Top 10: Weirdest cosmology theories

1. Clashing branes 2. Evolving universes 3. Superfluid space-time 4. Goldilocks universe 5. Gravity reaches out 6. Cosmic ghost 7. It’s a small universe 8. Fast light 9. Sterile neutrinos 10. In the Matrix

Habitable moons ‘could be spotted by 2014’

British astronomers have claimed that thousands of moons capable of supporting life, like those shown in the popular Star Wars’ flicks, could be scattered all over our galaxy, and are likely to be spotted by 2014. A team at University College London hopes to track the habitable moons within the next five years, using a… Read More »

A few New Years Resolutions

What will you do in MMX? (MMX is 2010 in Roman numerals. ) – save the life of a starving kid – find, share world improving ideas – make time for community service – clarify relationship goals and act – take action to further career goals – make the music/art I love – do more… Read More »

New Light On Possible “Fifth Force of Nature”

… Every fundamental particle (every electron, neutron and proton, to be specific), explained Hunter, has the intrinsic atomic property of “spin.” Spin can be thought of as a vector — an arrow that points in a particular direction. Like all matter, Earth and its mantle — a thick geological layer sandwiched between the thin outer… Read More »

Notable differences between new CEV and Apollo moon capsule

When CEV returns to Earth, it will most likely land on dry ground. hen NASA administrator Michael Griffin unveiled the agency’s plans for the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), he described it as “Apollo on steroids.” The resemblance is easy to see — each is a blunt-nosed, cone-shaped capsule that’s strapped to a rocket and sent… Read More »

N Korea hails development of new ‘super drink’

North Korea has developed a “super drink” that, it says, can multiply brain cells and stop skin ageing. The secretive state’s official news agency, KCNA, says the drink contains 60 kinds of “microelements” extracted from more than 30 species of plants. It attracted “much interest from Chinese, German and other businessmen” at a trade fair… Read More »

Mona Lisa’s smile a mystery no more

If you have been puzzled by Mona Lisa’s smile — how she’s radiant one moment and serious the next instant — then your worries are over. It happens because our eyes are sending mixed signals to the brain about her smile. Different cells in the retina transmit different categories of information or “channels” to the… Read More »

UK doctors advised gonorrhoea has turned drug resistant

UK doctors are being told the antibiotic normally used to treat gonorrhoea is no longer effective because the sexually transmitted disease is now largely resistant to it. The Health Protection Agency says we may be heading to a point when the disease is incurable unless new treatments can be found. For now, doctors must stop… Read More »

Astronomers: Giant black holes grow with surprising speed

Giant black holes are famous for their appetites, but these matter-munching monsters are even greedier than scientists once thought, a new study suggests. The supermassive black holes€ that lurk at the center of most (if not all) galaxies are growing surprisingly quickly, the study found. The result implies that these cosmic behemoths are sustained primarily by… Read More »

Video: Creating Cumbria’s musical hill

Five hundred musical instruments, powered only by the wind, have been installed in Cumbria to create what is billed as an “interactive musical landscape”. The sound made by the instruments, some conventional and some purpose-built, varies according to the wind strength and direction. French composer Pierre Sauvageot, along with French group Lieux Publics, is behind… Read More »

Hope for millions as brain study unlocks secrets of Alzheimer's

Steve Connor – New ways of diagnosing and treating dozens of brain disorders could soon emerge from a pioneering study of the chemical and genetic makeup of the vital microscopic gaps between nerve cells that control all brain functions. Scientists announced yesterday that they have identified more than a thousand proteins and their related genes… Read More »

Pakistan pulls ‘immoral’ condom commercial off air

Pakistan has pulled a condom commercial off the air following more than 1,000 complaints that its broadcast was immoral during the fasting month of Ramadan. Via Reuters: Oddly Enough   I don’t know about immoral, but it does look like a pretty embarrassing commercial. Perhaps feelings (of hunger) are misinterpreted (as indignation) and the… Read More »

WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders

Britain’s top code-breakers say they are stumped by a secret code found on the leg of a dead pigeon. The remains of the bird were found in a chimney in Surrey with a message from World War II attached. Experts at the intelligence agency GCHQ have been struggling to decipher the message since they were… Read More »

Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack: study

…It’s sobering news for drinkers. Alcohol is even worse than heroin and crack on the list of “most harmful” drugs, according to a new study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet. A variety of social, physical and psychological problems that are caused by drugs were examined by a panel of experts, who concluded… Read More »