Painful microscopic shard of asbestos in my finger?

By | November 15, 2008

anthophyllite-asbestos-fibresI opened an 11 year old Hewlett Packard scanner today and handled a solid fiberglass looking bar inside with my bare hands. Since then I have had a sharp pain on the surface of my skin on one finger if I touch it, but I can’t see any splinters.€  Did HP used asbestos in their scanners manufactured in 1997? Old scanners get very hot internally, so it would make sense for asbestos to be used.

“Asbestos Removal Technicians complaints of painful skin lesions that occur after exposure to asbestos and continue years later. The lesions are very painful and slow healing. This occurs when asbestos penetrates skin and becomes embedded.” -consultwebs

I hope I didn’t breathe any asbestos in the process. I’ll know in 15 to 20 years.

If you get asbestos fibers on your skin, very few of these fibers, if any, pass through the skin into your body. – cdc

I’m not sure about the validity, but one site says, “Asbestos can be removed in days from your vital organs by avoiding asbestos contaminated foods and drinking lots of fluids.”

Ah, on very careful inspection, with powerful lighting, I can actually see the little bugger embedded in my skin. Now I just need some very small tweezers.

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  1. Tracy Sunn-Stott

    I seemed to have acquired a similar problem from removing crumbling asbestos tiles and insulation from my basement.
    When I applied very sticky packing tape or “Gorilla Tape” to the splinter ridden areas, it seemed to extract most of the splinters, upon pulling the tape away from the skin. It may take multiple applications before feeling relief.
    Just be sure not to apply the tape too forcefully, for fear of further embedding the particles.
    Hope this helps.

  2. bambam

    Lots of fluid won’t get rid of asbestos fibres!
    They are like tiny hooks that stick in your organs and it only takes one fibre to trigger it off down the line!
    I strip it for a living and have had a few splinters but if you are wearing the correct equipment ie gloves resperator , you should be ok…and to the guy who “removed” crumbling tiles…..I hope u wore rpe even though tiles have minimum in them u still run the risk…I have just become a dad and want out! Not a nice job at all

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