv√°n Lima

    mmm? I am a spanishboy I am live in juarez city in chihuahua mexico near to el paso texas sorry for my bad words in english i think Abby and Brittany they are a beautifuls girls in one body God Bless you Abby and Brittany are a goods liders for the us some times I have everything in my body and not presius my body not say thanks God for my family or my body you Brittany and Abby are a motivations for try to be a gods persons congratulations! Abby and Brittan you are incredibles girls ! its real its honest my opinion thank you Brittany and Abby! you are a beautifuls girls! and beautifuls faces! Brittany and Abby! God Bless You BrittandAbby!!!! so much!!!!!

    1. Xeno Post author

      They have two soles, as would one man. Two men would have four soles. Only they have walked a mile in their shoes, therefore, only they can choose.

      1. Pinky212

        Do you not know the difference between “souls” and “soles”? Of course, you do. This is not the place to offend another person for their belief, as you are subtly trying to do. I’ve read your earlier post. If you desire respect for your opinion, then the same must be accorded by you for others. I’m not going to discuss spirituality with you or anyone else, however. I respect your right to choose not to have faith in a Supreme Being, God, Higher Power, or whatever label a person of Faith may call their Diety. It is my experience that persons who don’t possess this capability are beyond my power to help them except through my own personal prayers.

  149. Tom

    Imagine , Your pump one vagina and two girls moaning together

    but some stuffs are really odd
    when you kiss one the other will be jealous and when you kiss the other this one will be jealous

    so no way to marry one Man

    but whenever they decided to with one man , they can count me in
    i m handsome , good looking and strong enough to satisfy both of them

    haa , but there are alot of questions in my mind about them
    you’re hungry but the other one eats and you’re not hungry anymore . but you have to shit out what the other one’s is eaten

    that so cruel you have to shit what you haven’t eat ? no

  150. Alice

    Why is everyone talking about their future relationships? It’s not YOUR decision who and how they choose to marry – it’s theirs. Let them be the amazing and unique way they are, and let’s just see how they do 🙂

    Best of luck to you both! I think you are both brave self-assertive young women! I’m a 14-year-old, and your strong personalities are ones I truly look up to.

    Stay strong,


  151. Magic Eraser

    weird. i thought that would be impossible, but its true. thats really sweet. but what if they wanna have a baby…? o.O thats the hard part

  152. Rose

    How do these girls swim? Not as an offense at all, these girls are beautiful people who should live there lives.

    1. Joel S. Davis

      I’m sure they swim much as they walk– learned coordination. Entirely separate people learn intricate piano duets and coordinated dance routines; they’re in a far better position to learn such coordination.

  153. Sujarno Mahavero

    even there conjoined it doesnt mean there less beautiful and honestly if they were 1 person people just say they good looking girls,to get back to the point there still beautiful girls nomatter what and they could have a great life together and meet the man of there dreams

  154. Donna G

    Legal issues are due here. One man cannot marry two women. The twins have “shot themselves in the foot”. They consider themselves to be two people so marriage for them would be bigamy for the husband. Then there is the awful subject of rape. If one does not consent then then what happens? Their parents live in a fantasy world. The girls may live a normal life,but they are not
    normal. They cannot be sheltered by society, forever. It is not our obligation to make exceptions for them. They “made their bed now they must lay in it”.

    1. My Xi Hu

      Congratulations on being the only person I’ve ever heard compare attempting to live normally with a congenital condition as terrible and difficult as Parapagus fusion to “shooting themselves in the foot”.
      I happen to be a Law student, and in fact, laws are bent around specified situations -so- often that instead of speculation about their hypothetical sex life, one might be more efficient by teaching oneself a bit of humility and empathy, or basic respect for others in general.
      And, for the record, assuming someone can’t live a normal life because of the way they look is bigoted and close-minded. A quadruple-amputee recently swam across the English channel. have you done that? I doubt it.

      1. Sarah Mackintosh

        Dear Xi Hu,

        I like your comment I did not know that the person you mention swam across the english channel. How are you getting on with your law training, would you like to come to Al Murray’s evening of entertainment held anually at the effingham golf club in Surrey linked with the charity of which he is a patron in July. My e mail is

        Best Wishes,

        Sarah Mackintosh.

    2. Jason Rogers

      You are an extraordinarily idiotic person. How exactly have they “made their bed,” you stupid bitch?

      1. Sarah Mackintosh

        Dear Jason,

        SO HYSTERICALLY AMUSING. Please look at my comment further up.

