FBI Director: be “deeply skeptical” of government

Americans should be “deeply skeptical” of government power, says FBI Director James Comey, adding that law enforcement should be able to access someone’s telephone only with a court order, “I believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power,” Comey told CBS News’ Scott Pelley in an interview for “60 Minutes” that will air… Read More »

Professor sought in shooting deaths

The details of this unusual story are spread out in many small articles I’ve been reading: Authorities are looking for 57-year-old George Zinkhan, who may be armed and dangerous according to Athens Police. Mr Zinkhan is a marketing professor the University of Georgia. Police do not know what triggered the shootings that left his ex-wife… Read More »

DOJ Drops Use of ‘Enemy Combatant’ Language

The Justice Department today told a federal court that it has the power to detain those who “substantially” supported Taliban or al Qaeda forces after Sept. 11 but is dropping the legal use of the phrase “enemy combatant” to describe such detainees. In the court filing, lawyers for the Obama administration wrote that the president… Read More »

Sheep shearing via phone

Shearing sheep in the future could be as easy as dialling a number on your mobile phone. Researchers at the University of South Australia are looking for a bioactive substance which would cause wool fibres to break simultaneously at a predetermined time. The new method of alternative shearing is still a few years away but… Read More »

Conficker Worm Prepares For A New Release On April 1

The conficker worm created havoc last year when it infected over 10 million computers on a global scale. The unique design of the conficker worm allowed for this large scale attack to over 8 million business computers and scores of individual computers in 2008. The conficker worm is periodically evolving by downloading updates that creates… Read More »

Mind Over Matter? Core Body Temperature Controlled by the Brain

A team of researchers led by Associate Professor Maria Kozhevnikov from the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences showed, for the first time, that it is possible for core body temperature to be controlled by the brain. The scientists found that core body temperature increases… Read More »

Living Dinosaurs Seen in Modern Times?

Are Living Dinosaurs Seen in Modern Times? “Reports of strange flying reptiles, some quite large, have continued well into modern times. As we shall see, reports of pteranodons, dragons, thunderbirds, and other similar monsters, are relatively common. … Giant bats, huge super-eagles called “pteratorns” and weird “mothmen” have all been put forward as explanations of… Read More »

Coma and general anesthesia demonstrate important similarities

The brain under general anesthesia isn’t “asleep” as surgery patients are often told — it is placed into a state that is a reversible coma, according to three neuroscientists who have published an extensive review of general anesthesia, sleep and coma, in the Dec. 30 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. This insight… Read More »

Alien-Like Being Born From A Cow In Thailand

This dead alien-like being found in a small town in Thailand was claimed to be born from a cow and seems at first to be a severe case of birth malformation defect. A closer examination however reveal that the alien being resembles too much of a human baby with its front legs looking more like… Read More »

Cornell researchers identify a weak link in cancer cell armor

The seeming invincibility of cancerous tumors may be crumbling, thanks to a promising new gene therapy that eliminates the ability of certain cells to repair themselves. Researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered that inactivation of a DNA repair gene called Hus1 efficiently kills cells lacking p53 — a gene mutated… Read More »

Video: City carved out of ice in China

The city in the Heilongjiang province in China first held its Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in 1963, although it was interrupted for a number of years during the Cultural Revolution and only resumed in 1985. The festival, which starts on January 5 and lasts for one month, is one of the largest of its… Read More »

Florida alligators kill 3 women in a week

Scary stuff. Florida had seen just 17 confirmed fatal alligator attacks in the previous 58 years. In less a week, there appears to have been three. The bodies of two women were found Sunday some 200 kilometres apart. – more

Former President John Tyler's (1790-1862) grandchildren still alive

Former President John Tyler, born 221 years ago, still has two living grandchildren. The one-term president isn’t a well-known historical figure; he’s probably best remembered for helping to push through the annexation of Texas in 1845, shortly before leaving office. So, how is it possible that a former president who died 150 years ago would… Read More »

Windows XP no longer most popular desktop system

Windows 7 is now the world’s most popular desktop operating system, according to the August report from Net Applications.In August, Windows 7 had a 42.76% market share, a fraction of a point more than Windows XP’s 42.52%. Windows XP was released in 2001.The much-maligned Windows Vista sits at third place with a 6.15% market share,… Read More »

Where unconscious memories form

Andy Fell – A small area deep in the brain called the perirhinal cortex is critical for forming unconscious conceptual memories, researchers at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain have found. The perirhinal cortex was thought to be involved, like the neighboring hippocampus, in “declarative” or conscious memories, but the new results show… Read More »

War on drugs goes literal: biowarfare on poppies?

Last week, the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported: “Poppy plants have been suffering from a mysterious disease which leaves them yellow and withered and slashes the yield of opium resin which is sold on and processed into heroin.” According to the Telegraph, yields have dropped by up to 90 per cent in some fields. Some Afghan… Read More »

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