Palladium is up Again! Buy a Palladium coin.

By | April 3, 2010

If you followed my advice a few days ago you should be happy right now. I said two days ago at $475.50 that palladium was on the way up. Today it is at $492.50/oz.

Coins are great. Even if the price goes down there is something satisfying and reassuring about holding a single coin worth that much… especially when it can magically gain $20 in value in two days.

This price is probably only good for a few days.€  I will likely pull this offer down€  soon.

OFFER REMOVED. YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE. SORRY. Since I made this offer to sell for $580, the price has climbed to $790/oz. So, you could have made $110 if you had $580 to spend on one of these coins. Not a bad 10 month return on investment.

Correction: Did I say they are up to $492.50, well, they went up again since I wrote that. Now they are at $517 and rising… This is why I can only offer them at this price for a short time. If you want a lot of them at once, go with Monex. If they have them (they often don’t), you can expect long delays. They don’t ship quickly. I can sell you one (no more than 5 please) and ship quickly.

Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf – Recent years have given rise to a renewal in the investment demand for palladium. … In recent years palladium has been a very lucrative asset wielding investor's respectable returns. Palladium, just a few years ago reached a high of $1,100 an ounce, nearly four times the price of gold at the time, but today is selling for a mere fraction of that amount.

The coin is struck in pure .9995 fine palladium at the Royal Canadian Mint …. Each coin is manufactured to meet the high quality standards of the Royal Canadian Mint, and the weight, purity and face value of each coin are all guaranteed by the Canadian government.

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