        Best Wishes,

        Sarah Mackintosh. x

    3. David Francis

      Donna G, you live in a fantasy world if you think the Hensel’s haven’t already thought of these issues. Legally they are two people. For example they each had to take a separate driving test. Legally, I would image, they can each have a husband. For either to marry, a very special man would need to be found. Doesn’t every woman want a special man for her husband? No one can work these things out better than Abbey and Brittany. They did each have their own prom dates. Why not their own husbands? The fact that they share genitalia isn’t strange to them at all. It’s the only life they’ve known. It’s only strange to those of us “normal” people who haven’t faced their challenges. Apparently the fact that they’ve done so well so far is reprehensible to some. Do you wish to further complicate things for Abby and Brittany by forcing them into a single identity? Or are you sore that their mother gave birth in the first place? Why would you rather look for something to blame them for instead of marveling at what they have over come? How could they have “shot themselves in the foot” or “made their bed”? They didn’t choose this life. Their bed was made for them and they’ve made the best they can of it. They are beautiful. You must be a bitter woman.

    4. NosmoKing

      Judging from your post Donna; I think people have been making “exceptions” for you for some time now. These girls are extraordinary people and should be applauded for their accomplishments…NOT ridiculed as you have done. Just how do you think they’re responsible for being conjoined?

    5. zackius

      brings up a good point on the rape thing what if one wants to have sex and the other dose not etc though i suppose if one was aroused the other probably would be what with the whole chemical changes part of arousal

    6. Travis G.

      The good news, Donna? There’s no cure for stupidity — but that doesn’t mean that you too can’t live a normal life!

  155. Faye Kane Homeless Brain

    FYI, nude”>Pix of the Hensel twins nude and partially nude were leaked, probably by someone at their college. My guess is the pix were taken and leaked for money, but they made it to the web.

    1. Pinky212

      Exactly why was it important that you let everyone know about this? Do you get your kicks by spreading rumors? Disgusting little person!

    2. Xeno Post author

      The photo you saw was a doctored fake. There are before and after photos showing that it was a Photoshop job. False accusations can mess up people’s lives and, as I am now learning, this kind of thing can open you up (and me as the blog owner) to defamation lawsuits… I think that only applies if you claim it is true and know it isn’t? Or if you think it is but it turns out it isn’t… But you just said it was your guess… actually I’m still not very clear on what is defamation and what isn’t.

  156. Miss Coco

    amazing! i’ve seen two documentaries about them (one when they were aged 11, the other when they were 16) and always wondered how they were doing. they really have grown up to be strong, beautiful women! that kinda experience – sharing your personal space 24/7 with someone – must really develop you as a person. i have no idea how their romantic relationships are going to work out but it is none of MY or anyobody else’s business. i wish them all the best.

  157. Susanne Ferrante

    Amazing. Imagine that your legs are tied together (Your friends legs are tied together too) and then you and your friends waists are tied together. Then try to walk. That is what they do every day.

    1. Xeno Post author

      They share one uterus, so both would be the mother if they decide to have a child. It may be possible with genetic tests to choose one as donating the most genetic material, but since they both would carry the baby, I don’t see such tests as useful.

      1. k Foster

        There are subtle DNA differences between identical twins. But this is all “un-charted territory”, if Brit. is married to the father, she will be the legal mother. I don’t see any judge trying to dispute that. Why would either of the girls or the father try to. Clearly the girls have discussed this, Abby must like the guy enough to be willing to bed him. They ARE different people with differing tastes in food, clothes, etc. As to him being special, Oh yah, almost as special as they are.

  158. Lira Mayfield

    Seriously? Why does everyone assume marriage has to be about sex? I am in love with a gay guy (and I’m a girl) and we’re engaged. He knows I’m in love with him and I know there will never be a romantic relashionship between us. We’ve known each other since second grade (third for him) and we’re best friends. We have a very easy relashionship and are both completely happy and comfortable with the future we’ve made. We have the same interests and the same ideas of what kind of house we want. I have always wanted kids and that’s no longer an option and it hurts, but you know what? He’s worth it. These girls are strong and indepentent people. When you get married, you are not supposed to try changing the other person. True love is about agnowledging a persons faults or disabilities and accepting and loving the person regardless. We chose not to have sex, but the choice is up to the two girls and their husbands when they get married. They will have to figure this out for themselves and it is none of our buisness what this descision will be. I made my choice and I’m happy with it. When these girls make their choices, they are the ones who are going to live that life, not anyone else, and that is the only way they will be able to lead a happy life.

    1. koldobika2020

      >I made my choice and I’m happy with it.

      You are fooling yourself. You are also incredibly selfish, forcing a gay man to enter into what amounts to a monogamous relationship with someone he is not sexually attracted to; if you truly loved him you would not do this to him.

      I think you are both very confused people who do not know what you actually want out of a relationship, and are settling for each other out of convenience and a fear of the unknown.

      Your relationship will end with infidelity, by one or both. That or some other tragedy.

