Movie Review: The Change Up

By | August 10, 2011

Movie Review: The Change UpI went on a date to a movie recently and she picked the film and I didn’t bother to see the previews or read the reviews. Mistake. See the movie “Change Up” if you are a guy with homosexual tendencies who would enjoy seeing a live naked baby squirt diarrhea into someone’s open mouth. Otherwise, run away screaming (and vomiting). I not only want my money back, I want compensation for mental damages, mostly for the opening baby scene.

I agreed with Beth Saulnier’s review:

Do you think it’s the height of hilarity to see Jason Baseman with a mouth full of baby poop? Do you double over with laughter at the thought of a beautiful blonde sitting on the john with a noisy case of diarrhea? Does a shot of Ryan Reynolds enjoying a leisurely bowel movement make you smile quietly to yourself?

Then you must be the intended audience for “The Change-Up.” And, parenthetically, perhaps you need some therapy to cope with whatever Freudian trauma you suffered during your potty-training years.

Director David Dobkin’s execrable film aims to address grown-up issues such as commitment, family and the joys and burdens of adulthood. Instead, with its comic sensibility stuck in the boys’ bathroom at your local elementary school, it’s an idiotic and offensive waste of two hours — not to mention two appealing actors.

The tragedy is that there is actually a good movie with good acting trapped in this gross out.€  Some reasonable editing by an adult during the creative post-production process could have made this a movie worth seeing.

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  1. Marjorie Kaye

    Thanks for the heads up. I thought after raising three kids nothing would gross me out–but I was wrong. Good chick flick: Crazy Stupid Love (though Ryan Gosling’s character is identical to an old boy friend and though it’s a fun ride while it lasts–we went to many of the places you’re going to–she will not live happily ever after).


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