Paul the Psychic Octopus Available as iPhone App

By | July 19, 2010

Paul the psychic octopus, uTouch LabsPaul the Psychic Octopus may be leaving the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, for the Madrid Zoo, but more importantly, he could also be headed right into your iPhone.

Yes, the cephalopod soothsayer who became a media sensation during the World Cup by correctly predicting Germany’s seven victories and Spain’s win in the championship match has gone digital. And now he’s ready to tell you if it’s going to rain or shine tomorrow, if the Miami Heat will win the next nine NBA titles, or whatever other critical information you need to know.

Brazilian developers uTouch Labs released “Ask the Octopus” on July 14, an app that allows a cartoon version of Paul to help users make decisions — be they basic or mind-boggling. Simply enter two possible options, and the eight-legged oracle will make a choice, hopefully guiding your life in the right direction. Like Paul, who picked game winners by choosing a mussel from a container marked with a country’s flag, the animated octopus makes his prediction by swimming to the sea floor and selecting one of two boxes.

According to uTouch Labs’ marketing and product manager, Leonardo Copello, the idea for the app struck him after reading AOL News Editor Steve Pendlebury’s report on the psychic phenom earlier this month.

“Brazilians are soccer lovers, so we are watching the FIFA World Cup and a really curious octopus appears as an oracle in the match games. It caught our attention, and we brainstormed about an application for mobile devices,” he said.

It took five days of working around the clock for the company to design the character and program the app.

via Paul the Psychic Octopus Available as iPhone App by uTouch Labs.

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