      1. Joseph Anthony Borges III

        Wow, really? Where did you get “forcing” from? Do you realize that you made that part up yourself based on your projected feelings?

        Speaking of your projections, while you may allow your life to be governed by your genitals, but some of the rest of us let our hearts have that job.

        and by the way, the Hensel twin’s sex life is none of our business, and it is rude to discuss it in a public forum. (again, sex on the brain)

    2. C. Ocknose

      Sex really is a very important part of marriage (unless you are both asexual). You will understand this when you are older and more experienced. I am sure the twins will find an arrangement that works for them.

  159. Nathan Cole

    I haven’t been here in a while and hope I can find my old posts and keep going where I left off. I haven’t heard anything about the twins in the last year. Hope all is well with them. I assume they are still in college??

    1. Xeno Post author

      No, don’t be a Cyberstalker. The current US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law is found at 47 USC sec. 223. Wikipedia lists their residence as St. Paul, Minnesota, USA and the latest news is this: “Bethel University juniors and conjoined twins Brittany and Abby Hensel took part in a student teaching stint last week at Centennial Middle School.” – link.

      I recommend you leave a message for them here. I’m guessing they will see it some day. 😉

  160. Corey JL

    They should play the drums!! since their arms and legs are both controlled separately by each they would be able to create some crazy Beats!!

    1. Keven

      If they’d learn to play drums, I’d like them to play in my band! The world can always use another good drummer (or two)

  161. Dawn

    I think these girls are not only lovely-looking, but have fantastic personalities which have positive, uplifting effects on others. I’ve only seen them on tv, but they’re adorable and I definitely see them as two distinct entities, even though they share many body organs. They are individuals for sure. What they have accomplished is amazing, and I hope they live very long, healthy and happy lives – I think they’re definite optimists. God bless them in all their endeavors.

  162. Keven

    I love these girls! 🙂 They have a great outlook, are funny- and gorgeous to top it all off! Best of luck in everything to them!

  163. Mary W.

    Well I’m new on here, but honestly as far as it goes, technically these two are separate as far as having their own heads, minds, etc, but since they do share a very vital important part, then if one has sex, then so does the other. And the most difficult and obvious thing is that they will be literally having sex with the same guy at the same time, and if those two somehow marry different guys, these guys will be having sex with the same vagina that belongs to two different girls. If any babies come out of this, each baby will have to have dna testing to prove who the true mother and father is for the birth certificate and for all legal documents from then on. :/ As far as the law goes, I don’t want to wish them to never marry. In fact I wish them all the happiness in the world and to lead as normal lives as they can, but I’m hoping that all legal issues can and will be dealt with, so that if any other conjoined twins live and choose to marry, they will have a true path to follow with no obstacles.

  164. Mind Boggles

    My mind boggles. My bad.

    What if one does something illegal? Can the other be incarcerated?

    I wish them the best.

    Incredible story.

    Still boggling…

  165. Gamini

    I find those twins are pretty and gorgeous like one there in Adam’s family and i find it also she look sexy when they grow up already.

  166. Justin Boggs

    All bigoted ignorance aside, Ive followed the twins story since i was young and i have stood in awe for years at thier magnificence. I admire unique people, and these two are very unique. I think theyre some of the most beautiful people on earth, I would love to know them personally. I think if i got to know them Id fall in love. All I have to say is, whoever gets thier hands in marriage, or any relationship is amazingly fortunate and blessed.

  167. Rachel

    Wouldn’t adoption be possible? That seems like an ideal fix for at least the children part of the marriage and family question. That way, though they both have to be present and cooperate in order to care for any children, they could legally adopt their own–perhaps with a father. It would sort out all these birth certificate and legal issues on that end. If they took separate dates to the prom, it does seem that rationally they go for different guys, and that part makes some sense. Sexually, I can’t comment on. That’s totally tricky and sad. 🙁 And I have no idea what the law would say, or how the men who married them would feel about such a situation. I’ve heard of twins marrying twins. I guess if they are legally two different people, maybe the law doesn’t care, and it’s just up to the four individuals who would be involved, and what their preferences were. Perhaps marry two men who were REALLY comfortable with one another. 😛 The marriages might be doomed not to last, too. The guys might get to freaked out. I dunno.

  168. Darren Bent

    Do the Hensel Twins have an e-mail, Facebook or Twitter page? I have been trying to communicate with them for years now.

  169. Joseph

    These girls are not that much different than everyone else or a single person who has had to overcome some physical limitation. People, relationships, jobs, marriage should all be flexible enough to accommodate them with little difficulty. Life is diverse and tries one of everything.

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  175. Keven

    we seemed to have strayed from the subject- to reiterate, these are absolutely beautiful girls- and I wish them all the best in the future! You’re my new crush, Brittany and Abby! 🙂 Best of luck to you both!

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